Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Total Body-Foreplay-Sex!

Here's an interesting article that i found on the net.

Total Body Sex

To be an incredible lover, it's key to know the secrets to male arousal.

As his circulation speeds up during the excitement phase, the beak nose which is packed with nerve endings becomes supersensitive. Run your lips down the bridge of his nose. His nasal passages will also stiffen & swell, making it harder for him to get air. That's why he might start breathing through the mouth.

Viewing a sexy sight activates the area of his brain associated with DESIRE. So, give hime eye candy during FOREPLAY, e.g. slowly undressing in front of him. His pupils dilate when he sees something that turns him on -- If you notice them enlarging, chances are, he digs what you're doing.

With him buiding excitement, blood races from his muscles to his skin's surface, turning his chest warm. His nipples will plump up, growing FIRM and sensitive. Lightly SUCK them -- every sensation feels magnified for him. The more aroused he gets, the more stimulation he craves. So, gently PINCH his headlights when he's closer to orgasm.

At the onset of arousal, his heart beats fast and hard to build up enough sexual tension for him to climax. The upshot is that as soon as he has gained enough steam, he'll want it to finish ASAP. Switching positions every few minutes to let his heartbeat slow down will help him last longer. At climax, his pulse jumps to 180-200 beats per min vs 60-90 bpm when resting, then gradually return to normal after 10-15 mins.

There's a reason why he feels butterflies in his stomach around a guy when he has a thing for. Once he's turned on, veins ih his gut constrict and his blood is rerouted to his penis & surrounding muscles. That rapid outflow of blood triggers a fluttery sensation in his stomach. Trace a line with your tongue from the tip of his penis to his abd to enhance tinginess.

These glands releases adrenaline hormones into his bloodstream, causing his pulse & breathing rate to speed & his lungs to expand. This boost his energy level while making him less inhibited -- Which is why you shouldn't freak out if he says something surprisingly dirty during sex or acts wilder than expected, like spanking you mid-action.

When a guy gets excited, blood rushes into the PENIS. Some penises triple in size while others barely grow. Once he's at full mass, blood continues to pump in and keep him hard. The underside & penis head trap less blood, making them softer & more sensitive. Tantalizing these spots will make him feel incredible! Max out their pleasure potential during oral sex - where alternating between sucking & tongue swirling around the head while at the same time, gliding your hand up & down his shaft with firm pressure to the underside.

Because his upper thighs are right next to his groin, the extra blood flow to his genitals spills over into them, making them extremely sensitive ( especially his inner legs, where the sking is thinner ). Before sex, plant light kisses or run your fingernails over the area. Once you're having intercourse, his thighs contract each time he thrusts and then tense up forcefully when he climaxes. Since they will feel tight after orgasm, give him a soothing thigh massage to relax his muscles.

Within minutes after he starts to get aroused, his testes become more sensitive than normal. At the same time, his scrotum contracts, pulling his boys up and closer to his body. Caress them softly and slowly in the beginning, as though you were handing a pair of delicate eggs. You'll notice that the more you stimulate them, the higher they'll climb. Once he's really worked up, his family jewels can take a bit firmer pressure, so hold them slightly tighter. When he orgasms, muscles located near the back of his scrotum contract to help push semen into his penis. Gently pulling his testes away from his body as he tumnles over the edge boasts the feel-good effect for some guys.

His brain releases chemicals that affect what he feels and craves. In the arousal phase, dopamines are released and this puts him in a state of bliss - That's why, if there's a daring move you want to try, go for it because at this time, he's open to any experimentation.

Because the ears are packed with nerve endings, have thinner skin and contains no muscle, they're hypersensitive to touch. On top of that, when he's aroused and the blood rushes to the area, they become superstimulated. Gently nibbling the ridges and lobes of his ears before sex will definitely fire him up!

During the excitement stage, his saliva changes, becoming thicker and the flow decreases. Give him deep kiss, running your tongue along his teeth and the roof of his mouth, to make him less perched.

The nervous system located along his spine acts like a traffic cop for his brain, directing it to fill his penis with blood and help him stay erect; speed up his pulse ; and rapidly & forcefully contract his muscles until he climaxes. The spinal nerves also connect directly to those in his penis. So, during foreplay, glide your chest and erect penis up and down his back or swirl your tongue from top to bottom - he'll get a rush down below!

His butt ( especially his anus ) is full of nerves that increase in sensitivity from innitial arousal to climax. So, as long as he's in the game, give this zone the sexy attention it deserves. Rimming his ass with your sexy tongue by slowly starting from outwards towards the ass hole will definitely give him an out of this world excitement!

Anyone's up for a rimming? Hehe

When he first gets excited, this smooth patch of skin between his testicles & anus swells up into a puffy hotspot and remains ultrasensitive. Putting firm pressure on the area ( rub it in circular motion with ur fingers ) during foreplay sex will feel incredible for him. Bonus - Pushing his perinuem also stimulates his prostate gland - i.e - the Male G-SPOT - It's like a pleasure double play.

Suprisingly, his feet - and especially his toes - have a neurological connection with his PENIS. The area of his brain that regulates foot sensation is situated right next to the region that controls his erection. Touching his feet at any time during the action will send serious sensations to his penis. As he climaxes, the powerful contractions might trigger his feet to arch and shake uncontrollably and his toes to curl! - That's why it's called "toe-curling" sex!

And so, guys...Mind sharing whether if you are a Nose-Guy, or a Nipple Chest-Guy or others during Foreplay Sex, by participating in the poll on my left sidebar ya! Muacks from Simon Lover!
( p/s: Just a teaser for you guys....I'm a TESTICLES-GUY.....Hahahahahahahaha! )


William said...

What a great article! Suck my nipples anytime! Hehe.

the happy go lucky one said...

thanks simon, very comprehensive and practical info heheeee...

Paul J said...

very comprehensive horr...

Horny BF said...

Haha. As if every single part also sensitive wei?
Want me to tell mine ah?

Anonymous said...

Horny BF, yes yes yes. Hehehehe Ian

mohamad 'may' yawmon said...

wat a william!! haha! btw, a nice article n a good tips! tq sharing. =D

Bravebear said...

The neck region as well as the nipples. *giggles*

Gratitude said...

Next time, must write on post-its and paste on the desired areas! hehe

Bradley Hyunckel said...

BTW the guy is cute,isnt it

blue said...

good article..applicable for both sexes to better appreciate their male partner's body LOL

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