Saturday, February 26, 2011

Play Safe Message by Hong Kong Boys!

Some of you guys might know that this coming May, I'll be visiting Hong Kong and Macau for the second time..with da Horny BF and my good friend together with his BF, which I've never met before.....I hope this trip will be more gayish, more shopping, more sex with Hong Kong boys, compared to my previous trip with straight girls, way back in 2008.

More sex with Hong Kong boys?....Hmmm...Well, I'll just let the pictures of Hong Kong boys do the talking ya! And oh...I wish I can have the time to go tanning at HK's gay beach, called Middle Bay at Repulse Bay..Hahahaha..Just that I dunno how to go there from Mongkok - nia....!

And here's a cute Play Safe Advertisement from Hong Kong!
Whoa...Hong Kong Boys can be so delicious! Hehehe!
But I wonder whether their public toilets are really that cruisy...In the movie "Bishonen", where Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung acted as gay couple, there's a scene where gays had fun in the public toilet too...Hmmmm

Random Malaysian Swimmers!

Today has been a very tiring day for me. Woke up at 6.30 am to fetch my brother and wife in KLIA at 8.30am. Then worked 9 hours in my peaceful workplace before my brother came and fetch me from work where I brought him & my family to Puchong's famous Yong Tau Foo shop ( which was introduced by my cute didi, Ali aka Sen Sen ).. And now, it's already 12.30am...Need to get some rest before continue working tomorrow, again! -- Where is my Sugar Daddy when I needed him most?!!!! --- Hahaha.

( p/s: At this point of writing, da Horny BF has not replied or sent any smses to me since going out with a Horny Bottom at 7pm, whom I've defeated, in terms of the sexiest & skimpiest swim trunks at Empire's Fitness First swimming pool a few days back.....Hmmmmm.........Infidelity is banging on my doorstep?!! )

Anyway, here's a simple post for today....Some eye candies of our Malaysian Swimmers for you guys to oogle at. What's better to start it off with Malaysia's Best Swimmer at the moment, Daniel Bego! ( I have featured him once before, way back in March 2010 over HERE ). Enjoy!

Daniel Bego has one of the sexiest treasure trail and perkiest chest among Malaysian Swimmers! Yummylicious indeed!

The only reason why I put up this blurred picture is because...........................
( To those who can guess correctly by leaving a comment in my blog will get a surprise gift from Simon Lover? Tsk, tsk, tsk..See who can reads my mind well! )

Malaysia's Water Polo Team!

Well, I guess it's time for me to sleep - jor. It's 12.45 am d....Sigh. How I wish I can get my tanned body once again! Must try to get some time off to go for tanning session at Kelana Jaya!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sexy Malaysian Model - SK Low - Part 3!

Here's the Part 3 of  this popular Malaysian Model, SK Low....Hopefully this is not the last post of him! =).
You can see the Part 1 - HERE and Part 2 - HERE.

Watcha' looking at?! Never seen a Lengchai before isit?!!

With fellow sexy Malaysian Model, Eric Tang..
You can see more of his pictures, HERE.

These pictures below are taken by one caucasian photographer who happens to be fascinated with a guy, during his snapping frenzy at Songkran 2010 -- and at closer look, this guy turns out to be SK Low! You see how powerful is SK Low's beauty, till the extent of captivating a caucasian photographer, whom till now I think still doesn't have any clue of this beautiful Asian Guy that he took! Hahaha....

I'm sure a lot of people wants to "shoot" SK Low if given the chance, since he's a very "receptive" person as well! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hunky Singaporean Bottoms!

It's not a secret that there are a lot of Singaporean guys who are into gymming, a culture cultivated from their compulsory National Service days.Whenever someone opens their Grindr in Singapore, you'll be welcomed with a feast of Hunky Singaporean Guys who are not shy to share their bods with us!

So, for those Horny Tops who are going to visit Singapore soon, here are some sneak previews of the Genuine, True Blue Hunky Singaporean Bottoms, where you can find in abundance over there! Be prepare for some hot pounding session ya! [ Oops! I sound so vulgar here! ]

Hmmm....I wonder whether I could even lift his thighs and place it on my shoulder! Yikes!

So, which kinda Hunky Bottoms to you guys prefer?!

a) Super Hunky, Arnold Schwazenegger Bottom!

b) Super Beefy yet Toned Bottom? 

c) Super Well-Toned, Edison Chen-like Bottom?

d) Super Skinny but well-toned Twinky Bottom?

e) Average Joe yet Smooth Bottom?!

Hehe..Such a neat, trimmed bushes...That reminds me of my own trimmed bushes which I did last Saturday! Oops!

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