Monday, September 27, 2010

Letter From A Fan....

Last week I received an email from one of my reader, asking me how I do i managed to maintain a stable relationship with the Horny One for such a long time and tips of how to find/start a gay relationship!!! - Seriously, I think I should be the last person on earth to give out these kinda advice - lor! But I have no choice but to reply his queries and I hope my silly answers doesn't disappoint him -lor!!! ---- Sigh ------ And I hope my fellow readers can help share some advice with this cute Reader of mine and everyone as well ya!

Hi Simon,

Hei I follow your blog as I find it very inspiring (for sex) and funny. I'm still single and I wish to get into a steady relationship, but I have been hearing people telling me that a gay relationship never works... I recall u saying that U and yr horny BF have been together since 20 years old. It's really sweet and amazing. I'm turning 22 in another week and I'm still single. I can just sigh, sigh and sigh... So i wonder whether u would shed some light upon this pathetic guy...

1. Gay relationship... izit all about sex? if not all, 70% about sex?

2. How did you two managed to stick together for so long? Be Loyal? Try Staying attracting to each other all the time?

3. As an experienced guy, where would u recommend me to find someone who is into serious relationship? In the club? gay website like Fridae? Would a good future bf dress like a nerd or flamboyantly?

4. Do u find there is any difference between gay and straight relationship?

Sometimes I take things in a mathematical way, where I can somehow solve things according to the formula, if I can manage to find the formula lah. Hihi. Looking forward for yr reply. U could ignore this if u dun feel comfortable.
-do add up the statistics for steady long gay relationship in M'sia-

Oh,ya, basically most of my friends know that I like guys. Its not that I'm super sissy but I told them straight as I think its just a choice of life. Would being relatively high profile gives M'sian gay guys a rather intimidating impression?


Dear Cute Reader, 

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the late reply as I'm actually kinda busy of late. Travelling here and there, administration work and procrastination as well! Secondly, thanks for the compliments. The main reason why I started this blog is to share all the sexy guys in my collections with handsome people like us ( tsk, tsk, tsk! ) and sorry for the amateurish outlook that my blog has projected as well! And lastly,  your memory is not bad either as you can still remember the age when I got stuck with the Horny BF! 

Well, honestly, I'm actually in no position to give you advice on how to get or even maintain a steady plu relations - cuz I'm not really an angel myself! I have done unforgivable things that shouldn't happened; said words that cuts you like a knife; being insensitive/unreasonable/unromantic when they are needed the most -- I'm just lucky to have a boyfriend who is understanding and loving enough to care for me.

And don't sigh for not having a boyfriend at the moment.  Everyone has their time. It's just that yours have not arrive yet and I'm sure, by the time it does, you won't be reading my blog liao as you'll be too busy "pak-tor'ing"! -- But in the meantime, I hope you don't mind reading through my silly answers k! 

Sex is synonymous with all men, be it straight or gay, men think about sex every minute or even seconds! - I'm sure you think about sex as well. That is why, is very difficult for us to figure out, how to keep a stable, long lasting relationship. Thus, Trust is of utmost importance. Once there's a betrayal, there are bound to have suspicions ( Hence, you can see why I'm keeping such a low profile?! =P ). However, if both of you really love each other, honesty is really the best policy - No matter how many betrayals that had happened, the most important thing is that you tell it to your other half. Whether he accept it or not, it's up to him. It's better than being caught in the act or later! Sometimes, this is a give & take situation as well. If you are someone who are into an open relationship, this situation can be used to gauge what kind of other half that you really want / or have, currently. I f really can't accept it, it's time for you to move on and find a relationship that really suits you.

Being together 8 years is definitely not cool!! Hahahahaha. Why? Because we are too comfortable with each other and we can basically guess what the other half is thinking or up to?!!!  ( well, that shall be my BF's forte - lor! ) - In other word, no more SECRETS - liao!!!!. The reason why we can stand so long, it's because we are used to being together - liao. If you don't hear from the other half for a certain period, you already start to be anxious / or even angry! Unless you have a bunch of "sister-hood" to share with your life, a PLU relationship, or even any other relationship, if you have any top news/stories/happenings, the first person you will like to share is always your lover! - Hence, that's how the bond starts to connect & develop over the years. -- You can have all the Brad Pitt looks/body that you want, but the minute that there's no communication that clicks between you & him, it would be very difficult.

Erm....Hahaha. I don't think I have a lot of gay relationships to share with you, as I have only one lover since I'm 20 years old til now! You can find good relationship in anywhere of the world, it's just the matter of fate and luck. People say surfing Fridae, clubbing,sauna is just for sex. You can meet up with a guy and who knows, after having sex with him, you guys might clicked with each other?!! If you put sex aside, flirting really plays an important role for two guys to begin a relationship. You can't associate flirting for some sleazy attitude that gets you feeling that the guy is not serious, flirting is also an indirect way for you to have a little "fun" in your relationship. If you don't flirt ( giving eye-contact is also considered flirting u'know! ), how do suppose you'll get to know that sexy stranger?!! - Most importantly, you should give it a try, because you might never know -- whether the guy who is a sexy, hunky beast or a nerdy, "piao-piao" ah beng - will eventually be "THE ONE" that you'll live happily ever after!!

I don't think there is much difference between gay and straight relationships. Because the end outcome for those in a relationship, is togetherness and to live happily ever after. Who says women are not horny? Or who says gay guys can't be compassionate, do house chores, dedicated, romantic, which I'm sure there are millions of Bottoms who have the qualities to serve their master Tops, right?!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

5) I should admire you for your courage to be so open about your sexuality! It's a difficult situation for us gays to delve into and I guess you are doing fine at the moment! -- Being a high profile gay can be very intimidating - I do agree in certain situations - For example, holding hands openly in the public. For me, I'm actually still kinda conservative in thinking ( well, being Asians ma ), I don't really feel it's appropriate for us gays to hold our hands too openly, especially in front of children! -- because, we wouldn't want to confuse the kids and giving their parents a hard time to answer their queries! However, if both of you are cool with expressing your sexuality, by all means, you are free to do so.Just practise in moderation. Haha...I'm not just referring to gays but boy-girl relationship as well! Hahaha - For example, ( again, me being an extreme conservative! ), I find it very disrespectful watching Singaporean boy-girl couples holding, squeezing, pep-talk, pecking, laughing out loud, "manja'ing", caressing in MRTs - lor!!! Hahaha...I don't know...I feel it's kinda .....erm, "Duk ngan duk bei ( in Cantonese! - meaning "Poke Eyes, Poke Nose!" - For example, "William & Derek?!!!!!! )

But I do wish you good luck in finding your love one. You are still young. There are ample time for you to live your life as you like. Maybe you should focus on your education first and from there, you can slowly try the world of gays as well. Don't be too aggressive or even put too high expectations. Let it flow and I'm sure, Time and Fate will be on your side.

Muacks from Simon, okay?

( p/s #1: Simon Lover will be away for some work-related thingy as well as back to my Land-Of-Meat-Bones-Tea hometown from tomorrow until next Monday! - Hopefully I can find some time to blog or even better yet, find a place that have internet - lor! --- )

( p/s #2: Hopefully I didn't bore you guys with continuous rantings from me & the Horny BF because I'm trying to make my blog look more "DECENT"( seriously?! ) before cashing out my NUFFNANG cheque - lor! Hahaha. If Nuffnang still wants to take away my meagre amount, then I have nothing  else to say except to spank RobbYaoi, the blogger nia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nia-ah-ma!!! =P ) 


Koala Express said...

1. gay rel is not abt sex. its abt making luv.
2. stick together? use super glue :P
3. serious? define serious. all is not same version.
4. dont compare apple with orange. its different.

things r not be solved in maths but in chemistry n physics. maths is for counting. u dont measure luv. u create bonds and fuel the momentum.

nicky05 said...

i feel a war is coming soon.:P

khai said...

I'm turning 21 and I'm still single too.

William said...

KH and I rarely do "Duk Ngan Duk Pei" stuff in public k! You can start your own Agony Aunt column le. :P

Bravebear said...

That reminds me that I am still 22 :p

Takashi said...

maybe u missed my duk ngan duk bei post yesterday wahahahahaa...

Skyhawk said... I know Simon entertains reader's request...ok, next time I will post your some of my complicated relationship issues...lolx!

Robb said...

i 1 eye close 1 eye open damn long din do anything lor. if i want, long time u die jor la, those nude anime you posted. lol

btw, i'm surprised that ur relationship is longer than mine! cis cis cis cis. i tot mine is like damn long - 5 years

Gratitude said...

Yalor, that couple hor, very like siamese-twins.

Wiliam tuk KH's ngan, KH tuk William's pei?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Continuously meet gay people through friends, for example. You have to look around and put yourself out there. Also, for any relationship, gay or not, it's always good to build up your own things, your own social circle etc.

Chen Xing said...

I have searched for nearly 6 months..but then sadly no GPS will bring be to the right one. So now, I am just letting it come naturally to me.

simonlover said...

@Khai& Chen Xing: Do not despair, I'm sure u'll find one! BE happy ya! Muacks

@William: That's is not what i heard fr the "others" - lor! Hahaha

@Bravebear: I tot you have someone to "po(i)ke" you?!!!!!!

@Takashi: Yalor! Instead of kena "poke eyes and nose", i think u prefer to kena poke other parts instead!!!

@RObb: Hahahaha. Thanks Robb!


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