Thursday, November 2, 2017

Taiwan Gay Pride 2017 - Hornet App Boys - 第15届台湾同志大游行

The 15th Annual Taiwan Gay Pride 2017 ( 第15届台湾同志大游行 ) was held on 28th October 2017 in it's capital city, Taipei. It was reported an estimated 120,000 people turned up for the event, held annually since 2003. I'm sure many of you have seen pictures & news appeared in your social media.

One of the float that captured my attention is the one organized by "Hornet"-app, in collaboration with "Andrew Christian". 😈😈😈

The CEO of Hornet App - Mr. Christof Wittig

The CEO of Andrew Christian, Mr. Andrew Christian, himself

And the Andrew Christian+Hornet GoGoBoys , with drag queens - Amily Givenchy & Gina Tonique

Monday, October 23, 2017

Boys in Book Store!

Going to the book store doesn't mean you are a nerd or a bookworm or something which is NOT COOL at all..... Everyone has been to a book shop before at least once in their lifetime! -- Be it buying stationary / magazines / books / newspapers / snacks / etc .

Going to the book store is also a fun way to spend your free time and you can be assured that the guys who frequent book stores are definitely men of good quality!

Here are some fine examples of cute boys you can find in a book shop or a library:

Of course! This guy only appears in our wild fantasy mind if we ever came across a hot guy like him at the library. 

Now, this boys is a common sight in almost all major bookstores in Asia -- Popular Bookstore, Kinokuniya, Eslite Bookstores, Tsutaya etc

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Groovin' Underwear Photoshoot feat Sunny Cheong & Jack Lim

Actually these photoshoots were taken way back in 2013 for Groovin' Thailand 2013 Underwear collections .... ( FYI: Groovin' Underwear is a popular brand from Thailand. Many LGBTs love it because of the soft, stretchable & fast-drying material and wild & loud colours! )

It features the power couple from Malaysia, Sunny Cheong & Jack Lim ...

Photos taken by:

Where to purchase Groovin' underwears? ( Based in Thailand ) ( Based in Singapore ) ( Based in Malaysia ) ( Based in Japan )

Malaysian Power Couple - Jack Lim & Sunny Cheong

Monday, October 16, 2017

2016 Malaysian LGBT Travel Survey

Dear fellow Malaysian readers,

I am currently doing a survey on the Travelling Habits of Malaysian LGBTs. Sincerely appreciate your kind assistance in helping me out by participating in the survey.

It contains 9 pages of questionnaires and takes about 10 minutes for you to complete. Once I have the desired participants to create the results, I shall share it with you guys.

Ask your friends to help out --- Share it out on social media ( By clicking on the google form link below )-- Hopefully we can truly see a trend on the travelling habits of our Malaysian LGBTs ! --- Not many surveys done regarding Malaysian LGBTs, and I do hope that this survey will unite us LGBTs and create a social awareness in our society.

You can fill up the survey DIRECTLY on this website .. Or CLICK THE LINK below ( Especially those on mobile phones, the alignments of the google form is a bit off! )

As for my wonderful Non-Malaysian readers, I shall create one survey for you guys as well once I'm done with my Malaysian boys! Cheers

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hunky Boys in Hammock 吊床

Summer has ended. Don't we all missed the sun & sea ? Imagine lounging on the hammock -- enjoying the sea breeze -- getting a good tan --- relaxing & reading a book -- taking good photos. Oh well, some parts of the world like Malaysia is sunny all year round. Don't waste this opportunity! Go & have a lazy weekend ahead!

The sexy Pinoy with the most bubbly butt on Instagram : @nellynatic  In Maldives

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Taipei Youth Park Swimming Pool 青年公園游泳池 Gay Cruising

Taiwan, one of Asia's most LGBT friendly country. Visiting Taipei has never failed to provide endless fun & sexciting adventures to every gay boy going to the city. If you feel that you have the time to spare in Taipei, why not you pay a visit to Taipei's cruisiest swimming pool for gays !

Taipei Youth Park Swimming Pool ( 青年公園游泳池 or 青年公園水運館 )

They have an indoor pool which is opened all year round while the outdoor pool & diving pool are only opened during summer. For more details:

Taiwanese guys are very active in sports and swimming & tanning is one of their favourite activities, especially during summer

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Marcuse - Australia's Sexiest Swimwear & Underwear - Sales!

Based in Sydney, Marcuse is Australia's hottest new export ( well, not exactly new, they've been around since 2012? ) since Aussiebum!

It boasts a huge fan base due to the brand's massive sex appeal and brilliant marketing on social medias. They are best known for their beachwear and swimwear. Marcuse focuses on the importance of looking stylish and yet feeling comfortable in a quality product.

Marcuse believe that these are the best designer men's swimwear that money can buy. Swimwear designed to exceed your expectations and enhance your wearing experience. -- And mind you, Marcuse designs are for those who dare-to-bare & dare-to-share guys!

I myself, own two Marcuse underwears, which I actually bought, exactly 3 years ago in Sept 2014 and I'm still wearing it now -- Well, let's just say that Marcuse's design and cutting are sexy enough to allow you to buy one size up instead of your regular size ! LOL

For example, I have one XS & one S size -- If you based on their SIZE CHART, I'm usually size XS... But for Marcuse, I find the XS too tiny for me -- Hence, S size fits me perfectly .

Marcuse Size Chart:                           XS : 27 - 29 inch lower waist (69 - 74cm)
S : 30 - 32 inch lower waist (75 - 81 cm)
M : 32 - 34 inch lower waist (81 - 86 cm)
L : 34 - 36 inch lower waist (86 - 91cm)

Because Marcuse offers smaller sizes and cutting which suit Asian sizes, Marcuse is also very popular among gay Asian boys.

And since Marcuse is having sales now, what better way to feature these beautiful Asian men in their Marcuse, for you guys to consider before purchasing a Marcuse, ya!


 Hunky Malaysian model, SK Low in Marcuse's "Efficio"
It's on 30% A$34.90 (A$49.90 ) Buy HERE

Hunky Hongkie, Bryan by @popzphotography , wearing Marcuse's Tropical Swimwear .. 
30% off @ A$27.99 ( A$39.99 ) .. Buy HERE

link within

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