Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sexy Malaysian Model - SK Low - Part 2!

Oh my god. The first time I featured this Sexy Malaysian Model by the name of SK Low was way, way, way, way, way back in June 18, 2009 and it's already been more than 2.5 years! ( Part 1 HERE )Damn! Either my blog is getting older and stale or is it me losing my collagen instead?! -- Cuz after 2.5 years, SK Low still looks damn gorgeous, especially his latest picture collections featured at the end of this post!

SK Low is probably one of my favourite male models due to my huge bias towards liking People Like Us! Well, for those who have never seen him before, I can assure you that you'll fall in love with SK Low at first sight! Without wasting your time with more of Simon Lover's crap rantings, please enjoy SK Low ya! Muacks!

DOB: 2 Oct 1981
Stats: 179cm, 69kg, 38-30-36"
Taken by Norm Yip Photography

Yes, come to MALAYSIA, guys! This is the sorta guys you'll get in Malaysia! 
Smooth, Bodylicious Malaysian Hunks for you to have a sexy fight!

Manly, stern-looking Malaysian Guys to whip you to the climax!

Hunky Malaysian Waiters ready to "serve" you guys..Anytime, any place...

Thousands of Malaysian Hunks for you to oogle or have fun with!

Hunky Malaysians for you to savour at the GYMs!

Hunky Malaysian Boutique Sales Assistant to help take your clothes off in the fitting rooms!

And lastly, you'll never go wrong with Malaysian Man. Satisfaction is "almost" guaranteed & orgasmic! Muahahahaha!

Photos by Azrul K. Abdullah

The latest Pictures of SK Low...
He's currently based in Singapore ( Haik...There goes another Malaysian talent migrating to Singapore ) and he's currently the model for Singapore's premiere male beauty centre, Thomas D'esthetique!

( Click on the pictures for larger image! )
The epitome of a sun-kissed Asian Hunk Beauty! 
You tell me why nowadays getting more and more males turning into gays?!!!! Seriously, Guys nowadays are much more prettier than girls!

The guy who does the waxing is one helluva lucky slut! -- Ish!

And I don;t mind doing Brazilian on SK Low, even though I don;t have any experience - yet! Hehehe

SK Low on promotion? You guys better be quick because it's not often SK Low is willing to reduce his price - oh! Oops!

.....SK Low - The Pioneer of Gay Malaysian Male Beauty.....
.... & come and Visit Malaysia Year 2011....


Anonymous said...

Don't think he needs a Brazilian waxing. Nothing to remove. - Ian

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

damn! he's hot HOT!!!
now seeing his nude pic made me wanna change my dream- i wanna be a male wax remover! haha!

han Afi said...

hahaha. me too wanna b a male wax doer.

oh, when i think of to be fall in love i will always to go ur blog. haha

never disappoint me.

jdj said...

Love to see him naked! Show more!

Anonymous said...

His pics before Singapore are way better, somehow. I think the tan ruined his looks.

Anonymous said...

i think i have seen him before in one of the singapore sauna ... :)

Deicidal said...

think that was a faux tan..

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