Monday, September 21, 2009

Foreplay Sex Tip For Him: Fingernail Caresses!

Hi Hi! Simon Lover is a lil' bit naughty today. I was about to cut my fingernails when i suddenly thought of the various foreplay activities i usually do with my fingernails on The Men.

Foreplay is very important for all gay sex ( i hope all of u agrees with me? ). Foreplay is traditionally seen as what you do to set the mood before having sex. The main idea here is also to get your partner as excited as possible & to heighten his pleasure during sex.

There are many great actions we can use during foreplay. And one my deadliest skills is of course, Fingernail Caresses!!!! ...Hehehehehehe

I read an article on the net, about the Nine Unconventional Moan Zones where the Fingernail Caresses can be fully utilized!

a) Pleasure Zone 1: Hairline, Forehead, Eye Areas
Many erogenous zones in men and boys are best activated when the body is completely relaxed. When the head, forehead and eye area are stroked in the right way, they trigger the most amazing feelings. The area above and on the eyelid possesses a great concentration of nerves, and giving a gentle massage along the arch of the eyebrow and onto the temple is a great way to start foreplay.

b) Pleasure Zone 2: Ears to Neck Region
Ears are one of the most sensitive areas, yet the most ignored pleasure zones.
According to a sex therapist, "The most erogenous zones are inside the right ear. Have you ever tried to scratch yourself there? Doesn't it feel wonderful? Use your lips, tongue or fingers to trace the folds of your partner's ears, gently bite on his/her lobes, and softly stroke behind their ears and down the back of his neck. Trust me, this will drive them crazy with desire"

c) Pleasure Zone 3: Neck to Shoulders Region.
According to a sex therpaist again, "It is important to think of your lover's body as a complete and integrated organism, of which every inch is worthy of loving attention and caresses, rather than a map where specific areas are singled out. The area between the neck to the shoulder is one of the most overlooked erotic zones which is extremely exciting"

d) Pleasure Zone 4: Navel to Bladder Region
This area is most vulnerable to touch, caress, fondle and kiss. The stimulation creates sensations that radiate out from the navel to the surroundings, and spreads downwards. "Take one of your fingers and slowly and gently draw circles on his tummy and around his belly button"

e) Pleasure Zone 5: The Creases Around The Body
The most sensitive area of any person is his lower torso. This is the crease or line that extends across the lower abdomen from one hipbone to the other. Another exceptionally erotic zone is the crease between the curve of the buttocks and the top of the thighs, known as the sacral crease. Stroking or running a finger along this crease usually produces a strong, erotic response.
In fact, even the skin behind the knees is very thin and soft and responsive to touch as the nerves are close to the surface

f) Pleasure Zone 6: Thigh Region
The inside of the thighs are highly sensitive to touching, stroking and licking. Inner thighs also have multiple nerve endings, therefore when you fondle them; you can turn your partner on. Treat it as the penultimate moan zone, the last area to be stimulated before moving to his genitals.

g) Pleasure Zone 7: Ankle & Feet Region
The foot represents an erogenous zone for those who nurture a foot fetish. It has curves and delicate zones and can respond to hard and soft caresses, while also remaining hidden much of the time.

h) Pleasure Zone 8: Armpits & Wrists
Arms also have a subtle reference to servitude and submission. Try very lightly stroking the underside of your partner's forearm and wrists with your fingertips or gently raking them with your fingernails.

i) Pleasure Zone 9: The Nipple Region
And who can forget, the nipples! Many men prize their own as a site for stimulation. Playing with some guys’ nipples produces mega-intense titillation.

Pleasure zones are a highly individual matter. Explore your lover's body - every nook and cranny - and find out what turns them on. It is well worth the time and effort if it means a more exciting experience for both of you.

Hehehehe. Fingernail Caresses has always been my forte. Usually i will sit on top of The Men, be it on the front or on the back, and will begin the session from top to bottom!...So far, from my observations, The Men's most sensitive areas are usually:
  • The area behind the ears. Yes, it's very sensual over there.
  • The Jaw to Neck areas. Ask ur guy to lift their head up a lil' bit.
  • The Back of course! -- Ask ur guy to lie face back while u sit on his perky butt!
  • The Nipples!!!!! How can we leave the Nipples out?!!!
  • The side of the torso, from the chest to abdomen. ( U'll never be wrong with it! )
  • The scrotum!! ( Guys like their scrotums to be stroked gently! )
  • The thighs.
One more technique is during the showers with the Men fully soaked with soap. Usually The Men will be asked to spread their legs & in a lil' squat positions or standing in tip-toed position but with the leg spread wide open. That's when the Fingernails will come in handy!!!!! Stroking & caressing the testicles & thighs will definitely make your guy orgasmic!!! Hahahahahaha......

Hahahaha. I'm sure all of you out there are already experts lor. Guess this is just a refreshment course only for u guys =).

Muacks From Simon Lover!
( p/s: Sorry to The Horny BF...I have already cut my fingernails because it was too long d. Plus, "fai si" kena query by The Mum why leave so long like a gla only!!! )


Paul J said...

finger?? i prefer tongue still...especially those gifted with narrow tip tongue, neck, ears; behind or inside...goshh....i love the sansation...once i got licked all over my body by 2 guys......hmm....when can i have that again??......ooppsss

Horny BF said...

aiya, and there i was already creaming my pants on the possibilities .... =)
so where's your zone?

simonlover said...

Paul J:Oh. Nxt time i post a pic of my tongue k. See if it fits ur criteria...Hehehehehe. When ah? Me & The Horny BF...Muahahahahaha....

Horny BF: Hahaha. My zone?! Very hard to figure it out leh?.... =P

William said...

Oil the boyfriend all over and give him a super sensual massage!

Jerry said...

Paul... 2 guys???

As I was reading this, I'm getting so horny and I kept imagined someone doing that beside me... Argh!!

Paul J said...

Jerry, yup 2 guys...i was having threesome....ooppss...

simonlover said...

William: Oooh..Now i know what u r into!!! Noti noti...

Jerry: Wah, u want to try 2 guys also? Paul & Simon? Hahahahahahahaha

Paul J: Wah. U r such an expert in threesome! I salute! =)

Jaded Jeremy said...

*Busy jotting down tips*

simonlover said...

Jaded Jeremy: Hahaha....Think u r more experienced than me ler.... =)

Anonymous said...

This is.... very educational. *blushes* Erm...does this work for straight men? If it does, i go and seduce my husband now!

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