Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are They One Of Us? - Arthur CK Ong & Chan Than San!

Arthur CK Ong and Chan Than San aka Paris Fung

Both of them are well known models in their respective countries.
Arthur CK Ong
DOB : October 13, 1985. Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand.

Chan Than San ( Paris Fung ). Vietnamese Name: Trần Thanh Sơn / Mandarin :  陳潭山

DOB: May 31, 1988. Vietnam

Arthur CK Ong

OMG! His arse is very perky & "tempting" as well!

A body to die for indeed!

Chan Than San aka Paris Fung

It's that a kiss or a love bite on his left chest?!!

So, what does the two of them have in common?!

Well, from their facebook profile, can we presume that both of them are a newly-gay-couple? Well, i'll leave it to you guys to make that presumption.


Skyhawk said...

One of the best that I have seen!

simonlover said...

Which part of the "best" do you mean?! hehe

Anonymous said...

Ooh. I love Chan Than San. Really good looking model. The both are so gay I don't think there's even a need to question haha.

William said...

Is this a trick question?

Ten Chunk said...

Did you see their homepage of facebook, "Relationship Status: Married to Arthur Art"&"Married to Chan Than San"? So your question should be "who is top and who is bottom? or versatile?"

Takashi said...

both not my type..

Leon Koh said...

they are a pretty couple

nice pics

Leon Koh from SingaBore
new reader of your blog

simonlover said...

I had an email fr Komatsu, regarding Chan Than San's identity at: ...Now, before i did this post on them, i have always doubt their identities - whether are they a real character or just a made-up identity.

Well, all we can do at the moment, is just to assume that they are real, until the day the real truth finally prevails; just like the sorely missed, http://willylamtw-diary.blogspot, that had entertained us for two years.

simonlover said...

@Leon: Hi Leon! It's great to hear from you. I'm actually an old reader of your blog though..Nevertheless, it's nice of you to drop by! Cheers ya!

@Takashi: Cuz both of them look too sissy to you right, macho-seeker! Hehe

@Tenchunk: Haha. I actually wanted to write that but i forgot!

Luke66 said...

Both of them are cute, they look good together :)

Anonymous said...

chan than san is real. i know his ex ler... XD

jasper88 said...

i think arthur top n chan tan bottom. am i right? but, what ever itis, i love both of them so much.. such a fucking cute guys...