Monday, July 19, 2010

Growing Up - Is It Good Or Not?

Growing up is a natural process. Everyone passes through the stages of growing up in different kind of experiences. Some people became wiser, more mature looking, smarter, well-groomed, and well, some people prefer to take another route by transforming themselves into a totally different person compared to their twinky years - Just like the handsome twink below who has grown into a hunky male stud!

Name : Kevin Syu ( 許凱評 )
DOB : 21 May 1989 ( 21 yo )
Hometown : Taipei, Taiwan.
Stats: 180cm, 72kg, 39-31-38
Occupation: Student, Part Time Model

This was Kevin way back when he's 18 years old.

A cute little twink who has grown up into a handsome Man ( below ) in 2010!

Kevin in 2008!

Very sexy indeed!
And Taiwanese guys have to undergo a 2-year compulsory military training when they reach the age of 18 years old.

Kevin appearing on Taiwan's Men's Uno Magazine 2009

Very smooth indeed!

And I guess Kevin doesn't want to look twinky forever...So, he decided to beef himself up at the gym and transform himself into what he is today, at 2010! Do enjoy guys!

Camwhoring at the GYM!

So cute looking at other gym-goers in the locker-room. They must be thinking they are being snapped on camera!

And Kevin is not shy either - Standing naked in the locker room while camwhoring  openly!

The guy behind must be busy spying on Kevin - lor!

So guys...Do you like the Twinky Kevin or The Hunky Kevin
Do leave your comments ya! 
Muacks from Simon Lover!
( or anyone would like to share their experiences of undergoing the same transformation just like Kevin? Hehehe.... Pluboy? )


Skyhawk said...

Wow, delicious! Which gym he goes, i also want to go if I m in TW...

Anonymous said...

Oh God YUM.

I don't care if he's hunky or twinky, he manages to straddle both categories well by looking young and sexy while having a body that is toned but not ridiculously worked out.

THANK YOU for the breather with someone good looking. The Malaysian Manhunt contestants were harming the integrity of this blog. Well, I mainly direct this to Vee Lee but let's not mention names shall we?

Afif said...


tenchunk said...

umm, I like both twinky and hunky, but kinda prefer friendly face when he was in twinky shape cuz we can hook up easier, Lol...

Jaded Jeremy said...

Ya lah, the hunky poses all so serious.

Takashi said...


Hmm.. someone actually commented that I have an obvious preference and liking for fit and hunk guys :p

nicky05 said...

woah~~ he quite cute...

Takashi said...

yes.. i agree manhunt spoil the reputation lol...

at least simonlover knows how to do damage control hahahaha!!!!

William said...

Well, can't stay twinky forever. Hehe.

simonlover said...

@William: Ya, true...Can't stay twinky forever eh...But i wonder when will be the "hunky" phase for us before growing old - leh?! Hehe

@Takashi, Anonymous: Haha. DAmage Control wor - Since when i flopped eh?! =)

@Tenchunk: Meaning, we'll be waiting for you before & after pictures? Hehehehe...