Friday, March 24, 2017

Mr. Manhunt Singapore 2017 Top 20 Finalist

 It's time again, for the annual Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2017. The finals will be held on 8 September 2017...and here are the Top 20  singapore hunks Finalist #manhuntsingapore2017

IG @manhuntsingapore

Mark Leighton Photography - Nothing To Hide e-Book

Mark Leighton, is an English photographer, living in the Algarve, Portugal, since 1999.
He shoots mainly athletic young men on beautiful locations that he's lucky to live nearby.

Recently, he just launched an e-book called "Nothing To Hide" -- featuring a beautiful Belgium-Indonesian model, named Miguel Omari. The e-book contains more than 60 over images of Miguel in various locations and poses, including nudity and some erotic content.

Below are some of the epic previews, of what's in store for you guys, in the "Nothing To Hide" e-book.

Hot? Definitely! 23-years old Miguel Omari definitely exudes the mystical aura from his Indonesian genes!

Grab a copy of Mark Leighton's e-book "Nothing to Hide" for USD 18.91 by clicking the link below:

( Available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers 

Miguel Omari

I've seen his nudes, and I can assure you guys, you will not feel disappointed 😁😀! 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Far Far Away Trip - Maratua Island, Indonesia

Back in June 2016 , I travelled to a Far Far Away Island, situated on the Northeastern part of Kalimantan, Borneo Island, Indonesia - middle of the Celebes Sea -- called Maratua Island -- with another 3 wonderful friends. 

I will share more of my trip in Maratua...Meanwhile, kindly enjoy the hotties who have been to Maratua Island ( I was there for 3 nights but yet, we are the only hotties in the whole island! 😤 )

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Test - Guessing Your Sex Role

Recently I saw a friend posted the result of his test on Facebook - A riddle to guess whether you're a Top, Bottom, Versatile or Side.

So I decided to play the riddle and see how accurate is my result too.

(You guys can click the link below and have fun! )

LOL -- And guess what is my result ? 😀

Those who know me, will associate me as a POWER dot dot dot dot dot dot ....

But those who know me very well  will definitely agree with the result below ...Albeit my Versatility doesn't involves any penetration, more to pleasuring or torturing -- LOL 

So, let's see how did I got this result then :

There are 7 pictorials which you need to choose :

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hong Kong Model Style Men X 男攝 No.23 - Oscar YKFor

Hong Kong Model Oscar YKFor is featured in this Taiwanese magazine called Style Men X No.23 ( ç”·æ” X No.23 

You can buy the full magazine here: 

If you guys want to get in touch with the photographer, do contact him: 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Homme Port by Mart - Malaysian Hunk 5ilveron

Malaysian Model / Hunk - Silveron Seng @ 5ilveron ... Photography by Martpeerapak

Silveron Seng @ 5ilveron
Born in Penang
Studied in Chung Ling High School and graduated from University Malaya. 
Currently based in Singapore

A popular photographer from Thailand

Kindly buy the latest photography magazine by Mart, featuring 5ilveron on cover issue.

Friday, December 23, 2016

InstaHunk - @sailorshi

Here is a good looking hunk from China on Instagram @sailorshi

The sexy swimming trunk is from Marcuse, Australia. Their cutting is suitable for Asians as well, and no doubt, it's one of the hottest brand among gay Asians at the moment, especially the way Marcus accentuate your perky butt by lifting it up with it's tight cutting!

Buy Marcuse at: 

Also, @sailorshi loves to share videos on his instagram.