Friday, December 31, 2010

Lighten Up 2011 With A Guy Named Sunny!

Today is the last day of 2010. And what's better than ending my blog for 2010 with a HUNKY MALAYSIAN GUY...My blog is, after all, aimed at promoting the BEST OF MALAYSIAN GUYS to the rest of the good looking guys ( everyone is handsome in their own way! ) in the world! So, with that, I would like to lighten up your last day of 2010, as well as for those who've just visited my blog on Jan 1, 2011, with a guy named SUNNY! -- Please have a look of his pictures first ya!

With arms strong enough to bend a guy with a heart of steel!!!!

With thighs agile enough to rock the floor!

With eyes electrifying enough to beat the hell of Cyclops!

Always ready to make his move whenever the "time & feeling" is right!

Hitting his first strike with pointy nipples that put many women in the world to shame!!!

And bringing SEXY BACK to the world of MALAYSIAN GUYS!

This post is also indirectly dedicated to the Horny BF's sexy & hunky landlord, because he's the one who has a crush on him and said that Sunny also has a brother, who's equally handsome, bt unfortunately, he's straight. Well, just like what he said, we need to leave some of the handsome guys to the girls and help to reproduce a genetic pool of handsome babies in the future. If all handsome guys are gays, then there'll be less handsome kids around for our future generation to play with!!!!! Yikes!!! ---

Also, this post is dedicated to the sexy blogger ... because he also have a crush on Sunny ever since he "came" face-to-face with Sunny Cheong, clad only in his Calvin Klein undies, with his crotch at his eye level, at the changing room of Celebrity Fitness!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk

Whenever you feel blue, think of this hunky stud in orange trunk. Definitely will lighten up your day!

Or when you're in the toilet and the time passes by so slowly, try to think of Sunny Cheong =P

A lengchai thinking of another lengchai. Who can it be leh?! =)

I bet he's good on the dancefloor as well! besides being good on............ =P

A lengchai looking for lengchais. How ironic can it be?!! =P

The pictures above are taken by a sexy, hunky photographer with equally pointy nipples, that are hard enough to blind you guys, by the name of HEART PATRICK! You can visit his website over here: . He's a professional photographer who has no qualms in providing professional "services" ( tsk, tsk, tsk ) at your doorstep! Wedding, self-potraits, artistic pictorials or anything that needs a professional photographer services, feel free to contact him ya!

Hahaha. Okok, enough of nonsense, it's time to introduce a little bit of Sunny Cheong!

Name: Sunny Cheong Meng Sun 游干水
DOB: 1979 ( 31 years old )
Stats: 175cm, 65kg, 40", 29", 33"
Occupation: Multimedia Designer, Fitness Trainer & Instructor at Celebrity Fitness.

He had participated in New Icon's Magazine, The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia way back in 2005.

He was also named in Female's Mag Top 50 Beautiful People.

And he used to model for Private Structure Underwears as well....

A very, very old picture indeed. Unless any of my readers have more collections of him in PS undies to be shared with me - lor! - This one i sourced from

Private moment with Sunny Cheong...Anyone?

Finally, saving the best for last, a wonderful set of black & white pictures, taken by another evergreen photographer by the name of Norm Yip, sourced from his website,

Look at that diameter of his!!!!!!! Yikes!

Whether it's Black or White Lies, Sunny Cheong is for real!!

Peek-A-Boo!!! You prefer the front? ---

Or the rear instead?!!!

But what we know for sure.........

With a charming smile like his.....


Muacks from Simon Lover!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year Finale - Malaysian & Singaporean Guys!

The Year of 2010 is coming to an end. Many things have happened during that period, be it memorable, good or bad ones....Over the year, my blog has it's own ups and downs especially controversies. High ones including sharing some of my stories with the Horny BF, getting a lot of comments from my fellow readers, getting to know some wonderful friends through my blog..hitting the 1,000,000 views as well as hitting the Top 300,000 sites based on Alexa Ranking back in early December! Low ones include kena complained by some people till I need to take down the posts, the controversial Malaysian Grindr Boys and homophobic comments/hate mails! To make the matter worse, yesterday from 4.00 pm - 11.00 pm, my blog was suddenly inaccessible for no apparent reason. I was thinking.. "Oh Nooo!!!!!! All my 2years of hardwork, now GONE!" - But luckily for me, I managed to restore it back to normalcy.

So, I'm not sure whether I should continue posting controversial pictures for 2011 or not...But before going into 2011, here are some controversial pictures featuring sexy Singaporean and Malaysian "People Like Us" Hunks! Enjoy ya! Muacks.

p/s: As for me, I need to think where should I bring the Horny One for his Birthday Dinner instead, which is today!!! - Yikes!

Singaporean Imports!!!! Yummylicious!

Or our very own, exportable Malaysian Hunks! Hehe

If you like the boys above, do not think twice!  COME & VISIT MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE immediately and explore the wonderful world of gays that we can offer to you! Hehehehehe....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Morning Erections When Sleeping Naked!

Here is a Question found from the Net:

a) "Hi guys! I'm a full time freeballer ( sleep naked ) and I love it! However, whenever i get into bed and feel the soft sheet touch my cock, I'll get a Boner ( Erection ). This happens everytime i hop ito bed. Anyone else get this problem and how can i stop it from happening? "

b) I wear boxers to bed shirtless so I am comfortable (I can't sleep with a shirt on) but I get embarrassed when I get a boner in the morning and it sticks out forms a tent in my boxers.

And here are some of the answers given by fellow forummers:

  • I have had the same prob. but it has really subsided in the past couple of weeks. I think like any other new sensation the body will adjust and get use to it and react less. 
Too erect perhaps?!
  • Yes, I've been sleeping naked for about 4 years now (I'm 18) and I go to sleep and wake up with a hard-on.

  • Most guys wake up with a hardon...Enjoy it now, there might be a time when you are old that you might long for those morning woodies...

  • Sounds like a normal reaction to me. I wear just a t-shirt so my genitals are not covered in bed, and yes a stiffy does sometimes occur from the stimulation, and the more you move around in bed with an erection rubbing against the sheets, the more stimulated it gets. Wearing nothing over your genitals in bed should automatically encourage masturbation which is the answer to the 'problem'.
  • You have to train those things. They can be very stubborn and may require a more severe form of punishment to correct the problem. I have been beating the hell out of mine for years, but it only remembers for a little while. Some times you have to beat it every day. I sometimes think it enjoys the punishment. I know I Do. LOL
  • why would you want to? I think a man having morning wood is probably the sexiest thing ever. If I had a man sleeping next to me that would make my morning every morning

  • I love my morning boxer bump. Don't be embarrassed about it. morning wood is a great thing.

  • Morning erections are ok if you can find a partner or when sleeping with another.But if you want to prevent them ,you can try the following:-
  1. Masturbate before you go to bed
  2. Do not eat chocolate or sweets in evenings or before going to bed
  3. Wash your penis with cold water before you go to bed
  4. Do not read porno books or Cds before you go to bed
  5. Do not wear tight vests or brief while sleeping
So Guys! Do you guys have a problem of having persistent MORNING ERECTION especially sleeping in the nude? Do share some of your experiences with us ya! Muacks!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hachiko - A Dog's Story!

Another year, another Christmas...Time really flies isn't it. 7 years ago, Me and The Horny One celebrated our first Christmas Eve Dinner at an Italian Restaurant called Ristorante Bella Italia @ Penang. Maybe it's because those period were our courtship moments, we tend to remember the events in details compared to our recent activities as an old couple, where we need to think so hard, of what we ate a few days back!!! Hahahahaha ......

And so, coincidentally, we went to an Italian Restaurant for this year's Christmas Eve dinner as well! Well, we didn't actually planned the whole ordeal, it's just because the stupid LDP and Federal Highway were terribly jammed on that night and we decided to eat nearby Ara Damansara instead! -- And when we sat down, only did we realize that 7 years ago we ate at Bella Italia! --- We can still remember what we ordered, Fettucine Carbonara and Pepperoni Pizza, just like what I've mentioned earlier...Courtship moments ma. Hahahaha...Back then, the meal cost us about RM60! We were still students ma and that amount is actually quite expensive lor!. And the restaurant was so crowded until they had to place the tables on the sidewalk! -- I think people might have been looking at us, wondering why two guys dining together on a Christmas Eve...Must be "Sei Gay Lou"! ( Cantonese slang for "Fucking faggots?! Hahahaha)

So there, our simple 2010 X'mas Dinner at Gino's Ara Damansara. Our dinner and X'mas celebration had to be cut short because of my parents' relative's funeral where I need to fetch them.

Anyway, on Christmas Day, the crowd at GSC Cinema, 1Utama, is packed as usual. So we managed to buy an International Movie Screening called "Hachiko: A Dog's Story". There were only 4 people, including us, in the entire cinema. Hahahaha. Another is a middle aged couple and the lady ask us, where we are a dog lover? Because if we're not, we wouldn't be watching the movie right? Hahahaha. We just laugh it off and we felt very awkward indeed, especially with the couple looking at us, thinking..."Why two young guys watching this kinda movie eh? Must be "Sei Gay Lou"! - Hahaha.....I was actually expecting the movie to be a cartoonish, cute-cute movie...But instead, I was transcended into a wonderful and touching movie about a very faithful dog, by the name of Hachi, with his owner, played by Richard Gere.

It is based on a true story and here's a short synopsis of the film:

An American adaptation of a Japanese tale about a loyal dog named Hachiko. This very special friend would accompany his master to the train station every day and return each afternoon to greet him after work. Sadly his master departs one day, passes away and never returns to the station. Hachiko faithfully returns to the same spot at the station the very next day, and every day for the next nine years to wait for his beloved master. During his daily visits, Hachiko touches the lives of many who work near and commute through the town square. He teaches the local people love, compassion and above all unyielding loyalty. Today, a bronze statue of Hachiko sits in his waiting spot outside the Shibuya station in Japan as a permanent reminder of his devotion and love.
 The Hachiko Statue at Shibuya Station entrance. Tokyo

You can read more of the real story over at Wikipedia, HERE.

The dog is SO CUTE ! Do watch the movie. 
I feel it's worthy enough to watch it compared to other nonsensical movies offered in the cinema at the moment.

Richard Gere and grown up Hachi, an Akita breed.

Aiyo. I can tell you.....Me and the Horny BF cried dunno how many times throughout the movie!!!! Imagine watching the scene where the dog kept waiting for his master to come back from work, not knowing that he's already dead....For the next 9 years until the dog himself, succumbed to death later on. Very, very sad and touching! -- Thinking that one of us will leave us sooner or later as well =(!

Hachiko's Movie Trailer

With that, I would like to wish everyone, A Merry 2010 Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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