Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebration - Madonna!

In conjuction of Madonna's latest Greatest Hits Album, Celebration, which is due out on September 29, i would like to dedicate some pictures of the Queen Of Pop throughout the years since she first came into the scene in 1983.

One of her all-time greatest image...The Vogue pose ( 1990 )

1983 - The Madonna, Lucky Star era!

1984 - Like A Virgin! Her biggest selling album to date.

1985 - The Material Girl graces the Time Magazine

1986 - True Blue, Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart!

1987 - Who's That Girl?!

1989 - Like A Prayer, Express Yourself!

1990 - Her most successful year. Blonde Ambition Tour, Vogue, The Conical Bra, Dick Tracy!

1991 : Justify My Love, At The Oscars with MJ!

1992 : Erotica & SEX - Her infamous nude pose!

1993 : The Girlie Show, Rain & Infamous Fuck 13-times, The David Letterman Show

1994 : Bedtime Stories

1995: Versace ad, MTV VMA'95, Brit Awards, Human Nature!

1996: Don't Cry For Me Argentina, Evita!

1997 : Golden Globe Awards, You Must Love Me, Oscars 1997

1998 : Her most critically acclaimed album, Ray Of Light, Frozen!

1999 : Another one of her most memorable images, The Red Kimono Grammy Awards 1999

2000 : Music, Makes The People, Come Together, Yeah!

2001 : Drowned World Tour & Ex-Hubbie, Guy Ritchie

2002 : Die Another Day, 007!

2003 : Her worst album ever, The American Life & The infamous snogs with Britney & Christina MTV VMA 2003

2004 : The Re-Invention World Tour

2005: Confessions On A Dance Floor, The Hung Up Disco era!

2006 : Grammy Awards 2006, Confessions leotard!

2007 : H&M ads

2008 : 4 Minutes Of Hard Candy, Sweet & Sticky World Tour

2009 : Madonna & Current Boy Toy, Jesus, LV Ad & The Tribute To MJ in VMA'09 recently

2009 : Last but not least, the cover of the Celebration Greatest Hits album!


William said...

I love her Red Kimono dance. :P

C'est la vie said...

I am never a fan of hers. :P

Oh yea, I changed my blog address, if you wish to visit, go to: :)

simonlover said...

Freedom: No wonder i cnt go in ur blog. Hahaha -- Like dat we ma "mm ngam key" ady? =P

C'est la vie said...

Mostly I listen to chinese songs la. Bleuk~~ :P mm ngam key mai mm ngam key lo. You dah ada bf pun.

Hide and Seek said...

Eh, I thought it's out already? And I downloaded it... :P

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