Saturday, December 25, 2010

Josh Fiqrie Dahari - Is He One Of Us? - Part 2

It's Christmas time once again. So fast another year has gone by! I'm sure most of my readers are in a Christmas mood and away for long holidays as well as clearing their annual leave! ( Hahahaha..Judging from a drop of readerships of late? )

I shall go into details of how I spent my X'mas and X'mas eve dinner with the Horny BF later on, but just a quick post for today ( It's already 12.30 am and I  was working on a X'mas eve! ) --- It's a short feature of Josh Fiqrie Dahari, once again! - The sexy ex-Radio DJ from Malaysia who might be "One Of Us"!!! -- Thanks to the sexy blogger, TenChunk, I manage to get more of his pictures and I do hope that this post will be another popular hit for me since the earlier one has one of the highest viewership and comments received ( 40! ) ( You can see here: )

THe Official Teron Swim Trunk Ad taken by the sexy photographer "ByCobalt" for Singapore's TERON brand!

A Sexy BEAST indeed!
And rumours has it, that he's a "B"! Hence, the special rear design of the swimtrunk for easy access during.....ahem..ahem....?

Though I know it's Christmas and you guys must be wondering why I'm featuring a Muslim hunk....But then again, we are One Malaysia after all...Right guys?! 
A HUNK Is Still A HUNK!!!!

Hmmm...But I don't know who's the guy next to Josh. Maybe yoy guys can help me out? He;s kinda sexy as well!

Hahaha....I wish more Malay gays wear like them when going to the swim pool! Seriously, I sometimes find Malay Guys very sexy, handsome, Brad-Pitt-ish indeed! 
Especially in the shopping mall that I'm currently working in! But sadly, most of them are straight! - Kheksei!

A Hunky Hunk strutting around in white trunks at a sandy white beach!

Satu Malaysia indeed! I find GAY MALAYSIANS are a fine example of a good One Malaysia practice. Malaysian Gays get along better with fellow gays from other races compared to the straights?! Why this situation happens - geh?!!! Hmmmm....... Is it because there are not many "People Like Us?" or purely for the looks / sex part - nia?!!!


C'est la vie said...

He is definitely gay. The uncle in the black undies is my friend's friend. I don't think straight will hang out with the gayest of the gays. :P

Tenchunk said...

Ha, I defintely should contribute my share to make this post reach highest comments. P.S, Merry X'mas!

William said...

High possibility. Where's the women?

SZ said...

definetely is

Rob H said...

Yes I think Josh must be gay. His friend wears N2N speedos and I don't think str8s would.

Anonymous said...

Any more photos of the man in the black undies? His bulge is delicious.

kontolgede said...

what's a 'B' ?

Anonymous said...

i saw him at Midvalley the other day..he doesn't look like how he looked in the pic..i mean his face is just a typical face..not as handsome as in the pic..

Anonymous said...

his face complexion is very bad and his teeth are grey color. saw him up close. not attractive like his pictures.

Anonymous said...

He's photogenic. and people have high expectation just by looking at pics? Come on.