Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Singapore Calendar Guys Finals - 25 Sept 2010!

To all the Singaporean Gay Guys, please mark your calendar on the 25th September 2010 ( Saturday ) as the annual Singapore Calendar Guys contest is on once again!

The grand Finals will be held on the 25th September 2010 ( Saturday ) at 6.00pm, Bugis Junction-Fountain, Level 1.

Watch the guys go wet and wild for the top spot while our loyal cameras are busy flashing on the sexy hunks! 

That's not the end yet, those who attend the event can get a chance to preview the highly anticipated Singapore Calendar Guys 2011 calendar and pre-book advance copies at S$20, instead of the RSP S$24.80!

So, what are you guys waiting for?!!! Here are the Finalists of Singapore Calendar Guys 2010! 

The contestants are not numbered yet, so, i just randomly name them as Contestant #1 and #2 accordingly - la.

Contestant #3 and #4.

Contestant #5 and #6

Contestant #7 and #8

Contestant #9 and #10!

So, who's your pick?!!!! 
Hehehehe, I'll go for Contestant Number 1!!!

Here is last year's Winner, Mr.Jason Chee.

( you can see more of his pictures over HERE )

( Pictures were sourced from Singapore Calendar Guys' Facebook Page over HERE )


nicky05 said...

I dont want to pick. I just wan them send either them here and do strip dance..wakakaakakaka

Koala Express said...

thanks simon for the well wishes. abt the how to get 1... here's ur chance. go sg n grab 1. :P

Anonymous said...

wtf is wrong with #3 and #4?
Biggest photoshop mistake?

Anonymous said...

Omg why this year all so sucky? Some are either photoshopped so badly and others are not even avg looking? :/

Anonymous said...

Seriously all the pics, couldn't even keep me looking at the pic for more than 1 sec

simonlover said...

@Anonymous(es) -- Yes, I agree. I guess all the Handsome ones are too stuck up, thinking that they are the most Handsome Hunk in Singapore - instead, they prefer pussying at home doing house chores and facials instead of being MAN enough to take up the challenge because the fear of losing is too much for them to bear!

Clayden L. said...

i want #5! he's mine! no one else touches him!

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