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Octopus! - Malaysia's Gay-Themed Play

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Kuala Lumpur, December 2010 – The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) proudly brings to you Octopus by American playwright Steve Yockey, tackling increasingly common relationship quandaries with an edge, yielding thought-provoking results. Octopus premiered in 2008 with the Actor's Express Theatre Company in Atlanta, Georgia, and will play in Malaysia for the first time.

After young couple Kevin and Blake engage in an adventerous and hastily planned night of “fun” with the older, more “experienced” Max and Andy, they are left trying to salvage their relationship from a pummeling mix of jealousy, betrayal, telegrams from a soaking wet delivery boy and a ravenous sea monster from the ocean floor. Rendered through post-modern gay lens, Octopus slips from domestic comedy into a dark fable examining the role and depth of commitment in relationships and what it really means to say the words “I love you”.

From L-R: Malik Taufiq, Will Quah ( 26yo ), Edmund Wong, Nandang Abdul Rahman, Jack Lua.

This production of Octopus is directed by klpac's Director-in-Residence, Kelvin Wong and will feature an eclectic cast of household names like Malik Taufiq and William Quah, alongside up-and-coming writer Nandang Abdul Rahman and newcomers Jack Lua and Edmund Wong. Octopus will also feature original music from singer-songwriter Elvira Arul. Strictly for mature audiences only.

Review from The Star Paper , 19 Dec 2010

OCTOPUS starts off light and breezy: Kevin and Blake, a young and good-looking couple, invite the older and more experienced Max and Andy to their place for a night of fun.

 Malik Taufiq and Will Quah playing the lovers, Kevin & Blake.

Despite their reservations, nervousness eventually gives way to excitement, and after some initial awkwardness, the two pairs click. Before they know it, some clothes come off (to the delight of many of the women and gay men in the audience) and a night of pleasure ensues.

 Do you want to see Will Quah prancing around on stage half-naked?!!  
If yes, what are you guys still waiting for?! -- Go and watch the play now! ---

All the characters shine in their roles. Malik and Quah, who have fantastic chemistry, deliver splendid performances as Kevin and Blake, respectively. The scenes in which they interact and argue are captivating and feel very natural. It is delightful watching them transform into fully-fleshed, authentic characters.

Wong also delivers a fantastic performance. He starts off as the jovial, flamboyant telegraph boy who brings comic relief, and effectively transitions into a sinister, dark character towards the end. The scene in which he confronts Malik brims with dramatic tension and is one of the highlights of Octopus.

But Yockey’s play has some weaknesses: it drags a bit in the beginning, and the message becomes quite heavy-handed towards the end. Occasionally, it is overly cryptic: for example, I’m still unsure what the sea monster represents. Is it a symbol of the overwhelming pressure of guilt, the devastation of a breakdown in relationships, or even the ravaging menace of HIV/AIDS? Or, perhaps, a combination of all three?

Despite these shortcomings, Octopus is a wonderful piece of theatre that is meaningful and compelling. Its initial light tone and fantastical nature is a smokescreen for its engaging examination of complex issues.

Highly recommended!
( Hahahahaha...I wonder the writer that goes by the name of Terence Toh, is one of us or not? Hehehehe )

The Octopus
Pentas 2, 
KLPAC ( KL Performing Arts Center )
Block 8B
Pentas 2/ Stage 2
Sentul Park
Jalan Strachan, Sentul
16-18 December 2010 ( 8.30 pm )
19 December 2010 ( 3.00 pm )
20-22 December 2010 ( 8.30 pm )
Ticket Price : RM 38 ( Adult ) or RM 25 ( Students / Disabled )

And here's a little gift from me to you guys, hehe
-- But you need to caption the picture by yourself ya! ---


tuls said...

simon simon.. you went arr?

nicky05 said...

saw that pic in fb..with his "bf"..

William said...

From the first pic, Will Quah like charn jor...

JK said...

Just came back from the play... it was a bit too intense and too clichéd to me... the 'monster' mentioned in the Star review was so obviously a symbolism for HIV/STDs, and some actors did not deliver the ultra-dramatic lines with enough fevour. I enjoyed how they used Björk's music in the orgy scene and namedropped other Icelandic bands throughout the play. :P

Lighting and stage design could have been a lot better... my neck cramp liao to one side. Plus my friend noted that the direction and staging itself had not much subtext.

A much much much better gay play (locally staged and written) is without a doubt the epic "Aircon" by Shanon Shah.

PS - that bottom pic is Will with his German bf :P

Anonymous said...

i don't know he has a bf... I think he is lucky cuz his bf is charming....

Talking about fb, I tried to request friend, unfortunately he rejected it. I guess he knows that's coming.

simonlover said...

@Tuls: Hw i wish I can go too. Bt location and time clashes with my work! I would pay to watch "Will Quah" shirtless - lor! =P

@NIcky: Haha. Bt we need to really have evidence to support that statement lor.WHich I think I'm failed miserably in doing so - lor! Kheksei.

@William: Well, he's only 26yo and yet already famous and handsome. What more we can ask...Hahaha

@JK:Just one question,"Did Will Quah went shirless in the play?" Hehehe..Hope u dun mind the typical cheeky Simon Question ya. SO lucky him - !!!

@Anonymous: Unless you are very good looking or hunky stud, you'll get his approval immediately. Which explains why I was rejected as well...........!!!! Paparazzi kot...

tuls said...

simon simon!! i just came back from the play!! wahahaha... the first scene a chinese hunk took off his shirt first.. then followed by will's bf... then will took off his too.. hahaha.. will and his bf was like kissing in every scene.. hotness!!! the lines were ok-ly said, only the chinese dude got some problem with a word or two.. it sounded cina skit but overall its a good play.. it slaps the bitch out of gay comm.. i felt it myself cos my bf and i just had the same discussion 2 nights ago bout foursome threesome stuffs.. haha.. oh well.. you missed it simonsimon!!

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