Monday, February 15, 2010

Boys In Kitchen...Yummy!

Living in a world without Internet seems to be like living in a stone age. 1 week without continouous internet by my side seems like an eternity. So, hope you guys won't mind for the late reply ya.

Here's a little present from me. Boys in Kitchen. Who doesn't love them. Imagine waking up from bed and you'll see sexy, hunky guys preparing breakfast for you in semi-nude. It is more erotic to see especially if he's your love one. Hope you guys will enjoy your meals, be it breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner or supper!! Yummy!

The Renoma Boys...
(Renoma underwears seems to be very popular in Malaysia & Singapore )


Who wants to spread the margerine all over his body?!

I didn't know that drinking coffee can be that sexy! No wonder they say that caffein can is a natural sex stimulant as well"! Yummy!

Kiss The Cook?! Which Part?!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sexy Thai Model Nicky Surawong Teerakol

Do you like fried @ omelette @ scrambled eggs?! Hmm..Or can i pick another kinda "eggs" ? Hehe

Is getting Hot In Herre..Lets take off all your clothes! Anyone likes to tease people by putting a cold can drink onto your friend's nipples? Hehehe

I wonder how i can stand to be the opposite neighbour of this guy. Everyday cook in semi-nude, i ma very busy with my binoculars everyday?! Khek sei ah!
 I hope this guy will be very careful. You wouldn't want the cooking oil spilled onto ur sexy body & causing serious harm to it especially the DICK!
Whatcha Lookin' At My Butt?!!!

Hopefully you guys had a wonderful 2nd Day CNY celebration ya! Wishing you guys a prosperous year, career, food, relationship, wealth and health for the YEAR of TIGER~! Roarss from Simon!


Anonymous said...


ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Dearest Simon,

William said...

That photoshoot was from New Icon ages ago... I found it a little conservative. Cover2 a here and there de.

Anonymous said...

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Takashi said...

i cook naked too.. hahaha cos i am just alone at home.. so can be naked as and when i like..

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to have a man around the house. Especially one who takes care of your every need.
Don't think I'd like to spread margarine over his body - how about strawberry jam on certain (sensitive) spots, then lick it off? Try it with the Horny BF then write a full report. Hope you have a long tongue. Hehehehehe- Ian

Lucas said...

Yummy! And I ain't just talking about the cooking!
Lol, I luv a guy that can cook! Especially naked... Lol

the happy go lucky one said...

the 'male's are sizzling hot... opps i mean the mEAls heheee

Anonymous said...

just curious.. anybody can help me?? the guy in the 4th pic - is tat micheal - instructor for cycling class from california fitness ??

Evann said...

Kiss the cook? Are you sure it's "Cook"? Maybe they spelled it wrong. :P

simonlover said...

Takashi:U are not scared the cooking oil kena your smooth, toned skin meh?

Anonymous: All i know that he's a Malaysian =)

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