Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs -- Top 21-30

Continuation from Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs based on Alexa Rankings ( 13-19 July 2009 ) ....

Hahahaha....Again..There is one error in the list again....I'd realized that one of them was from Taiwan actually! Hahahaha...Silly me...And i had to make a replacement which coincidently is also not from Malaysia...But, well, it's quite popular over here too and so ngam it's in the Top 30 too.... =P...

Enjoy the list ya! .....( p/s: actually i can't wait for The List to end cuz i wanna blog abt my little getaway in Bangkok ma...Hehehehe )... Cheers from Simon!

21) My Evolution ( http://evolution-newchapter.blogspot.com ) -- The Ever Evolving "Leu"ang chai!

22) What Lurks Beneath ( http://underhisbed.blogspot.com ) -- Check what's under his bed ya!

23) Eric's Words ( http://ericbkt.blogspot.com ) -- Lengchai Eric -- The beginning of the "Lengchai Gang" that is occupying the next few spots! =)

24) -- Deleted at the request of the blog owner --

25) -- Deleted at the request of the blog owner --

26) The Blue Ecologist ( http://blueecologist.blogspot.com ) -- Lengchai Kevin -- Hahaha, tis the the replacement blog i've mentioned earlier...The lengchai is a Canadian-Chinese actually...Think he deserves to be in the blog for this edition since 90% of his readers are from Malaysia -- well, hope our fellow singaporean PLU blogger won't mind ya!

27) Other Hot Pics From Hot Malaysian Hunk! ( http://otherhotpics.blogspot.com ) -- Very sexy blog with many sexy pics of Malaysian Hunk!

28) Something Extraordinary About An Ordinary Guy ( http://nortrom.blogspot.com ) -- Who say's he's an ordinary guy?!!!! ---

29) Alexander-The-Gay ( http://alexander-the-gay.blogspot.com ) --- One of the God-Father of PLU blogs...

30 ) Tapestry ( http://lifes-tapestry.blogspot.com ) -- A sexy Daydreamer


William said...

FoxyDaren can easily pass off for a Taiwanese boyband member

simonlover said...

William: True enuf...Hahaha...He make us look like Suneo & Nobita only...Hehehehehe