Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daniel Bego - Malaysia's Wonder Boy Swimmer!

Name: Daniel William Henry Bego
Birthdate : 18 September 1989 ( 21 yo )
Birthplace : Kuching, Sarawak ( Youngest of 6 siblings )
Ethnicity :Father - Iban; Mother - Chinese
Stats: 173 cm, 75 kg

Daniel Bego has been swimming since he was 7 years ( 1995 ). His first big-breakthrough was in the 2003 SEA Games where he won the Bronze Medal in 200m Freestyle. Since then, there is no turning back from this Sarawakian Wonder Boy. 

Some of his Achievements are:
2005 Manila SEA Games: 2 Golds
2007 Korat SEA Games : 2 Golds; Malaysia's BEst Olympian Award
2009 Laos SEA Games : 5 Golds - Best Athlete Of Laos SEA Games, Malaysia's Best Olympian Award

Holder of National Record in 100m, 200m, 400m Freestyle; 50m, 100m, 200m Butterfly ( 6 Invidual Records )

The First Malaysian Swimmer to qualify in 3 different events at Beijing Olympics 2008.

And here are some of the pictures of Daniel Bego that i can find from the internet. I was just wondering, how come there are not many pictures of Malaysia's beloved sportsmen in the net ah? It's so difficult to find some nice, good quality ones. And where are Daniel's MILO Ads?!

The Boyish Looking Daniel Bego!

  Daniel Bego in, the starting from 2010-banned-Speedo LZR Suits. - It's a timely ban indeed. Those full body swimsuits denied us all the flesh that we get to see in Men's swimming! Now, let's us bring back the glory days of sexy Men's Swimming!!!!

Daniel Bego has a knack for cam-whoring? Kinky! Hehe
He has wide arms and long body! No ownder he's good in Butterfly stroke!

 Daniel Bego - Malaysia's Number 1 Swimmer at the Moment!
All those swimming has definitely proved fruitful for Daniel. Look at his well-toned Body!!!

Yikes! I have a liking for Guys in Skimpy Swim Trunks leh! Daniel Bego ( the one with sexy trail-line ) and his fellow team-mate, Eric Chang.

Haha..In this pic, Daniel looks  a lil' like a womanizer, isn't he? Hahaha..By the way, Daniel has a girlfriend. So, guys...Don't even think about it! Sigh....


William said...

Sad to say, he's no longer cute. Keep an eye on the divers.

Clayden L. said...

yeah... he's not as cute as when he was 18. lol

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

I have been swimming since I was 9.
Best thing my late Dad made me do.
Helps to keep me trim and versatile.

Have you a great weekend.


the happy go lucky one said...

his look is more exotic than cute, at least thats what i think lah :P
but really nice body lor :)

Takashi said...

he's not cute.. but there's a malaysian diver who is cute.. surname yeoh :)

go dig.. heheh

Hide and Seek said...

Bod!!!! The treasure trail!!!!! Yummy...

OK the look isn't too cute but as long as it's pleasant to look at, no complaint! Haha

andy chester said...

waaooooahh!!! haha...shockeeed me! finally Dan's in this blog...weee...we are from de same swimming class at Miri Sarawak years back when still in de a memories! Today he edi proved all...Dan FTW!

guydetrop said...

It's true. Smile was best 18 yo. Time so fleeting!

simonlover said...

Haha..Well, just because Daniel is slightly balding d, he still maintains the cutiness ma..U guys ah...=)

Andy Chester: Really?!!! Lucky You! Wasted u hv nt reaced puberty yet! Imagine if u were in Secondary sch and showering with Daniel Bego?!!!! Naked somemore....!!! Hahaha..Pervert me. Ooops!

andy chester said...

yes...but he younger than im in primary 3..he primary 1 at that time...haha~~ nway this blog always 'suprised' me! all great great entry woh!

Anonymous said...

bryan lomas also cute...

link within

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