Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grandpa Aged 65, Nabbed At Gay Joint

Taken from www.thestar.com.my

A 65-year-old grandfather was among 19 men caught at two gay joints in Penang said to be frequented by doctors and lecturers. 
( I wonder whether is it Leo Fitness Centre located @ Midlands, One Stop Shopping Centre. Throughout my 4 years in Penang, i have only frequented that place once with The Horny One. Well. Don't expect it to be like Singapore's "Towel Club" or KL's "Mandi-Manda" or Thailand's "Babylon", it's just a simple, sleazy smoky-aired centre with the usual Dark Rooms, that is filled with a totally 1 Malaysia patrons. I don't remember whether i had any hanky-panky sessions back then, all i can remember was the Transvestite Stage Performance - which was accompanied by hunky dancers in tight spandex shorts as well! -- that was on for that evening. )

The joints were a massage parlour and a fitness centre located at a shopping complex.
Among those arrested, two were caretakers - aged 30 and 38 - while seven were local customers.
The remaining 10 were said to be sex workers from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar.
Some of them were said to have been caught with their pants down when police stormed into the premises
[ Oooh. I wonder whether their Thai Boys is as gorgeous as those in Bangkok! - And i have never tried China Boys before as well! -- Haha. I sound like a pervert only - Which i'm not!!! ]

During the 10pm operation on Tuesday, police also seized posters, towels and tubes of lubricant.
The "company" is said to be hiring foreign employees, who entered the country with visit permits, in batches.
It is learnt the two shops, which have been closed down for two to three months, started operations again recently.
( Gay saunas in Malaysia does not provide free condoms because any entertainment joints found to be distributing condoms are against the law because the presence of condoms, indirectly means that there are sex-related activities happening in that place too. -- Pathetic right?! -- Ooo...Posters! I wonder where to find plu-printing company that can help print sexy gay posters leh?! Hehehe ]

Using massage parlour and fitness centre as a front for their operations, regular customers were given a password to enter the place. Two closed-circuit television cameras were installed in front for surveillance.
Police earlier laid an ambush nearby and arrested a customer before getting him to reveal the password.
[ Sigh, Malaysia's gay scene is already quite boring, in addition to these kinda raids, how are we gays in Malaysia able to live in a colorful rainbow world leh? ]

George Town acting OCPD Supt Gan Kong Meng, who confirmed the case, said police would be investigating the case under Section 377(B) of the Penal Code for committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature, Section 6(3)(c) and Section 39 (b) of the Immigration Act.[ I wonder whether the police will act to my neighbours' complaints while i'm having sex with the Horny One leh?! Can they come barging into my house and arrest me for "carnal intercouse against the order of nature" in my very own house leh? Hmmm....Well, they could, if i'm Anwar Ibrahim kot. Hehe. ]

And so, there goes another sad chapter in Malaysia's Gay Scene. Everytime we step into a gay sauna, the fear of getting caught by the authorities will somehow spoils the mood. Imagine how nice if Kuala Lumpur is just like Bangkok?! Hehe. Well, i supposed there's no harm in "hoping" right? -- Cheers from Simon.


William said...

It's the risk of capture that heightens the experience! :P

the happy go lucky one said...

i find penang police is really anti-homo, always raid plu sauna lor, leo fitness dunno kena raided how many times already.

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

What can I say?
Everyone needs to have their own fun right?
What I read about the no condom is really stupid ,right?
That is why it is much easier to be a gay elsewhere, I suppose.

Horny BF said...

And I am wondering ... after the raids, and the arrests, then what?
Did they release the patrons with stern warnings, pep talk on safe sex, or maybe ... just maybe, they're prosecuted after a few yrs?

Kinda sucky yeah? When police come banging on your doors 5 yrs down the line, asking for assistance in a case in a gay sauna ages ago.

I rest my case.

So .. when's our next session? :)

Paul J said...

harr... Penang?? sien lorr.... i always wanna find a chance to go..now scare >.<

US 1 outside got rainbow flag lagi! so happening kan?

Evann said...

"carnal intercourse against the order of nature"... And who decides what's the order of nature? Human themselves? Screw them! Fucking stupid uneducated morons. Homosexuality is a natural thing.

Robb said...

i think they're merely highlighting all these in line with the sodomy court case to 'prove' that gays are immoral and engage in acts like these that are not widely accepted for ppl from the east (we have a lot of remote villages in malaysia that vote for the govt).

it's all for politics. well, for money too. they won't exactly charge the ppl arrested and send them to jail just cuz they're gay, but they'll prolly ask for money. cny coming, ask the chinese for money attitude. hahaha

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