Saturday, February 26, 2011

Play Safe Message by Hong Kong Boys!

Some of you guys might know that this coming May, I'll be visiting Hong Kong and Macau for the second time..with da Horny BF and my good friend together with his BF, which I've never met before.....I hope this trip will be more gayish, more shopping, more sex with Hong Kong boys, compared to my previous trip with straight girls, way back in 2008.

More sex with Hong Kong boys?....Hmmm...Well, I'll just let the pictures of Hong Kong boys do the talking ya! And oh...I wish I can have the time to go tanning at HK's gay beach, called Middle Bay at Repulse Bay..Hahahaha..Just that I dunno how to go there from Mongkok - nia....!

And here's a cute Play Safe Advertisement from Hong Kong!
Whoa...Hong Kong Boys can be so delicious! Hehehe!
But I wonder whether their public toilets are really that cruisy...In the movie "Bishonen", where Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung acted as gay couple, there's a scene where gays had fun in the public toilet too...Hmmmm


fable said...

OMG! the advert really cute hahahahahaha now you should do that~ run around HK in condom costume when you visit.... haha

Anonymous said...

Omg, why that hunky guy pull them into the toilet? They did 3some inside?

kw said...

you can go to bus interchange at the exchange square building (the building next to IFC at Hong Kong Mtr station). From there, there is a bus to Stanley Market. The bus will stop stop along the beaches of the southern part of hkg island.

to take the bus, just have an Octopus card ready.

thompsonboy said...

No action seen when I was there...maybe it was cold also lar

Rob H said...

That is such a cute video, I love it :-)

I really like the pic of the guy bending over on the beach. Normally I like to see my boys bending over from behind but this guy's back and legs are so sexy he is hot from the front too.

Skyhawk said...

Wow, de HK zai hou cute loh...

Vin said...

The guy wearing "Today is my lucky day" t-shirt is soooo cute! xD

Twilight said...

The video is funny indeed but the message is clear.

simonlover said...

@Fable: And you'll be my partner in crime?! Together we can become "one"! =)

@Anonymous: Me also curious!

@KW:Thanks! I'll take note of that!

@Thompsonboy: U are being humble.

@Rob H: Haha. We have the same taste of guys - eh?!!

@Skyhawk: "Nei dou hou 'cute' ma"!

@Vin: And I hope you're lucky always in finding the right guys for u! Muacks!

@Twilight: Haha. Sometimes lust over-rides all the sanity that we have - eh?!!

Raymond said...

Take bus 6X from admiralty MTR or exchange square in Central MTR. Both ways land u in Repulse Bay enroute to Stanley.

However, Repulse Bay is not a gay beach, most local gays flock to South Bay(Nam Wan).

Enjoy your trip

William笑 said...

Really hot boys in the ad, but the way the two condom boys fuck everything makes me wonder what the message of this ad really is.

"So long as you wear a condom, you fuck anything you want" by the looks of it, lor!