Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 - The 12 Finalists!

Yay! Finally back from a wonderful trip in Singapore! There's alot of catching up to do since missing-in-action from last Friday till now! So many things to do ( I can imagine the stacks of documents/letters waiting for me to unleash them! - Yikes! ) at the moment!

And right now, for first time where i can "surf the internet" without the "feeling" of getting "caught" ( Malay - "Tangkap Basah" ) by the Brother - I bumped into a website featuring the 12 Finalists of Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010!!!!!!!!! - Oh My God! Simon Lover is so out-dated!!! Simon Lover doesn't even know that currently, Malaysia is organising the Manhunt 2010 competition! And how can Simon Lover be so unpatriotic and keep featuring hunky Studs from our lovely neighbour down South - leh?! ( Well...Maybe cuz Singapore has held more Male Beauty Pageants compared to Malaysia ? Hehehehe - And when was the last time Malaysia held a Male Pageant featuring Hunky Malaysian Studs in sexy swimwear - leh?!!! Now, you do the mathematics k! )

Without further ado, i would like to present, the 12 Finalists of Manhunt Malaysia 2010!

Adrian Wong, 22 years old, Chinese.

Afiq, 18 years old, Malay

Azrin, 28 years old, Malay

Didy, 25 years old, Malay

Hafez, 20 years old, Malay

Qayyiem, 28 years old, Mixed

Raam, 29 years old, Punjabi

Ravin, 25 years old, Indian

Tim Ang, 28 years old, Chinese

Tom Hong, 22 years old, Chinese

Vee Lee, 22 years old, Chinese

William Ng, 22 years old, Chinese

( Now, is this William, the sexy William from the fame? Well, your guess is as "good" as mine! Tsk..Tsk..Tsk.... )
( p/s: Williamnyk, don't mind if i tease you a lil' bit ya! Hehehehehe )

** The above pictures are taken by Malaysian Photographer, Mr. Raymond Lee. You can contact him through his website )

Adrian & Azrin

Didy and Hafez

Qayyiem & Raam

Ravin & Tim

Tom & Vee Lee

( The above pictures are taken by Malaysian Photographer CP Mok for Manhunt Malaysia 2010. You can visit his website )

*** Please take note. There is no picture of Afiq because there's some kind of confusion over here. In the official website, it is stated  12 Finalists but they don't have the picture of Afiq, instead it was Ken Tan. In the Facebook account ( Facebook Manhunt Malaysia 2010 ), they have 13 Finalist pictures as well....Hmmm...So, i'm not sure whether this Ken Tan is officially in the running as well - oh.

The Manhunt Malaysia 2010 is brought to you by Star Search Entertainment Malaysia.
 ( No. 5C Wisma Ampang Triangle 1, Jalan Mamanda 7/1, 68000 Ampang, Selangor D.E, Malaysia )

Grand Final Details:
Date : 17 July 2010 ( Saturday ) at 7.00 pm
Location : Anggerik Room, Equatorial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL.
Ticket Price : RM 100 ( Will be donated to Handicap Charity Fund )
Dress Code : Strictly Skimpy Swimwear Only!
( Yeah right! - In our dreams! - Black Suit for Men; Cocktail Dress for Women )
RSVP: Mr.Shaun Salim ( +6019-2565518 )
Official Facebook : Manhunt Malaysia 2010 ( click HERE )

So Guys! Be sure you are free on that Saturday Night ya! And expect to see me focusing on some of the sexy contestants as well, right up to the Grand Final date!
Question: Which Hunk will make it to the TOP 3 of Malaysia Manhunt 2010? 
( Well, my favourites will be William, Tom, Hafez! Well, hope they are not just beauties and brawns though! Hehe - Good Luck to all! )


William said...

I'm rooting for William Ng! The rest so blegh.

Beyond said...

Because you and him has the same name??

I'll take William too lol, and somehow I find Raam, very macho... Probably his hair

nicky05 said...

HAHAHA.. I think Afiq lor...:P

Anonymous said...

The Chinese has the abs but not the looks while the Indian, Punjabi, other races have the hot sexy face but no body shape. Hahaha!!!

Little Dove said...

More handsome than their Singaporean counterparts!

9009hunks said...

Hi my choice also William Ng.. so juicy.. thanks visiting my blog bro !

freddiewee said...

so is william the william?? if yes, lets all go and support him??

youngj said...

i say william too

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say...Most of them are ugly...and I can not find any sixpack and muscles....

Thailand, Indonesian, and Pinoy are better...

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: I agree with you though. But then the winner, William is one of the better ones. I hv more pics of him that might impress you. I'll try my best to feature it ya!

A3=A.A.A. said...

I think Afiq :D theee... :D
Pinoy?? Yes there are!
Like Piolo Pascual..or dingdong dantes :D thee :D

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