Saturday, February 26, 2011

Random Malaysian Swimmers!

Today has been a very tiring day for me. Woke up at 6.30 am to fetch my brother and wife in KLIA at 8.30am. Then worked 9 hours in my peaceful workplace before my brother came and fetch me from work where I brought him & my family to Puchong's famous Yong Tau Foo shop ( which was introduced by my cute didi, Ali aka Sen Sen ).. And now, it's already 12.30am...Need to get some rest before continue working tomorrow, again! -- Where is my Sugar Daddy when I needed him most?!!!! --- Hahaha.

( p/s: At this point of writing, da Horny BF has not replied or sent any smses to me since going out with a Horny Bottom at 7pm, whom I've defeated, in terms of the sexiest & skimpiest swim trunks at Empire's Fitness First swimming pool a few days back.....Hmmmmm.........Infidelity is banging on my doorstep?!! )

Anyway, here's a simple post for today....Some eye candies of our Malaysian Swimmers for you guys to oogle at. What's better to start it off with Malaysia's Best Swimmer at the moment, Daniel Bego! ( I have featured him once before, way back in March 2010 over HERE ). Enjoy!

Daniel Bego has one of the sexiest treasure trail and perkiest chest among Malaysian Swimmers! Yummylicious indeed!

The only reason why I put up this blurred picture is because...........................
( To those who can guess correctly by leaving a comment in my blog will get a surprise gift from Simon Lover? Tsk, tsk, tsk..See who can reads my mind well! )

Malaysia's Water Polo Team!

Well, I guess it's time for me to sleep - jor. It's 12.45 am d....Sigh. How I wish I can get my tanned body once again! Must try to get some time off to go for tanning session at Kelana Jaya!


William said...

Daniel Bego seems to be having a bad hair day.

The blurred pic~ seems like a spypic. Hehe. You like the ass on the left?

tuls said...

one of my kawan baiks is in the polo team!! :)

cos youre in the pic?

Takashi said...

yea.. u r IN the pic! :p

C'est la vie said...

you like the blue colour ass...

Niki Gwee said...

I have the same feeling that you fall in love the butt in the light blue tempting...

Savoir said...

cause you can see it bending to the right! ;)

Little Prince said...

u aspire to get those abs...

Jon Pang said...

you put that blurr pics because of the twink's abs and bulge...

Ming said...

i love the guys in blue trunk too.....mayb u or yr bf is in the pics.

jdj said...

Because u can see the ku ku jiao pointing upwards? :-p

Fuck Me said...

Yeah man . He's steaming !

SZ said...

wht gt my name one. tat name somemore! hahaha

Steven said...

the guy in blue is you!

XIAN said...

omg puchong! i know which yong tau foo, i live in puchong! wanna meet up? =P hot post btw! love bego's trail!

Marky's Little Devil said...

the kuku jiao where got point upwards =.=???

anyway, yeah...just like @myself said, is it that perky perky cutie blue ass that makes you post the pic up?

Rob H said...

If the Horny BF was going out with a horny bottom you should have gone along too! Seeing your bf fuck another guy can be better than the hottest porn you can imagine. Then what if you took a turn as the bottom while the Horny BF fucked you and the horny bottom watched. Surely the idea of putting on a show must turn you on at least alittle. Add in the three of you in some daisy chain cock sucking and three way kissing and it could be a very hot night indeed. Tell me you are not tempted, even a little bit?

simonlover said...

@William, Marky's Little Devil: We are matchmade in heaven lor. Bt wasted both of us like being ush-ush by Derek & Mark together!!!!! Hahahaha.

@Tuls: Which one is ur fren?!!

@Takashi: Aiyo...Like this you'll fail as my fren lor! Hw can u not know my ass?!!!

@Savoir: Bt i like "it" to be bent straight and hard! Haha!

@Ces't La Vie, Niki Gwee, STeven, Ming: Haha..Hope you catched me in my red trunk picture =P

@Little Prince: Ya, I wish to have ur abs too! Just like ur Grindr Pics!!!!

@Jon Pang: Hahaha. I actually like the perky butt in blue trunk! Hehe

@Jdj: Haha. So, u like guys to put their kukujiao upwards eh?!!

@Fuck Me: Fuck "me" instead?!

@SZ: which one? Sen sen or ali?! Hehe

@Xian: WHich part of puchong u staying ah?!

@Roh H: Ya, i like that too. Bt I prefer the idea of two Top Machinese instead! Hehehehe...

shades said...

owh...i know y!!!!...there's a guy naked and covering his private with his short rite??????

Tommm said...

I looove Malay swimmers!!!

Meve Horron said...

Saki Ootsuka !

Junna Hara !

Nami Oumi !

Tomoe Hinatsu !

Maki Amemiya !

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