Sunday, February 7, 2010

Always On My Mind...

First and foremost, i would like to offer my sincere apology for our immature actions that have caused unnecessary cause of concern from you guys regarding the stupid fiasco surrounding me & The Horny One. I have to agree with Ian that we should not have aired our childish grievances over the net, where some things are always better to be settled privately instead.

7 Years Of Relationship is very difficult to maintain. Once we moved into the comfort zone, one tends to be complacent especially in the area of trust & maintaining the sparks of the relationship. Arguing is always our favorite pastime activity ( Some couples can't stand to scold each other whenever they open their mouth. I know of, one chicken-rice seller-couple who always shout at each other, coupled with all sorts of Cantonese profanities spewing onto our chicken rice plate throughout over our entire meal session, yet they have been together for years! ). But in the heat of an argument, sometimes we let our emotions run high and that's when stupidity & irrationality comes into play.

Thank you all for your concerns. I appreciate it very much. Once again, my sincere apology to all of you and here's a wonderful song from Willie Nelson, Always On My Mind, dedicating it to the Horny One and all my dear readers. Felt really bad & "paiseh" for treating you guys like that. Hope you guys will forgive us for it and i promise never again, to do such a stupid thing that will caused a lot of unnecessary heartaches. Kisses from Simon? 

Maybe I didn't love you quite as often as I could have
And maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have
If I made you feel second best girl I'm sorry I was blind
You were always on my mind you were always on my mind

And maybe I didn't hold you all those lonely lonely times
I guess I never told you I'm so happy that you're mine
Little things I should have said and done I just never took the time
But you were always on my mind you were always on my mind

Tell me tell me that your sweet love hasn't died
And give me give me one more chance to keep you satisfied i'll keep you satisfied

Little things I should have said and done..I JUST NEVER CUT THE TIME.
You were always on my mind you were always on my mind


Anonymous said...

It must be very difficult for you to maintain a long distance relationship. Good that you persevere and glad to hear the argument is settled. When I look back on some of the fights I've had, I realised how unimportant they really were, yet in the heat of the moment, I wanted to wring his neck like Homer and Bart. It's Valentine's Day soon - show the love, both of you. - Ian

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

I am in a long distance relationship too, he is in Seoul and I am in Malaysia. Not easy at all.

I guess if I want to , I will probably argue with hubby a lot but I make sure that I do not JUMP at he is around, I will JUMP at him all the

The blog belongs to you, dear. It is kind of OUT OF TOPIC, when you guys have any misunderstandings and air it here. I really do not want others to say too much that will fuel things up , right?


Takashi said...

u didnt reveal which the solution? ur sms also didnt say much.. huhu.. we are bitching about u guys in mp ahahahaa...

Takashi said...

PS: I cant bear to play the song.. cos i see the lyrics.. i almost cried!!!


i miss my ex..

Little Dove said...

Is everything is alright now? I'm concerned for my favourite blogger. Did not comment ealier because relationship is a private and personal affair.

Paul J said...

the song tells feeling both of you having right now....indeed it bring tears to eyes

William said...

This will only make the relationship stronger. :)

the happy go lucky one said...

great to know things are still 'manageable' heheeee... take care :)

Anonymous said...

7 years of relationship is hard to find nowadays. If the love is true, don't give up easily. You both are a sweet couple, I hope the relationship works out in the best way possible. - your blog follower


gosh~ 7 years of LDR ? how do u do that?

Takashi said...

L2: sex on cam :P

Horny BF said...

Sex yer head .... >_<