Monday, July 13, 2009

A Night In Mandi Manda....

Hey Guys! What a tiring weekend! Went to KL for a short but hectic Conference. Not much time to online ( or rather, none at all )...So, sorry for not updating my blog....So, briefly, today i just wanna describe a little bit of my encounter at the infamous sauna, Mandi Manda...Voted as the Best KL Sauna of 2008 by readers...

Conveniently located in Taman Desa along Jalan Klang Lama ( & utopia ) and 10 mins aways from MidValley, and after much pestering from the Horny BF, we decided to drop by Mandi Manda on a Saturday Nite after such a long long long time and considering the theme for the night was NUDE Nite too.....Our long absence from Mandi Manda was further justified when we were asked to flash our member card, which made us go....huh?....F***...We need to pay RM10 for a lifelong membership fee ( the last time we went, there was no membership fee ) and also the entrance fee of RM25...

Anything associated with a PLU sauna, u can find it all here in Mandi Manda...Dry & Wet sauna, open & cubicle showers, gym, dark room & maze and cubicle rooms for?....Bt one thing they dun have was internet facilities.

This is nt the first time we've been to a sauna before. We used to enjoy many saunas across the Straits ( ie Singapore...Blue Heaven was also the first place the Horny BF managed to "enter" my super-tight & still-is now glory hole ). Usually we dun participate in orgies or any sex with anyone...Most of the time we were there to enjoy the sights of naked men or on-going sex by the show-offs and also to "make" people happy....Hahaha..What do i mean "make" people happy?

Mandi-Manda definitely has the best Chinese boys / hunks/ studs gathering in a sexy place compared to other KL saunas...U name it, u have it!!! Really!!! I'm a very particular or ( "yim jim" in cantonese ) guy and also a straightforward guy. I have always wonder...How come gays who are damn gorgeous ( like us...? hehehe ), damn handsome, with a gym-fit bod, perky butt would like to come over to this kind of place to look for sex?!!!!!...With their assets, obviously they can find one at anywhere or anytime whenever they want to!!!! ( i'm envious too!!! )

There were many "actions" goin' on in the dark room...Blow-job, group sex, fucking, orgies are being done concurrently!... ( one thing i dun like is that the room was too dark..u cant see clearly )

But of late, i dun reli like to go sauna d...Except maybe just to enjoy looking lar...But to have sex?...Dunno lar...Though we reli have never tried before lar....So, there we were...already few hours passed by...There has been a few candidates that have been stalking us...So, finally we grab one twinky lookin' guy into the cubicle room and began our session....=)

Hahaha...So, we had a threesome...But...What do we usually do during this kind of situation? Remember whn i mentioned earlier we like to "make" people happy? Heheheh..So, the twinky guy was very lucky for the night... =)

The twinky guy laid on the bed most of the time ( or rather, the entire time! )...And me & the Horny BF began our skills lor....From the pics illustrated below, these were most of the activities that we did during the session! ( hehehe...BUT STRICTLY NO FUCKING lor ...)

Hahaha....So, u guys can imagine? But most of the time, we always "sit dai" or "rugi" or "left-out" cuz evtime the guy that we "made" happy usually doesn't reciprocate our good deeds by pleasuring us back after he "came" lor.....Usually they were too "high" or too "busy" enjoying the "orgasmic" feel instead....Hahahaha......And usually i'm the more passive one =)..Usually i will just lick/suck their nipples while jerkin' them while the Horny BF will be the wilder one =)...

But anyway, all i wanna say that, of late...i dun reli like to go to these type of places anymore...Even if i go, i would prefer watching' than participatin lor....THe Question of Safe Sex does not seem to arise in Malaysian saunas because they can't provide condom / lubricants openly compared to Thailand / Singapore...So, everything that is happening in the Dark Room is being performed barebackingly!!!...Sigh...So, sometimes, i feel it's very sad, lengchais like us engaging in unprotected & unsafe sex.....The thinkin' of unsafe sex have always spoiled my mood during the threesome sessions...( imagine such a lengchai twink let u play, but i have no reaction at all...i was so paiseh whn the guys hold/touch my "limb limb" didi instead of usual the rock hard 6.5"!! Furthermore, i sweat alot too if the air-cond was nt powerful enuf!!! I rmbr there was once a guy was helpin' me to wipe off my sweat from my forehead whn i was ......him!!! Haik! )

Sigh..In summary, i just wanna say, it's wise of us to practice Safe Sex always...Though from what i did was just normal sucking and body-touching minus the penetration, the fear of Sexually Transmitted Diseases is always there for me and i think i might bt be able to enjoy good sex especially in those areas in times to come either. And to the lucky twink...MUACKS from SIMON LOVER!


Takashi said...

amazing.. too detail already lol

Paul J said...

yikkaifong har? hahaha....heard about mandi manda before never been there ...other's sauna been before in melaka lah... yeah... watching live show can be interesting too!

simonlover said...

Takashi : Haha..Too detail ah? Oops...din reli check back wat i wrote cuz it was done in a "quickie" ma.. =)

Paul J: Yalor...Always "yikkaifong"....Oh, nvr been to Melaka's sauna yet! Hehehe...Interesting? =)

H.A.F.I.Z.i.S.M.A.L said...

nice elaboration and the conclusion is great!! safe & live longer..
hmmm i wonder who is the founder of the mandi manda...??

simonlover said...

Hafiz: Hm..I think the founder is a chinese man. He usually frequents The Borneo Massage nearby at Kuchai Lama..Haha..Bt nvr seen him heard fr the owner of the massage center

Robb said...

i think i need to visit sauna ady. 23 yo and still haven't go to a single 1. damn cham lor

Paul J said...

Robb, if you haven't been 1, don't start....kinda addictive...hehe...

Simon, Melaka 1 ar...nothing intersting lahh..majority got uncle...seldom got eye candy or hunk..unless i go lah...ooppss...

simonlover said...

Robb : Haha..23 yo still young ma...I would not stop anyone fr goin' to sauna bt just be careful k! =)

Paul J:Haha..Unless if i go also, thn it will be lagi oops?!!!! Hehehehehehehe......

Queer Ranter said...

That makes two of us Robb. Kkakakaka.

Brian Chang said...

your showing off

Macha said...

LOL. Brian must have felt threatened by the 6.5" remark. hehehe ....

seriously, very informative, and very true. safe sex is a MUST. pity the saunas in M'sia can NOT provide lub/condom openly, for fear of being raided.

simonlover said...

Queer Ranter: Wah..Didn't knew that u are still a "virgin" in sauna considering that u have a very "explicit" blog...Hahahaha...Jokin!

Brian Chang: Oops..I didn't knew the way i love to express myself darmatically will offend some one...Sorry k!!!

Macha : Hahaha...Thanks for the "threatened" comment! =)

qihong said...

Walao. Can don't so bad anot.. Always telling us you guys are lengchais but never see your faces before werh.. Pulling on our hopes nia you. Ish. XD

Love your posts man, so realistic and full of a very personal sense of humour :D

Can we be friends? :) You're so awesome and i need someone to talk to at times :(

qihong said...

Walao. Can don't so bad anot.. Always telling us you guys are lengchais but never see your faces before werh.. Pulling on our hopes nia you. Ish. XD

Love your posts man, so realistic and full of a very personal sense of humour :D

Can we be friends? :) You're so awesome and i need someone to talk to at times :(

simonlover said...

Qihong: Hahahaha. Erm, did i mention we're lengchais ah? Hahaha. Just average joes nia. Thanks. U can add me in facebook ya. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...


In Mandarin, guys are always termed as " men think with their brains in most things, but when it comes to sex, men think with their balls'

Really admire you and your horny bf as you proved the above saying wrong.

Yeah, I went to MM on Thursday skin night really was busy.No old fellas...I think the oldest was 35 yo..

Then, at first, the crowd was like shy shy..later on, as it got later and got wild..and yeah, no condoms at all.

Not worth it to die for someone you don't know and that someone dun care bout you at all. Use condoms.seriously. Many things in this world din do yet and you dun wanna regret.


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