Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hi Hi! Simon Lover is back in my hometown! With a long holiday ahead in conjuction with the Hari Raya Celebration, every Malaysian is taking this opportunity to go back & be with their loved ones. Surprisingly, i reached home in just a lil' past 4 hours from a journey of 350km. Mind you, i was not speeding at all. With the stupid Ops Sikap, the speed limit is reduced by 10 kmph and it was also raining thruout my entire journey. Driving back home is always a breeze for me as i'm working in a far far away land from my hometown in Klang Valley. Traffic is always smooth for those going to KL while i smiled sarcastically to the fellow drivers of the opposite lane, driving out of KL.

Well, life in my hometown is relatively quiet especially with both of my parent already retired. Sometimes i feel quite pity of them cuz both me & my bro is working oustation. I have always joked with my parents to live with my bro, who has already settled down in a another country to keep them out of boredom. Furthermore, my bro is my mum's "My Precious"! aka "Bou Pui Zhai" ( in cantonese ). But, they always answered me back by saying they prefer Malaysia instead and say, they will stick to me forever, be it dead or alive!!!!!!......Hahahahaha.....Well, i think few years down the road, somehow or rather, pressure will be on me... with Questions ( you guys know what it is....) shooting from all angles with me, couldn't guarantee how long my "shield" will be able to withstand those arrows!!!! Sigh.

So, with a few days off ( i could have took the whole week off, but then, most of my staff are Malays, might as well let them off instead ), i have thought of taking my parents for a short getaway ( felt very paiseh cuz i always travel here & there )...But then, the thought of bringing them to Genting, Melaka, Seremban, Ipoh during festive seasons somehow feels very scary because of the teribble jams in those places due to the fact, most of those areas are filled with people back to their hometown + people like us, who has nothing else to do, decide to make some travelling pulak. As for KL, KL is always a breeze at this kinda time, though the shopping centres are filled with again, wuliao people like us =).

So, i'm still deciding whether or not to make a short getaway, but rest assured, it will be a relaxing holiday ahead.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to EVERYONE & Muacks From Simon Lover!


[SK] said...

haha, you are right!! i always enjoy staying back in KL during these "breeze" days.. :)

William said...

You may not be the "precious son", but you sound filial enough to me. Enjoy the hols!

sen said...

happy holidays ^^
every children must be precious for their parent :)

Horny BF said...

happy holidays to you dear.
you can spend them with me you know .... ;)

Anonymous said...

Mum's question.... 'Why you no give me grandchildren?' Your answer is.. 'well Mum, I can either dump the three screaming, snotty nosed, nappy pooping grandkids with you and Dad while the wife and I go to Hawaii.. or Europe... OR the Horny BF and I can take you to Hawaii for three weeks. Which do you prefer?' End of story. - Ian

Takashi said...

just hang on in kl lar.. hahahahah!!!

simonlover said...

SK: So, this Raya not goin' anywhr?

William: Hahaha, nolar..I always tease my mum as sayang my bro more than me. Hahaha.I actually don't really mind at all cuz at least she won't bother or rather "kay poh" with my life...Hehehehe.

Sen: Yup. Juz that i dun want them to kay poh too much of my life.Hehehehehe

Horny BF: Wei, nearly 90% of my trip bk to KL is always with you. Later very suspicious leh?!

Ian: Being a typical Asian, think she'll opt for the 1st one!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!

Takashi: It's a wishful thinking for me at the moment! Left one more year before i can actually finally back to KL. Haik!

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