Tuesday, March 16, 2010

18SX - Leather Boys!

Leather Boys! Ahhh....Whenever we see the word "Leather", we will think about something dirty in our mind. Why must leather always associated with Sado-Masochism & Bondage activities eh?! Well, it's up to you guys to judge it weather or not, leather is a sexy, spanking attire that is a must have - or not.

( Hmmm, i wonder how will i look like in leather bondage clothes....Hahahahaha...Kinky me! Muacks from Simon! )

Do u wanna chain this slut and whip all over his back till he cum?!!!!

Or do u want to chain this hunk and pour candlewaxes all over his tight chest & abs?!

Or u wanna cane this perky butt till he can't even open his ass for others to penetrate him?!!!

Or u wanna pleasure this Chinese Model, Bing Yan, by piercing all over his body including his dickhead?!!

Or are you man & tough enough to handle this wild-beast, Levi Poulter! 

and taming him to become ur slave - with his ass serving your tool every night?!!

A sexy model from USA

Do you feel like clipping his nipples with a car jumper?!!!

Smack that butt!

 I wonder whether we can get these kinda clothings in Malaysia leh?!

Such a SMOOTH body! I think Takashi PluBoy will look great in it since he's smooth jor!

Is it Hot In Herre?!!!!

Ahh..That whip looks very "inviting" leh?!!!

Guy Tang's body look perfectly well-toned for his size. Not too muscular compare to his other pictures. I wonder why...

Anyone wants to take-away?!!

Hahahaha..Please forgive me for all the rudeness in today's post......

I'm not a vulgar person either...I only use the F-word when it's a neccesity....

And please SPANK me if i have offended you guys!!! My thousand apologies k. Muacks!


William said...

Guy Tang is cute. :). But I'm not into leather!

Takashi said...

HAhaha... im not into leather either.. but he has the looks.. :)

And oh,. kene mentioned again heheheh... aiya.. my legs are super smooth only.. :) tan it a bit more and ling zhi ling will also kowtow.. hahaha...

Paul J said...

when ppl say leather, i wont think about something dirty in my mind (seriously). I'll think about Prada leather shoes, Gucci tote bag, Tod's loafer...arr....they make me high...ooppss..

Evann said...

Oooer, leather! First guy is yumm! :D

Rob said...

I think you just want us all to spank you're butt Simon. You are a very naughty boy *spank*!

Horny BF Dun Like Leather said...

Aiyo. >_<
now this is something I can't stomach.
Sorry dear. Too kinky for me.

the happy go lucky one said...

hmm i think simply bcoz leather is associated with kinky sex, so does S&M, so mayb that makes some ppl correlate them.
simple leather suits are available in malaysia online store, but they aint cheap :P
n noooo... im not a fan of leather :P

Lucas said...


Hawt pics...

nicky05 said...

Yummies.....hehehe....but not my taste...XD

Gratitude said...

Does horny bf like bondage & to be whipped? lolz

Anonymous said...

In answer to your questions Simon, all of the above.
And just because they dress in leather gear doesn't necessarily mean they like S and M. Maybe they just want to look butch. Remember, some of the most butch looking guys are the biggest bottoms. - Ian