Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Countdown To The 7th Heaven -- How Did I Get To Know The Horny BF?!

Hi Hi!...Hahahaha. In a few days time, some of us will be celebrating some kinda special event that is worth mentioning ( It can also be the Mooncake Festival ma? ). I have been procrastinating myself on how shall i express myself in celebrating someone's 7th Heaven with a someone. ( The someone knows who is that someone... =P )

So, finally & reluctantly ( hehehehe ), today, you shall hear another boring story from the ever-reclusive Simon Lover again -- How Did I Get To Know The Horny BF?

Hehehehehe....Transcending back to the year of 2002. I was selected to enter to an University in The Pearl Of Orient. Being a freshie, orientation is a status-quo activity that everyone needs to go through. Ironically, we were in the same hostel. I can still remember seeing a golden-haired, Aaron Kwok-coconut-hairstyle Ah Beng whom i suspected was a rich "yi-sai-joe" ( Rich Man's Kid who has an attitude problem and only does best in spending the father's money? ). Hahaha -- I have always hated "yi-sai-joes"..I dunno why. So, indirectly, even though i had not known this Golden-Haired Boy, i already have a misconception of hating him. Hehehehehe.
Hehe..Anyone had Aaron Kwok 90's-hairstyle before, please hands-up!!!

As days goes by, we always bump into each other but had never smiled before. At the canteen, there he was, laughing with his bunch of newfound friends, minus me of course. At the hostel corridor, there he was again, preparing to enter the showers! And ironically, at my Faculty also, there he was again!! Arrrgghhhh.....Tragically, i found out that he's going to be my coursemate too!!!!!!!!!!
During the Orientation Night performance, the Golden-Haired "yi-sai-joe" performed solidly with his group members with an entertaining & captivating drama that finally won them the hostel's Best Group For The 2002 Orientation, which indirectly leads me to hating him more! Hahahahahahahaha....

2-3 weeks had passed by. Apart from the fake smile that occurs once in a blue moon from me when we had no choice in bumping into each other, i still dislike this Golden-Haired Aaron Kwok-wannabe who loves to unbutton the 1st button on his shirt, as if he has a chest pulak!

Well, i wouldn't mind a cutie unbuttoning the 1st button lor....

However, one day, as i was walking to the showers, wrapped only in a skimpy towel, there he was again, chatting with another hostel-mate in the corridor.
He said Hi, and of course, being a courteous me, i said Hi too..... Then he ask me, "Hey, wanna have some tea later?" .... Holding on tightly to my towels, i replied..."But, i'm going to the showers wor.." That guy replied again, "It's okay, we'll meet up in the canteen about 30mins time k." -- So, i answered okay-lor.

Maybe cuz of me having a bod like the pic above made him noticed me whn i walked to the showers?....Hehehehe. Just for self-consoling...Hehehe

And so, we meet up at the canteen with a few of the hostel-mates as well, ordered some snacks & drinks, and chatted. Talk & talk & talk & talk...And Well, guess what?...I realized that the fucking-"duk ngam duk bei" ( in cantonese, literally translated as "poke eyes, poke nose" or rather an irritating kinda person! ) guy, turns out to be a very friendly, nice & chatty guy. Hehehehehehe -- Totally, contradictory with my earlier perceptions of him!

And so, ever since that moment, we have officially began our platonic friendship as a coursemate as well as a hostel-mate.

( To Be Continued....The stories of The Ex-Golden Haired Horny BF & Simon Lover saga.... )

Does this pic shows a platonic relationship or someting deeper leh?


Monday, September 28, 2009

The Headless Hunks!

Hi! Hehehehe...Initially i wanted to post the header as "The Headless Lengchais"~...But then again, i think to myself, hmmm.....A person with a good, sexy bod doesn't necessarily means he's a Lengchai hor...Just like the case of Simon Lover! Some of my earlier readers have seen my sexy tanned butt pictures which i had posted last time..But how far does the pics really represent my lengchai'ness leh? How many of you know how Simon Lover looks like?...Is he a lengchai? Or an ugly duckling? Or an average joe? Hehehehe....Well, guess i'll leave it to the imaginations or fantasies lor. =)

So, to avoid the controversy, i might as well, not to be discriminative & shall name them as the Headless Hunks instead.....! Hehehehehehe...

Well, Got "head" or no "head", these guys definitely will give us a good "head" if we were given the opportunities!!!!!! Hehehehehe. Enjoy ya! Muacks from Simon Lover!

Ooh...Such a nice tattoo to complement the nice bod!!!

Are you hungry for more?!!!

Sexy treasure trail waiting to be discovered!

The nipple is as pink as his trunks!

Hmm...Who wants to ride on his disco stick?!!

His butt is too perky till it's able to hold the towel sexily enough!

Now, a sexy hunk with a sexy bod in a sexy white arena trunk, using his sexy white hp camera.

The basin is for easy clean-up after a .....?Hehehehe

Who wants to help apply tanning lotion on this sexy bod?!

Wow, didn't knew the BUM underwear can look that good! Time to get one!
Simple yet very sensual. Muacks!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Simon Lover Teaser!!!!!!

Hehehehehehehehehe....What a relaxing weekend! However, lil' Simon is a lil' busy today. So, just a nonsensical tongue-in-cheek teaser from Simon Lover! Please put your speaker mode to the MAX and........

Do The Macarena!!!!!!

Yeah, Baby! Groovy!

( Hehehehehe...So outdated Simon Lover! )

Muacks & have a wonderful weekend from Simon Lover.

( p/s: Well, i have to console myself for unable to attend Black Eyed Peas concert In Sunway in conjuction of Guinness Arthur's Day 250th Anniversary Celebration! Might as well party at home & do the Macarena lor.... =P )

Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebration - Madonna!

In conjuction of Madonna's latest Greatest Hits Album, Celebration, which is due out on September 29, i would like to dedicate some pictures of the Queen Of Pop throughout the years since she first came into the scene in 1983.

One of her all-time greatest image...The Vogue pose ( 1990 )

1983 - The Madonna, Lucky Star era!

1984 - Like A Virgin! Her biggest selling album to date.

1985 - The Material Girl graces the Time Magazine

1986 - True Blue, Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart!

1987 - Who's That Girl?!

1989 - Like A Prayer, Express Yourself!

1990 - Her most successful year. Blonde Ambition Tour, Vogue, The Conical Bra, Dick Tracy!

1991 : Justify My Love, At The Oscars with MJ!

1992 : Erotica & SEX - Her infamous nude pose!

1993 : The Girlie Show, Rain & Infamous Fuck 13-times, The David Letterman Show

1994 : Bedtime Stories

1995: Versace ad, MTV VMA'95, Brit Awards, Human Nature!

1996: Don't Cry For Me Argentina, Evita!

1997 : Golden Globe Awards, You Must Love Me, Oscars 1997

1998 : Her most critically acclaimed album, Ray Of Light, Frozen!

1999 : Another one of her most memorable images, The Red Kimono Grammy Awards 1999

2000 : Music, Makes The People, Come Together, Yeah!

2001 : Drowned World Tour & Ex-Hubbie, Guy Ritchie

2002 : Die Another Day, 007!

2003 : Her worst album ever, The American Life & The infamous snogs with Britney & Christina MTV VMA 2003

2004 : The Re-Invention World Tour

2005: Confessions On A Dance Floor, The Hung Up Disco era!

2006 : Grammy Awards 2006, Confessions leotard!

2007 : H&M ads

2008 : 4 Minutes Of Hard Candy, Sweet & Sticky World Tour

2009 : Madonna & Current Boy Toy, Jesus, LV Ad & The Tribute To MJ in VMA'09 recently

2009 : Last but not least, the cover of the Celebration Greatest Hits album!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

18SX : Sexy US Model's XEX Video - Travis Wolfe

Hi Hi!!! Hahaha..Today Simon Lover is a lil' hamsap ( or rather, almost everyday?.... wei....... ). I have always wanted to share a lil' info on this guy, Travis Wolfe. Again, due to the googling power. i again accidentally bump into him.

Not much info can be found on the net regarding him. All i know is that he was married to Jenna Lewis, of The Survivor: All Stars fame back in 2004 when he was a 21 yo up&coming model, while she's 28yo. . They also gained notoriety for their sex-leaked video ( 42 minutes! ) which they took during their honeymoon trip! -- However, few months later, a report was out that they purposely leaked out the sex-video for the sake of the 70% profit stake.

Hope u guys enjoyed the link below. He's a cute 21 yo hunk with an impressive...hehehehe.....But the sex-video is kinda mild. And due to the age-gap difference, you can see that Jenna is the one that dominates during their show, she talks more, she moans more, she's more active & livelier compared to little Travis Wolfe, who performed like a high-school boy having sex for the first time. Hahahaha.....Naughty Naughty Simon Lover!

With a bod like that, who doesn't want to......with him ?!!!!!

He has a very cute smile ain't he?

Oops@ ! Very 18SX!!!!

1) Rapidlibrary : Part 1
2) Rapidlibrary : Part 2
( p/s: I'm not sure whether the link is correct, but u guys can google search on the net anyway...You can find it easily )
( p/s again : Horny BF, i'll pass it to u in the next trip k, muacks )

link within

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