Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally, Ricky Martin Is Gay!

Yesterday, the hot Latin singer, Ricky Martin made a big announcement in his Twitter, confirming that he is, GAY, afterall, ending years of speculations on his sexuality.

 Finally Ricky is Livin' La Vida Loca by coming out!

In a statement on his website, Ricky Martin says: "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am."

It took him 38 years to have the courage to tell the world that he is GAY. Well, we can't blame him either since he's a major superstar in the entertainment world.

So there goes another celebrity that has become One Of Us. All the best to Ricky Martin and his Twin Sons, Matteo and Valentino, that were born from a surrogate mother, back in Aug 2008. -

( Hmm.. I wonder how will his sons think, having a gay father, in the future.A very tricky scenario isn't it. And i wonder by having a single gay father bringing up a son, will it somehow affect the son's sexuality as well?! Hahaha - Just a thought ma... )

Ricky & sons, Matteo, Valentino.

Here are some of the pics taken in 2005 of Ricky Martin in Speedos & having a beach-ful outing with his guy friend.

( Obviously, wearing SPEEDOs is definitely a BIG NO-NO for the Americans. With Ricky Martin prancing around in Speedos with another Speedo Guy, how GAY can it be to the Americans?!!! 

- For us Asians, i think it's still a normal scene to see straight guys prancing around in sexy speedos...Don't you guys agree? I have seen guys in ultra tight, skimpy swim trunks & yet they are straight! For the Americans, any guys who wear Speedos at the Pool/Beach is automatically labelled as GAY. 

I have googled before, "Why Americans hate Speedos?" and you can see all sorts of emotional arguments that you can only see in America. Well, guess the Americans love to be different eh. Notice how they pronounce "flour"?!..... )



Evann said...

Ricky Martin's gay... Well about time. This should've been on the headlines 10 years ago! Lol.

William said...

I thought this was old news!! Haha. Just to make it official.
Well if straight parents can get gay kids, I guess his children might just end up straight!

nicky05 said...

Aiyah!! someone so hot as him cant be straight la...hehe..XD

Anonymous said...

Ricky Martin is not considered as american as in USA. he's a latino and grew up in south american in which guys wearing speedo are very very common

Andy said...

i think his kids sure not gay..maybe one gay la..but the other not. dono la why i thought like that~~ ^^ but RM is gay - even my mom's also said WOW!

simonlover said...

@Evann: Yup. Back when he was still a hot property. Now already nt so famous.

@William: Maybe 50-50? Hehehe

@Anonymous: Yup. He's nt American. He's fr Puerto Rico. What i meant was "in the eyes of the Americans, guys wearing a speedo somehow have a 80% chance of being labelled as gay".....

@Nicky: Though he's not really my type =)

@Andy:Haha, Twins. The Horny One has a twin fren whose other twin is gay as well!!! 50-50 kot? Haha

Bravebear said...

I read once in a book that if one of the twin is gay, there is high chance that the other is gay too. I wonder how true is that...

the happy go lucky one said...

he is so hot, and not to forget his electric perky butt, super sexy and yummilicious!
cant imagine his on-bed performance, really ROCKING hot!

Calvin said...

I'm not surprised at all but he makes on hell hot daddy!!! I wanna be his son too. Hehehe...

Shrink and Cringe said...

I often wondered how gay married men fcuked their wives.

If they can get aroused and have erections, then at the least they are bisexual.

But if you 100% gay, I am sure, try as you might, you will be shrinkingly soft at the sight of naked women flesh, and even more, when they touch your naked flesh.

Unless there are "arousal aids" around, like gay porn, or even a third party.

So Simon, have you read anywhere how gay men - not bisexuals - fcuk their wives?

If you can help me here, then there are only about 10,456,681 and a half questions left that I am wondering about.