Thursday, February 11, 2010

Balik Kampung...

A very very short post today. Was really really busy clearing my backlogs, as well as giving instructions to my staff for the long 1.5 week holiday which i'm going to take. I'll be going back to my hometown tonight. The Journey back home has never been a hassle to me because traffic has always been a breeze to me. Why? Cuz Where got people go back to KL during festive seasons except for me only leh?! That's why i'm always at the opposite traffic, compared to those driving out of KL.

And since my laptop's modem has already died, it also means that i won't have internet access ( not even dial-up ) for the next 1.5 week! Do not despair, i have scheduled some posts for you guys, though not much of Simon's rantings. Mostly are pics pics pics and pics.....

With that, Wishing Everyone Here a Very Prosperous & Happy Chinese New Year as well as a Very Sexy Valentine's Day Celebration for all the couples out there. Have a safe journey and Happy Holidays. Muacks from Simon!

The main actors of Eternal Summer.


Gratitude said...

Blessed New Year to you! Play safe ya! ;)

William said...

I did not watch "Eternal Summer" properly yet. Too little "scenes" to motivate me. Happy VDAY and CNY.

Anonymous said...

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ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Dearest Simon,
Wishing you HEALTH,

nicky05 said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Valentine...hahaha...XD

Have a safe trip come back to KL lo...XD

Paul J said...

itu pic and post content no connection pun....-_-"

happy valentine & CNY to you!!

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