Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Boys in Auspicious Red!

Yes! The Year Of the Tiger has arrived! I'm sure everyone is in a holiday mood @ the moment, right?!

February 14, 2010 is the most important festival day where all the Chinese in the world celebrates the new year of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

This year celebration will be no different for me. Well, it's kinda yearly, routine affair anyway. The day before the First Day, we'll have the ultra important REUNION DINNER with my family. This year will be the same like last year, where only me, The Mum & The Father will sit down together where else my brother will have his @ my Sister-in-Law's family [ We have to admit it, nowadays, the FEMALEs are the President of the House. well The Husbands?... Just a tiny "squeak" also will kena "wallop" lor!! ] -

Well, basically, we don't really sit down and have our reunion together because it has been a habit in my family, to continue SPRING CLEANING even till the very last day!!!! Yes! My house is so messy where spring cleaning is only done ONCE a YEAR! - So, The Mum will continue scrubbing and "chlorox'ing" her KITCHEN, while me will watch TV while eating half-way and putting up CNY decors while The Father will, either Missing In Action? Puffing cigarrettes in my lawn, or watching TV with me as well. Hehe. Weird family hor.

However, the pandemonium will only begin on the first day, where "VISITING" is the main activity. Though receiving angpows is a delighful activity to indulge in [ I love collecting beautiful angpows ( red packets ) as well ], but over the last few years, it has been kinda DREADFUL event for me. HAHAHAHAHA. And i'm sure ALL OF YOU GUYS know why isit so. - The Mother of all Horrors, the Unavoidable Questions of ---

  • Where is your girlfriend ah? 
  • Huh? How old are you this year?
  • So old already still don't have girlfriend ah?
  • How come? You so "lengchai" also cannot find one girlfriend meh?
  • I thought your course / job profession has a lot of girls one?
  • True also. You look so young for your age, where got girls wanna "hao" you....
All these questions are still manageable to me, where i will also explain,

  • Haven't save enough money ah. Wait till i buy a house first ah.
  • Haven't enjoy myself yet ah. Want to do more travelling first.
  • I haven't have the opportunity to pamper / enjoy myself yet, and so fast wanna share it with the girlfriend ah?!
  • I work so far and in a small town. No girls at all ah over there!
But the worst part is always when The Mum came into the picture and answer on my behalf to the relatives....!

  • Yalor. So old already still don't have girlfriend. I call him to "kao" the coursemate girl staying nearby our house one also don't want.
  • Neh...( Taking out my stash of photo albums ) ..This girl so pretty, this one also, this, this, this...How come you mix with them so close, one also cannot get?! You don't have any feel one meh?!
  • Eh. You have any nice girls to introduce to my son ah?
  • "All because of my fault. Last time I didn't keep my contraceptive pills properly. "Hoi" Little Simon ate 1 strip of estrogen pills while Simon's brother only ate one. Dunno is it because of the pills that cause Simon a lil' bit "la la dei" / sissy."
  • "Eh, go out, go out...Why CNY stay at home one. Call your girlfriends "yum cha"...Go! Go!
And of course, there are many more of The Mum's antics where i will write about it, once i remember ya. Haha. Too many ady.

And enough of the nonsense, Simon Lover & The Hornmy One would like to wish a very HAPPY CHINESE YEAR to all the Chinese out there and Happy Holidays as well.

Since, RED is considered an auspicious colour to wear during CNY, here are some hotties in red that might make you guys horny!
( p/s: Any of you guys have the habit of "Formality TFK / Jerk-Off during the First Day of CNY? How about our TFK-Prince, Beyond Kiat leh? Hehehe )

Sexy US Model, Wilson Yu
Sexy Singaporean Model, Aviel Tan
Sexy Singapore Calendar Guys, Elson Goh
Sexy Singapore Calendar Hunk, Kendrick Wong




Sexy Mr.Singapore 2009, Nelson Lee - Nice tan line!
Sexy Singapore Actor, Polo Boy - Nathaniel Ho

Sexy Arena Swim Trunk
Sexy Malaysian Dancer/Model, Jimmy Wong
Sexy Aqux swimtrunk

Sexy Aussie's 2eros Swimtrunk
And finally, Get a Sexy Red Renoma Undie and Have A Sexy Chinese New Year to you guys ah! Try to wear a RED UNDERWEAR on the FIRST DAY. It will bring good luck to you. Muack from Simon!


blue said...

the contraceptive pill theory was so wicked...happy CNY!

William said...

Wah, your brother like change surname dy!

Bravebear said...

My fav colour!!! muacks muacks! Happy CNY =)

Anonymous said...

Now if you lived in Thailand, you could take home a ladyboy friend to present as your girlfriend. That would stop the questions unless she forgot to pluck her lip. :) - Ian

Paul J said...

i thought u said u cannot online gei....
wah...ur mom's mounth also laser horr..

Takashi said...

hahhaaa.. i got something new also this year..

anyway, TFK formality? YES... i do.. every year without fail... and i have been saving it up for days prior to CNY.. hehehe...

and beyondkiat tfk prince? hehe.. i wanna join his clan!!

marc said...

Ur so funny! haha.. nearly cried laughing at your excuses.. but ur mum damn cham lah.. estrogen pills! haha

JK said...

i tell people 'i have a girl friend (notice the space between 'girl' and 'friend'). further letting them know i have a malay girl friend. the topic VERY QUICKLY shifts from 'lack of girlfriends' to 'having a non-chinese girlfriend'.

forthcoming statements include: "you know, you could get ARRESTED/BEATEN UP by men their own kind, if you are seen with these people.... / these people are ______ [insert racist stuff]"

very simple to divert the attention of these kepoh aunties to a topic that is not so uh, LGBT-themed :P

Derek said...

Your mom is really funny ... love the 4th comment. So u really ate those pills?

Ooh ... and I love red too. Out of 5 new clothes, 4 is red! LOL

simonlover said...

Haha. The Pill Story is real my dears..Haha. Hence, it somehow contibuted in my sexual inclination? Hehehe.Wait for my part 2 cumming up as well...

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