Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sexy Japanese Men Swimwear - Aqux!

Hi hi!! Hehehe...Think Paul J must be very disappointed that i'm back to posting pictures of half-naked men so fast! Well, u can't blame me ler. Initially my next post was supposed to be "serious" type ( "zheng keng" in cantonese ). But then, something came up and the time was going to be after-office hours d. So, posting pictures pf sexy guys is a quick & easy way to post. Hahaha.

Well, it has been more than a year ago that i posted pictures of Aqux Swimwear . And when i logged into their website( ), little did i know that they have already added new model pictures in new underwear/swimwear designs and took off the old ones! Haik. Such a waste cuz i have nt uploaded all the pics of the old models yet.

Aqux is designed and conceptualized by Masami Seki, from New York. His designs are bright and definitely eye-catching while staying true to the uniquely Japanese low waist styles designed specifically for Asian men. Here are some of the pics showing of their products! Definitely Sexy!

God. The models are very sexy too! And dun forget to read how they named their design ya! -- I personally like the first model though. Hehehehehe....

Maldives Lagoon - Shining Blue

Canarian Square - Palmas Black

"Peppy Boy - Sunflower Orange"

Maldives Lagoon - Glamorous Black

( Oh...If just i have a bodylicious bod like him! )

Splash Boy - Sherbet Orange

"Peppy Boy" - Flamingo WHite

Naughty Boy - Rescue Red

Tahitian Guard Bilberry Blue

French Jock Blanc

p/s: I owned 1 "unauthenticated" Aqux White-Orange Underwear which i bought online. It is still brand new cuz the size i bought was "M", thinking i could fit into it. Mana tau, i realize i better maintain my Size "S" lor cuz i prefer my trunks to be skimpy instead of sagging. Such a waste hor. I will post it someday in my blog if anyone of u interested in buying it. Hehehehehe.

Muacks fr Simon!


Jaded Jeremy said...

They are so...tiny.

Paul J said...



simonlover said...

Jeremy: Hehehe..That's d point!! If jz Malaysia sell those type of trunks! It'll definitely be a hit, if Jeremy dares to wear it to the pool too! =) Wink!

Paul J: (",) Cute?

Hot Top said...

Hmm...If i want to buy the trunk + Simon as well...How much will it cost? =)

William said...

In my opinion, they look so uncomfortably low... will they cut off blood flow? :P

Anonymous said...

Cut off the blood flow William? Not if you see a cute boy, I promise.
Simon, one serious post please then five of half naked guys. That's a good ratio. - Ian

simonlover said...

Hot Top: Hehehe...U let me see your face pic 1st then i'll tell you hw much i'm worth!...Hehehehe

William: Hahaha.I think it fits reli well for Asians unless u have a very "Big Brother" or u r those who gets an erection easily. Hehehehehe..So, which one u think u are? Cheers! =P

Ian: Haha. Well, to cum up a good "serious" post needs alot of imagination! + I'm busy at work & my wireless is nt that good during the night.Well, somehow i had to give & take a lil'bit. Hehehehe...My pics not nice meh? =P

Anonymous said...

Your pics leave little to the imagination, especially Aqux boys, but I have a very good imagination. LOL - Ian

Anonymous said...

Pubes must be shaved nice bum crack

Sagor Khan said...

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