Friday, February 26, 2010

23 Things About Myself - Part 1

Kena Tagged by The Sexy One, Here's Part 1 of The 23 Things About SimonLover!

1. I'm actually a very petite, quiet, well-mannered looking, slim guy. I'm only 170cm, 55kg, waist 28", and if anyone of you still can remember, i have mentioned before, certain part of my body in inches. Hehe ... measured using a measuring tape ok.....However, I can assure you that i do not look scrawny. Just like a boy next door. [ Where sometimes i feel that it affects my professionalism slightly especially when my clients say "Wah...Mister, so young become a ady ah?" & I'll reply, "I'm actually very old already, it's just that i look young nia, cannot ah?!"

2. I'm actually very fierce. I may look petite, shy, goodie boy, but i have a lioness temper! My mum always say, my great grandmother and an old neighbour of mine had commented before when i was a baby, "Wah, this boy will grow up to be a fierce boy, look at his sharp eyebrows!" -- Thus, you can see why i was very stubborn eventhough it's my fault during the "Simon-Horny One Saga". Hahaha..where i shifted the root of the problem into a scolding of the scandalous Horny One's post in my blog! -- So bad me...Please forgive me dear!

3. I like to be friends with Bottoms.  Due to my bad track record where i tend to flirt "overboard" [ or rather it's the Top? ] with the Top, i had to be careful when mixing with new PLU friends. I'll only go out with The Tops when The Horny One accompanies me as well, just to make sure that i do not "open sesame" that easily to anyone ( Which actually it's kinda tight anyway..Hehehe )....Oops!

Brent Corrigan, The Winner Of The Best Bottom 2008, 2009 USA's National Gay Porn Awards!

4. I like guys in smart, well-fitted, tight work-clothes. Everytime i go to Singapore or KL center, i can't take my eyes off these guys!!! It's crazy!!!
  • Singaporean Guys wear the smartest, tightest branded workshirts ever ( maybe due to their toned body from National Service? ) while 
  • Malaysians wear the tightest, lowest-cut slacks ever ( no thanks to SEED or those la-la Sungei Wang tailor shops ). 
  • As for Bangkok, the Thai Boys wear the tightest shirts & slacks! - I don't know why, but Thai people likes to wear evrything tight-tight - Look at their policemen? The uniform has no stretching limits at all!!! - 
  • So guys, don't let me see you in work shirts ya! - If not, i do not know how the consequences will be - be it to me or even you! Hehehe
Notice how low-cut is the slack on the right-hand guy...Hehe

5. I like being hugged. I like being teased. I like big, strong, brash straight guys ( manly, straight acting gays are included as well ) who hug me from behind or pull me over to sit on their lap in public, treating me like their pet brother. I have a crush on my super lengchai straight uni-mate who loves to hug me each time there's a phototaking moment, though it has been a long time since he last hugged me..Sob Sob..( Hahaha..Oi, dun angry ah Horny One! )
  I used to have a straight friend who likes to carry me like that during secondary school days...Aww...

6. I like to cam-whore, but, without the face of course! Wink ! Wink! Anyone familiar with the term "Photo Vaults"? Hehehehe....That's is why, i always kena restraining order from the Almighty One. So sorry my Dear. However, most of it ( nearly 99% ) are kept "safely" in the computer for own private viewing nia.

7. Swimming is my favorite sport! Even though i can't really swim well. Well, i guess everyone knows why i like swimming hor?...Though i do not collect as many swim trunks like William/Meticulous David does, i think my size 30 Arena White Swimtrunk is powerful enough to ping the gaydars of the gays  especially in Kelana Jaya! Hahaha -- This is also one of the area that kena restraining order as well. Better not to "hiao" with this topic..Hehehe

Anyone wants to see me in that exact swimtrunk? Hehe -Just a tease, my dear!
 8. I always fantasized opening a gay sauna for all the sexy gays out there in Malaysia. A gay sauna in a private bungalow, with a swimming pool for gays to swim & tan as well. Have a well-lit Mazed / Steam / Dark Room instead -  I hate the dark rooms, sometimes it's too dark for us to see anything! Have a relaxing, mirrored wall & outdoor shower concept. Have a massage centre as well. So far, most of the massage centre always lament to me that most of their customers are old guys. It's rare to see guys like me going for a massage. Seriously, having a massage it's one of the most relaxing and healthy-sensual activity to indulge in! - Unless you find a decent masseur lar. Malaysia Boleh, anyone?

Ermm..Is this considered as a decent massage? Hmmmm...

9. One thing that is a must-have during my birthday is -- The Birthday Cake! Haha..I like to eat cakes! Any cakes -- From those cheap sponge cakes to those high-end Delicious, Alexis Cakes. If you didn't buy any gifts for my birthday, it's okay, just as long there's a birthday cake for me ya! And...I like those sweet, RM4.90 Silverbird Fruit Cakes as well!...Or those cheap, traditional, brownish, or yellow fruit cakes! - Not the fruit cakes with the fruits on top of the icing ok!

Yummy Fruit Cake, Anyone?!.......

10. I like to eat desserts! I like jellies the most! Any buffet or open houses, if there's a jelly in the spread, i will definitely go for it first!

 Anyone likes the taste of KY Jelly?

11. I only watch movies with good reviews. I hate watching bad movies. That's why i hate going to the cinemas with a bunch of friends who are willing to watch any f**king movies that is available at that time. The Legion anyone? Triple X? - Unless it's with the Horny One, where i have the final say. Sometimes i feel bad that the Horny One is with me..That's because he's categorized in the mentioned group as above lor!!! - So, to those who likes to watch movies, i don't mind if you guys have a date with The Horny One but just make sure that it is purely & solely - movie watching intentions only K!!!

Up! was a very nice movie indeed!

12. I have a terrible habit of spying people! 
  • My house's bathroom door used to have a hole at the bottom. So, i have spied two teen cousins and the 3 guys who rented a room in my house before. I can still rmbr peeking & seeing the rented guy's ( ~25yo ) long, bushy pubic & cock.  That was my first time seeing a real adult cock! I was amazed by the size & amount of hairs compared to my smooth 13yo didi....
  • Meanwhile, The house in my back was rented to a bunch of East Msia Bumiputeras. I do not know why, everytime these straight Bumi guys bathed, they must go in a group of few people! And they shower together in full glory with the door opened!! -- So, i will stand on my stool to try to peek at them lor. [ p/s: So, Andy Chester? Do u shower 2gtr with your frens?!!! Hehe ]
  • And beside my house, is a Secondary School Hostel ( Asrama ). Back then, the Malay boys like to shower in the public water pipe outside of the hoistel due to the limited shower rooms. Since it's just directly opposite my room window, i will be at the windows nearly everyday, exactly at 6.30 - 7.30 pm to watch the Malay boys antics while bathing in their underwears. Boys being boys, stripping each other undies, cock-squeezing and indecent exposures are a norm. However, the school authorities put and end to it not long after that.
  •  Back when my Dog was still alive, i used to bring my dog for pooh-pooh around my neighborhood at about 8pm everyday. Since my house is near a Chinese-School as well, there are many chinese boy students renting rooms around my neighbourhood. So, at about that time, most of the boys will go for showers. Since my neighborhood is already about 40 years old, the windows are longer than usual where you can see the person in the room at knee length from outside! So, these Chinese boys, again...will have group showers as well! I am so puzzled!!! Why these straight boys like to go shower together one ah?!!!Not only One Batch..Year after year, even for the new batches! Do you guys go shower with your friends as well? DO YOU?!!!!  -- So, you can see them stripping, going in and coming back to the room, and wearing back their clothes, while i'm standing at the common field outside. There was once i managed to caught a twink masturbating all the way! Maybe he thought that the trees at the common field is tall enough to block the view from his upper floor without realizing that the person on ground level can see it easily & clearly!!! Hahahahaha...And Sometimes i pity my doggie, where it had to stand at the same place for a while, till i finish..erm..feasting my eyes?!!! Hahaha
( p/s: all those happened when i was circa 13 - 19 years old )
      Group shower anyone?!!!

    13. 23 Things about myself wor!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to find 23 things?!!!! - Here's one..I'm a very impatient guy. And, So, that's about it...For the next 10 things about myself, it will be written by none-other-than, The Horny BF! Oklar! The End -! Pening Kepala!


    Takashi said...

    heheh there are more things u didnt tell us..

    eheh and thank goodness i dont have a cam at work.. i wear g2000 and seed shirts.. and they are S size.. tightly nicely fit on my body !! hahaha.......

    the happy go lucky one said...

    wowww... staring at the last one! u r so lucky to live around the area whereby all the boys shower together and showing off :P
    and i love cakes too, i normally will buy myself cake during the birthday :P and yes silverbird fruitcake is nice :)

    Evann said...

    Very petite... Very fierce.
    Wah, cili padi! xD

    William said...

    This is very well-written. Hehe. But I'm looking forward to Part II, sure more explosive and sarcastic!

    "I like to be friends with Bottoms". Got club ah?

    Anonymous said...

    Being tall myself, I like small, petite guys - can sweep them off their feet to kiss them. Then after ravaging them on the bed, can wrap them in my arms and cuddle them as we fall asleep. - Ian

    Anonymous said...

    No.5 is totally.. I mean like TOTALLY my favourite thing about you. If you're petite then I would be tiny. -Just a random reader-

    Horny BF said...

    Ah geez ... I'm appearing in your list more than I like to believe. Hehehe ...
    So wat now? The next 10 things bout you? Okay .... ;)

    ShAKirA CHOONG said...

    Nice to read about you and nice to see that you and the Horny BF are back on tracks.
    thank you so much.

    Emo-Happiness said...

    Are those picture yours.. You really have very yummy abs... :P

    Ten Chunk said...

    wat a lvy and unfeigned boy next door! looking forward to next 10.

    blue said...

    the shower room must be ur favourite spot during ur college/uni time LOL...

    Gratitude said...

    I oso pening kepala dy. I blame my dad for choosing to live in the wrong part of boring one geh! lolz

    Rob said...

    Number 12 so funny! You are very naughty for spying like that but so lucky :-)

    Hide and Seek said...

    Woah @3 Eh so you revealed you're a bottom lor? Remember last time you posted about ordering food and didn't reveal which position are you leh :P

    @10 KY Jelly is sweet followed by a bitter chemical taste, not nice eh >.<

    @12 Where was that??!!!! Wish I could live in that heaven!!! :D Never know Malaysia also got youngster shower together (were they naked? :o), thought it only happens in Singapore and rest of the world~~

    nicky05 said...

    so Horny BF want to watch movie together?? Simonlover, you dont't mind right.....hahahaha...XD

    andy chester said...

    LOL LOL LOL....i read from de first sentence till -> [ p/s: So, Andy Chester? Do u shower 2gtr with your frens?!!! Hehe ]

    hahahaha! simon!!! i cant stop LMAO here!

    p/s: actualy normal la shower together, if at hostel...hehe~~ ..or even at home~~ ^^

    simonlover said...

    Takashi: Hate people like u always fight with me for size "S" though they are size "M" lor! No wonder always cnt get my size! Hm!!!!!

    Happy Go Lucky: SO cute. Nw we hv 2 things in common liao. Hehe

    Evann, Ten Chunk:

    William: That's why KH shud not worry abt Me & WIlliam "complementing" each other during our free time lor. Hehehehe

    Ian: I cn imagine myself being "....ed" like nobody's business if i were to meet "...".Haha. ( just a tease ok )

    Anonymous: Nxt time u can leave ur name ma. I wont eat u! Muacks ya.

    Horny BF: Haha. Guess by now u have already posted the Final 10. Muacks!

    Shakira: Hehe. It was just another argument. Sorry for it ya!

    Emo-Happiness: 2 of the pictures are mine. Bt how i wish i hv those abs too....

    Blue: Bt malangnya the shower room are nt open-concept ler! Cubicles everwhr! Kheksei

    Gratitude, Rob: Nw lesser ady. Boys nowadys are more shy.

    Hide&Seek: Wah. Very observant as well as "kinky" u! Hehe.

    Nicky: I dun mind oh!

    Andy Chester: So, nextm we shower together ya! No worries, no hanky panky!

    meticulous said...

    Hahaha... am honoured to be mentioned by you hahaha..

    Anonymous said...

    i like fruit cake also ...

    zidaf said...

    have been reading ur posts. will surely be waiting for ur new sauna, dont say dreams are not meant to be,:)

    GayBoy90 said...

    simonlover, my weight also 55kg, haha.. :p