Thursday, November 2, 2017

Taiwan Gay Pride 2017 - Hornet App Boys - 第15届台湾同志大游行

The 15th Annual Taiwan Gay Pride 2017 ( 第15届台湾同志大游行 ) was held on 28th October 2017 in it's capital city, Taipei. It was reported an estimated 120,000 people turned up for the event, held annually since 2003. I'm sure many of you have seen pictures & news appeared in your social media.

One of the float that captured my attention is the one organized by "Hornet"-app, in collaboration with "Andrew Christian". 😈😈😈

The CEO of Hornet App - Mr. Christof Wittig

The CEO of Andrew Christian, Mr. Andrew Christian, himself

And the Andrew Christian+Hornet GoGoBoys , with drag queens - Amily Givenchy & Gina Tonique
My favourite GoGoBoy would be, this guy, Mr. Allen Yu, probably because of his cute dimples.

Real Name : 陳柏宇 from Taiwan

Next will be Mr.Zack Chiou from Taichung, Taiwan

Looking great in Andrew Christian's harness & Pride underwear!

Even Mr.Andrew Christian couldn't resist taking a photo with Zack Chiou

 Definitely the one with the perkiest chest!

And, that's Zack Chiou in the middle 

Next up, will be the famous GoGoBoy himself, Mr. Jayen Cheng

The ever popular, GoGo Dancer

Next up, Mr. Tim Ting Cheng Ho

Loving the nipple rings!

And the rest of the Gogo Dancers


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Seems like the most coverage is from them.

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