Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wu Chun ( 吳尊 ) On Taiwan's GQ Magazine - Feb 2010

"Chinese actor and singer Wu Chun ( 吳尊 ) shows his action figure as the “Man Power” on the cover page of men’s magazine GQ Taiwan for the month of February 2010. He is looking stronger than ever in this photo shoot for the magazine. Wu Chun’s latest Hong Kong martial arts movie “14 Blades,” will premiere in Hong Kong on February 4."

Aiseh...Y so stingy? Should have go deeper abit, Hehe
And here he is, in China's Men's Health Magazine, Jan 2010.



White singlet..Simple yet oozing with sex appeal!

And here he is again, nothing related to magazines..A wallpaper of the "Beautiful" Wu Chun. Yes..And i mean "Beautiful" -- He's not lengchai but he's just purely, "beautiful". Haha.


William said...

Mr Plastic! Give me Jiro!

Darren said...

Jiro is cute but Wu Chun is just... oh my i pengsan already. WU CHunnnn~!

Bravebear said...

I would really like to chain him up. wuahahaha! oppsss :P

mohamad 'may' yawmon said...

waow! cute! =)

simonlover said...

Haha..Okok..I will try to find more pics of Jiro!

Anonymous said...

., try to open this!! I'm sure you'll love this picture of wu chun!