Friday, July 31, 2009

Bangkok - DreamBoys!

Hey Hey....Jeng Jeng Jeng...Finally i get to blog about my little rendezvous in Bangkok recently. I shall talk about agogo boys ( Boys in skimpy underwears parading, performing, showering and to some extent, sex shows on stage...Well, That is what Bangkok is also Famous for ma...) !
Some of the boys in the show --

The Scene at Soi Pratuchai, off Surawong Road...

Hehehe...So there we were, it was already 10pm on a Friday Nite...We took a Taxi to Saladaeng BTS station.Then We walked over to Surawong Road where the Boys Town is located. I did not bring my camera along because i'm sure, we are not allowed to take any pictures in this area. Walking past the Arch and entering the road, we were immediately dragged by various bouncers manning the 20+ shops of Agogo Shows, Massage Parlours, Karaoke and anything associated with MEN...

Easily spotted as a gullible target ( probably due to my slim size? ), i was incessantly dragged by many touts to enter their centres! One after another, i have to reject their advances politely and to some of them, i even need to exercise all my "flirty'ness" & donating a few kisses to them in order for them to release myself from their gropings, as my Horny BF watching me amusingly! Due to this, we were not able to have a nice walk along the lane, enjoy the sexy crowd of masseurs in tight skimpy singlets & hot pants -- Instead we walk hurriedly to our destination!

We already did some research & our aim was DreamBoys...Bangkok's largest and most popular agogo-shows ( well, as proclaimed by many websites...). After entering DreamBoys, we were guided to the 3rd row seating as the show was about to begin. Daily shows starting from 10.30pm. No entrance fee but we are required to buy a drink ( alcoholic 260Baht, Non-alcoholic 250B ). Before the show began, we were treated with nearly 20 - 30 boys on stage, wearing just a skimpy & tight white trunk/underwear that barely cover their "kuku" ( depending on which position they put..some point upward, downward but the big ones usually had to point sideward ) and some even had to over-exposed their pubic hairs -- with #numbers pinned on their trunk. The boys will walk in motion circling thru out the stage so that all four corners of the crowd can have a clear view them. The Boys are a mixture of twinks, average Joes & the muscled-types. However, boys are more to the twinkish type & proportionately-built guys.

The boys on stage are definitely trained to have killer eyes! They are trained to perfection in seducing the crowd by looking directly to the eyes of potential guests, winking, teasing & playing with it! ( Main-mata King! -- There were many glances on us as we were seated in the 3rd row ma -- Aiyo, i felt so malu to look at their eyes ler..Very paiseh..Hahaha...Reli! There are many Thai Boys who are reli handsome & seductive as well! ) By 10.45pm, the area was fully crowded.

The show started with an ah-kwa show ( transvetite )...Followed by another ah-kwa show and another and another!!!! Aiyo!!! What is tis?!!! I wasn't expecting to come here to watch ah-kwa shows! Though there were many themes ranging from Cultural Thai Dance, Cowboy shows, Typical Ah-Kwa singing & dancing & makin' funny shows....There was a segment where about 7 boys with a really "huge" penis will parade their tools. ....The only reprieve was there was a few segments where it was commendable, Hot Dance by the boys in tight, skimpy outfits; Stimulated Shower Scenes and the one & only sex show, where the guys will wear a condom & perform stimulated blow-jobs & acrobatic sex positions & movements. The Sex show wasn't really that erotic and it does not stimulate me at all because they did it in a hard, rough, fast motion without the usual sensual, passionate sex that we all love and they did not even cummed! Hahahaha....And so, the show ended ~ 11.45pm and we were ushered to the 2nd show on the ground floor.

Yup, tis was one of the ah-kwa shows for the nite..

We were unfortunately seated on the 1st row this time. Though u get to see clearer, the thing i dun like abt 1st row is that the fear of getting called up & participate in a show, if there is lar...made me feel uncomfortable! Hehehehe...And how true was i when i was asked to hold the rope chaining a bottom guy who was about to be fucked by...again...THREE ah-kwa's/ transvetites, with a Penis bigger than mine! Haik! Luckily i was allowed to sit in my place instead of kena called up on stage.

All this while i didn't knew there was a boy called #14 was eyeing & flirting with my Horny BF...Hahaha...As my eyes was busy appreciating the half-naked boys as well...There are many goodly, manly ones too..But the #14 boy was a little different from the crowd. He was flamboyant & flirtatious enuf to catch our attention. Hahahaha....He's the typical, slim, sissy, bottom type. ( His pic is the one with the Yellow Arrow )...As for me...I was particularly interested with a boy ( Blue Arrow ) -- Hehehe...Of cuz from the pictures, he doesn't look photogenic at all! --Seriously, he looked quite ugly on pictures but in reality, his way much good-looking. Hahahaha..Of cuz, i can only look at him on stage as i dun intend to "bao" any one of them cuz it needs alot of $$$.

The Boy In Blue Arrow ( is mine ), Boy In Yellow Arrow ( The Horny BF's Boy#14 )

Blue Arrow's Name = Eak-Biman, 22 yo
Yellow Arrow's Name = Ball, Boy#14

Any cuties?

Yellow vs Blue -- Which is Nicer? -- Hehehehe

Throughout the show, there is 1 captain by the name Mark ( pic -- yet again another guy who looks unphotogenic in pictures versus in real life -- trust me, in real life, he looks quite cute & he's good at flirting too -- ), kept making sure we were well attended to -- Well, in other words, he kept asking whether we need to add more drinks or even asked us, which guys we are interested, he'll call them down. Of cuz, due to our "stingy"ness -- more drinks & boys means more $$$$!!! -- which he kept on declining till it was already about 12.30pm ( Thailand has a new rule where most of the entertainment outlets need to be closed at 1 am unless with permission )
The Cunning Captain Mark & Boy#52

Finally, the cunning & sly Captain Mark, told us, there is 1 boy who's interested in my Horny BF and keep telling us to just let the boy com over, just have a nice chat, NO MONEY charged at all...After much persuasion, we finally relented -- and it was the same boy that had hugged my BF in the toilet earlier. He was Boy #52 ( see his pic below ) -- Well, the boy is well-mannered, shy, speaks fairly good english, say's he's 21yo, very very "si man" in cantonese, sissy-bottom type & sat beside my Horny BF. Hahahaha..It was a very awkward situation because this is the FIRST TIME we "bao" someone!...We really did not know what to do...Just some casual chatting with him as we were out of topic most of the time, he & my Horny BF was holding hands, the Horny BF occasionally stroke his body and claims that he has a very SMOOTH & SOFT body & i should try touching him -- ( which i did not ) -- Hahaha...How can i touch someone who has beaten me "kow-kow" in terms of smoothness & softness ler?.....Hehehehe.....

And so, not too long, oops! There came a glass of Coca-Cola by the cunning Captain Mark with a Bill on it. Sigh..As expected, we got Free Meals in this world ler....Well, as the nite came to a close, Captain Mark ask us whether we want to take Boy#52 home and service us? -- We politely declined and opt for the Bill instead -- The Captain Mark gave us our change and of cuz being flirtatious me, i say i wanna "bao" him how much? We joked for a moment and he asked us to give Tips to Boy#52.

So, Total Damage for the Nite was ( 260B + 260B + 250B coca-cola drink + 100B tips for Boy#52...Wei, RM10 for just holding hands is alot k...we are on a budget trip ma )...

p/s: The Boy#14 actually saw my Horny BF with Boy#52 instead of him...And of cuz before we left, he came over in a jealous, manja way, scolding my Horny BF for nt picking him and my Horny BF gave him a hug & a peck on the cheek, telling him next time k...! How gracious he is!!....

Bye Bye Boy#14!

As for me, hahahaha...i did not touch any of the boys...but i had a wonderful nite looking at all the sexy guys where we'll never see in Malaysia and of cuz, my eyes was fixated on the crowd too as there were some lengchai Hongkies, Singaporeans & Taiwanese as well!!!! -- However, all i say is that, we didn't really expected the sex shows to be so mild & full with ah-kwa shows -- It had been so different from what i had heard from frens & the internet. Overall, DreamBoys was a bit of a letdown -- So, does it deters me from going to agogo shows in the future?!! -- Nope, & i'll definitely back with a Bang and explore other centres in my future trip! Well, we can't get this is Malaysia ma...It's not a sin to enjoy the type of shows k...Hope u guys understand... =)

Muacks from Simon!
p/s: He's one of the sex performers with a HUGE --- hehehe...Initially i didn't want to put his pic cuz he's so not-my-type...But credits have to be given to him also right...Cheers!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs -- Top 1-10

Continuation from Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs ( Based on Alexa findings 13-19 July 2009 )

Hey Hey...Finally we came to the finale of the Top 10. What an anti-climatic celebration for the list as throughout the session, there were alot of errors, objections & rejections as well....First & foremost i would like to apologize for all the inconveniences caused by the list and if there is anything or anyone that doesn't feel comfortable being in the list, please do inform me and i'll sincerely take note of ur messages & predicaments as well...

I will be releasing another post on Blogs that deserve notable mention as well, as i think it would be unfair to them as well because IMHO, they did a fantastic job on their blogs & some has been a cultural icon for the last few years. Some may not have alot of readers but among the PLU blogosphere scene, they are quite recognizable as well.

Lastly, without further a due, why don't we just sit back & relax, and enjoy out Top 10 Malaysia's PLU blog ( which again, to my mistake, there might be 1 of them who might not be a PLU...haik! ). Afterall...It's just a "wuliao" list that is not meant to court controversies instead, it was meant to be a platform for PLUs to enjoy the many exciting & fun blogs in Malaysia, thus showing that we Malaysians can be quite a powerful force to be reckon with in the world of PLU Blogosphere. Cheh.....

Enjoy & just have fun ok, no hard feelings please? Cheers from Simon!

( I also show the Alexa rankings in Malaysia & the World as well. Plz note that the ranking is not static and it regularly updates itself weekly )

1) I Am Who I Am ( ) -- The Ultimate #1 PLU Blogger in Malaysia at the moment by Takashi!... Congrats ya! ( Alexa Rank in Malaysia : 5,082 ; World: 860,509 )

2) Willy's Diary ( ) -- Followed closely by one of the most handsome & shaggedelic bloggers in the world -- Mr. Willy Lam!!! ( Alexa Rank in Msia : 5,163 ; World: 559,955 )

3) Kisah Seorang Yang Berdosa ( ) -- It shows clearly that our Malay frens are also enjoying the world of PLU! ( Alexa Rank in Msia : 5,258 ; World: 946,000 )

4) Robby: Angel Of Destruction ( ) -- The indomitable nuffnanger Sotong Zai! ( Alexa Rank in Msia : 7,356; World: 684,222 )

5) Diari Teruna Desa ( ) -- Like A Virgin? Touched for the very first time? -- Find out more in his blog! =) ( Alexa Rank in Msia: 9,764; World: 1,448,192 )

6) Medielicious ( ) ( Alexa Rank in Msia: 10,463; World: 2,024,093 )

7) Jerry Kiat ( ) ( Alexa Rank in Msia: 11,658 ; World: 2,005,548)

8) Bedtime Stories ( ) ( Alexa Rank in Msia: 13,218; World: 890,336 )

9) Simple WHite Tofu ( ) ( Alexa Rank in Msia: 14,349 ; World: 932,747 )

10) Twilight Zone ( ) ( Alexa Rank in Msia: 14,780; World: 1,383,513 )

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs -- Top 11-20

Continuation from Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs ( Based on Alexa findings....13-19 July 2009 )

Hey Hey...The Alexa tool is of course, not 100% accurate. People who blogged under LiveJournal, Friendster, Wretch, Xanga or other similar webhosting sites cannot be detected by Alexa. That's why we see certain blogs which are popular, but it is under those domain, are not in the list.

Again..This list is not without it's impediments again...There is one blog which is actually in the list but i had to omit it and find a last-min replacement--again...when the blog was suddenly deleted / does not exist anymore in the blogosphere shockingly! -- Haik --However, the replacement blog is also quite a reputable blog too -- after much research yet again -- sigh ( guess the most perfect prob-free list would be the Top 10 List lor, Luckily ! )

So, here it goes...Muacks From Simon!

11) Adam's Forbidden Apple ( ) -- We cannot neglect the power of Mandarin blogs u'know...There are quite a number of Chinese PLU's out there as well...Furthermore, it's a multiracial blog...There's one Bahasa blog in the upcoming Top 10 list as well...However, there is none Tamil blog yet...

12) SK/0617 ( ) -- Is he or is he of us?...Hahahaha...Makin' my list scrutinizable again...Haik....

13) Jascorporeal ( ) --- A shy but sexy fashionista named Jason!

14) Ma Solitude D'Espace ( ) ---Another lengchai doctor blog..Haik, if we realize, there are alot of blogs by doctors, whether they are future-docs or not...Hahahaha...It shud be a good sign for us too especially whn we know we are being treated by one-of-us...hahahaha -- if we know lar of cuz....

15) Strictly Gay ( ) --- Strictly For Gays only =). Muacks!

16) My Side Of The Story ( ) --- A Lengchai medic-student where i would voluntarily stripped naked & let him do a body check-up on me if i were to be treated by him!!!!! --Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha -- It's a joke, okay.

17) Hot Malaysian Hunk ( ) -- Whoa..A very comprehensive blog on Hot Malaysian Hunks!!! Yummy!!!

18 ) Thursday's Child has Far to go? ( )
--- Wah, finally Lengchai William has appeared on the list...!!

19) The Beauty Of Male ( ) --- The Title says it all!

20) Life, Liberty and bla bla bla... ( ) --- A Prada-toting Hunk from KL....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs -- Top 21-30

Continuation from Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs based on Alexa Rankings ( 13-19 July 2009 ) ....

Hahahaha....Again..There is one error in the list again....I'd realized that one of them was from Taiwan actually! Hahahaha...Silly me...And i had to make a replacement which coincidently is also not from Malaysia...But, well, it's quite popular over here too and so ngam it's in the Top 30 too.... =P...

Enjoy the list ya! .....( p/s: actually i can't wait for The List to end cuz i wanna blog abt my little getaway in Bangkok ma...Hehehehe )... Cheers from Simon!

21) My Evolution ( ) -- The Ever Evolving "Leu"ang chai!

22) What Lurks Beneath ( ) -- Check what's under his bed ya!

23) Eric's Words ( ) -- Lengchai Eric -- The beginning of the "Lengchai Gang" that is occupying the next few spots! =)

24) -- Deleted at the request of the blog owner --

25) -- Deleted at the request of the blog owner --

26) The Blue Ecologist ( ) -- Lengchai Kevin -- Hahaha, tis the the replacement blog i've mentioned earlier...The lengchai is a Canadian-Chinese actually...Think he deserves to be in the blog for this edition since 90% of his readers are from Malaysia -- well, hope our fellow singaporean PLU blogger won't mind ya!

27) Other Hot Pics From Hot Malaysian Hunk! ( ) -- Very sexy blog with many sexy pics of Malaysian Hunk!

28) Something Extraordinary About An Ordinary Guy ( ) -- Who say's he's an ordinary guy?!!!! ---

29) Alexander-The-Gay ( ) --- One of the God-Father of PLU blogs...

30 ) Tapestry ( ) -- A sexy Daydreamer

Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Memory Of : Yasmin Ahmad ( 1958 - 2009 )

Today, our Nation mourns the death of Yasmin Ahmad ( 1 July 1958 - 25 July 2009 ), a critically acclaimed multi-award winning film director, writer and scriptwriter, after suffering from a serious stroke a few days back. Her television commercials and films are well-known in Malaysia for their multiracial depictions, humour, heart and love, in particularly, her ads for Petronas, Malaysia's only Top 500 Fortune Company. ( you can read more of her profile in wikipedia and facebook )

Her movie, SEPET ( 2004 ), has brought her many accolades such as the Best Film in the 18th Malaysian Film Festival 2005 and the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival 2005. Sepet also remains my first and still is, the only Malay movie i had ever watched in a cinema ( at KLCC some more with the Horny BF ). I remembered the crowd in the cinema was filled with multiracial cinema-goers too ( For those who are not from Malaysia, however hard & proud our politicians trying to depict Malaysia as a model utopia for a multiracial country, people of different races seldom watches movies from other races; unless it's worth watching like Sepet, or Jackie Chan's movie, or even Shah Rukh Khan & our late P.Ramlee's movie ...That's the real situation that exist in Malaysia at the moment, kinda sad isn't it..)

Yasmin Ahmad truly epitomized the term on "1 Malaysia" is all about. Her movies & commercials always manage to touch the heart of All Malaysians. She defied the racist critics and peer pressures from narrow-minded nationalists whn her movie "Sepet", a love story between a Chinese boy and a Malay girl, won many awards and was a box-office hit especially among "Malaysians".

And how can we forget, the numerous Petronas Ads she gave us....Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya and Merdeka...Every year we'll be glued on the TV, feeling amused and giggled at her funny yet multiracial ads.
( FYI, the ads are only available on national TV. RTM, TV3, NTV7, TV8 and not in Astro..That is why, people who only watches Astro and aunties who only watches Wah Lai Toi in there life, is totally clueless about the ads...For the past 2 years, i admit in my rented place, me & my landlord only watches Astro channels..hehehe...and i'm also totally clueless of the festive ads because Astro has little or "langsung takde" festive ads { pathetic right?! } except when i'm back in my hometown, i'll be exposed to all sorts of ads b'cuz i dun have an Astro back home =P )

Chinese New Year 2005 - Little Stick

Chinese New Yew Year 2006 - The Four Old Women -- Hahaha...Tis ad is definitely the most memorable ad for all Hokkien-Lang and also for me! =)

Chinese New Year 2007 -- Not by Yasmin Ahmad, but just to share it with u guys too..

Chinese New Year 2008 - Reunion Dinner

Chinese New Year 2009

Deepavali 2006

Deepavali 2008 -- I Want To Be A Pilot

Hari Raya 2007

Merdeka 2005 - Merdeka Sunat -- A very funny ad!

Merdeka / National Day 2007 - Tan Hong Ming In Love -- Another award-winning ad in conjuction of Malaysia's 50th National Day Celebration

LAstly, my sincere condolences to the family of the late Yasmin Ahmad; her husband, Tan Yew Leong; relatives and friends. May God bless her soul and we will forever remember all the sweet moments you have gave us all these years!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs -- Top 31-40

Hey Hey..So, continuing my Malaysia's Top 50 PLU blogs....Hahahaha.....The ever sexy & deadly Froggie mentioned to me that some of the blogger that is and goin' to be in my list is actually not GAY...!!! Oops!!!...And i had already created the list...Hahahaha...So how?!! Nevermind lor...We just assume them as blogs that have Queer following lor.Maybe the next edition i'll omit them...When we think back, how come straight people read gay blogs hor. Dun they feel "geli" reading our PLU lifestyle? Haha...( Which i think it should be a good thing!...It's nice too see straights & gays can live together as 1 peaceful community...Haha...Am i putting to much hope on it? Hmmm....... )

31) I Express Not Impress : Kenny Japheth SC ( ) -- lengjai blogger

32) 黑色空间 ( ) -- a very noble, decent guy =)

33) Gay Boy Living In The City Of KL ( ) -- love his sexcapades =P

34) A Frog's Point Of View ( ) -- the sexy froggie -- that's is why, alexa's ranking might be a bit biased lor -- hahaha -- this should be higher! =P

35) Queer Rant ( ) --- same goes to the sexy ranter! -- have a good international following bt fared poorer in Malaysia =(

36) Braving KL ( ) -- good mapping of PLU places in KL

37) Welcome To The World Of Simon Lover! ( ) -- haik! blogwhore me!

38) Vanity Reloaded ( ) -- sexy vain stud whose into Christiano Ronaldo! =P

39) The Reformed Pervert Chronicles ( )

40) My Story, My Life ( )

MUACKS FROM SIMON! ( again -- if i missed out any blogs, just inform me and i'll look into it...)

link within

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