Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Bed With Lengchais!

Today I went for my first Body Jam at Fitness First with the Horny BF. Hahahaha...Frankly speaking, I'm not really a good dancer, thus looking at myself in the mirror makes me look kinda silly! =P...Compared to my Beyonce'licious Horny BF! --- Haha. Well, at least I managed to finish the 1 hour session, though there was only one well-toned lengchai dancing at the front row for me to feast on! =P...For more stories, you can read The Horny BF's blog over HERE.

Anyway, who wants to be "In Bed With The Lengchais" ( Cantonese term for Handsome Guy! ) below?!!!! Now, don't be shy....I'm sure you guys want it!!!!! With that, I wish everyone Good Night ya! Muacks.

Damn! The jeans couldn't go any lower har?!!!!

I feel JockStrap is very sexy indeed! I wish I can get one as well! Haik...If just they designed it in a smaller cutting!

Or rather sleeping in the buff instead?!!! Well, that's what I would prefer to...Hehehehe
 And I realized that Jake Ng has Malaysian relatives as well when he appeared in someone I knew's wedding dinner! BT unfortunately, he's 100% straight....- Ish!


Skyhawk said... butts!

Rob H said...

I did BodyJam a few times and it was fun even if I wasn't very good at it. The best part was that the hot Pilipino instructor would come down and shower naked after the class. You should have seen his butt ;-)

I never get tired of seeing hot boys with sexy butts, especially when they had hot tanlines like the delicious Jake.

simonlover said...

@Skyhawk: I'm sure u have a sexy butt as well! WHy are you so shy to share it with us?!!!!Muacks

@Rob H:Haha. Jz curious, are all Australian showers open-concept or some with cubicles? Hehe. I'm so envious of you!

Horny BF said...

Wei... that's Combat ler ... >_<

Rob H said...

@Simon: Sorry to disappoint you but not all Australian showers are open concept. There are some but Fitness First (my gym) always has cubicles. In this case, the hot body jam instructor always opens his door to grab his towel to dry himself. He then walks naked back to his locker. He never bothers to put his towel around his waist. He's not the shy type :-)

simonlover said...

@Rob H: Haha. You shud've reciprocate his actions! Maybe he's indirectly hinting u!

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