Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sexy Hollywood Actor - Chris Evans !

Hi Hi! Again, i think my ratio of 1:5 of serious posts:sexy guy pics post is getting wider day by day unless i can come up another groundbreaking serious post ( if ler ...& hope i won't get another backlashing from Ian...hehehehehe ).

Initially, this post was not intended as i wanted to do a post on Indonesian Hunks for my fellow Indo frens....Hehehehe...( They know who they are ). But then again, i accidentally bumped into nice pictures of Chris Evans! And as i was still not satisfied with my Indo collections yet ( i'm very particular when choosing pics lor, guess i'll be a very difficult person to work with if i were a Fashion Mag Editor, which luckily@unlucikly, i'm not .! ), i shall proceed with Chris Evans first since i realize, that i rarely post pictures of Sexy Caucasians. No pun intended, being an Asian, i still prefer Asians =).....

Chris Evans. Ahhh...Maybe some of u guys may not know him unless u guys have watch the film Fantastic Four before. He acted as the sexy cool Johnny Storm aka Human Torch.

Birthdate : 13 June 1981 ( Only 28 yo )

Wow! The Fantastic Four suit really does a fantastic job in accentuating Chris Evans hot bod!

I think somewhr in our body is really "On Fire" right now by just lookin' at this pic! =)

Johnny Storm aka Human Torch

Chris Evans sexy photoshoot from Flaunt Magazine! ( below )

I want that chessttttt!!!!!!!!!

The amount of hair on his chest is just right for this shot. ( Chris Evans has quite some hair eh. I hv a pic of him with untrimmed chest hair! Which, explains why i did not put the pic over here...hehehehe )

Damn perky butt!!!!

He would hv looked sexier in a tight, low-rise slim jeans. Bt his body basically MADE UP for it!

The "treasure trail" definitely will lead us to a BIG BIG BIG reward!!!

From the movie..Not Another Teen Movie....Who wants to lick the cream?!!!

Who says you need to be shirtless in order to be a sexy hunk???!!!

And his sexy younger brother...who happens to be GAY...
Scott Evans
( you can read it here )

Seems like the brothers does share a common trait --- Chest Hair!!!


2001: Not Another Teen Movie
2004: Cellular
2004: The Perfect Score
2005: Fantastic Four
2007: Fantastic Four: The Rise Of The Silver Surfer

One Of People Magazine's "Hottest Bachelors 2006"
One Of E! Television's "101 Sexiest Celebrities Body 2006"
One Of Empire Magazine's "100 Sexiest Stars In Film History 2007"
One Of Forbes Magazine's "Most Bankable Stars 2009"

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Horny BF said...

he's hot alright.
still rmbr that scene in FF where he lit up his fingers, while still clad in that towel.
yummy stuff.

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