Friday, July 16, 2010

Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 Finalists - Kent Tan & William Ng!

( Another scheduled post as Simon Lover is feeling very envious looking at guys swimming, tanning & enjoying the beach at the moment while Simon Lover had to keep himself all wrapped up in modesty to avoid the embarrassment of being offered the baju labuh by his fellow Muslim Female counterparts! )

Today's Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 featured hunks will be Mr. Kent Tan and Mr. William Ng.

Name: Kent Tan
DOB : 13 Feb 1987
Stats: 180cm, 74kg, 38-31-37
Hometown: Kuala Terengganu

Such a fair complexion! Even fairer than Evann Chong, the Blogger ( aka Hunky Snow White! )
And he has a nice hair style as well!

Striking a pose in order to melt our hearts....Anyone still feeling ICE-COLD?!

With fellow finalists, Adrian, Vee Lee, Kent Tan

William Ng & Kent Tan

Name: William W.Ng
Stats: 22 yo, 183cm, 72kg, 39-30-37

With fellow finalists, Hafez & Azrin

Now, i'm sure all hunks started with that scawny body right...

Looking very suave in work shirts! My fetish!

A nerdy Clark Kent-Look alike, Mr.William W.Ng, in his day dressing....

Who often goes to the gym during his free time.....
Carrying weights that Paul J nor Takashi Pluboy couldn't even lift!!!!

And transforming himself into INCREDIBLE HUNK! during night time!

Roarrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Incredible Hunk is definitely Not-GREEN! - Instead, it's "PINKISH" in colour! Hehehehe!

William W.Ng, Manhunt Malaysia 2010 Finalist!

Grand Final Details:
Date : 17 July 2010 ( Saturday ) at 7.00 pm
Location : Anggerik Room, Equatorial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL.
Ticket Price : RM 100 ( Will be donated to Handicap Charity Fund )
Dress Code : Strictly Skimpy Swimwear Only!
( Yeah right! - In our dreams! - Black Suit for Men; Cocktail Dress for Women )
RSVP: Mr.Shaun Salim ( +6019-2565518 )


Sofi said...

orang terengganu? i like!! i like!!

nicky05 said...

What the heck~~ I didnt know my friend know him...Lol

William said...

Both need a certain angle to look better. But anyway, "Go William!!!".

Little Dove said...

The Williams always support the Williams. I think Kent Tan looks good. :)

Skyhawk said...

Go William the post he lifts the weights and the muscular back...yummy!

simonlover said...

@Nicky: Know which one?

@WIlliam: Bias! Hehe

Anonymous said...

Enough with the local pageants. Look at what HK digs up? Please please do an entry on them real soon. Dig out the scandals, nude pics and gay vibes.

Anonymous said...

oopss... forget the link pulak. :P

link within

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