Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking A Jab Anyone?

A typical, routine and quiet weekend for me.. [ Well, it should be a well-deserve weekend rest as i'm going to drive 350km/one way to KL for the next 4 weeks-in-a-row! $$$ Gone Case?! Hmmm..]

The pictures for today were discovered while i was boring-ly browsing the net. And you guys should expect yet, another nonsensical post from Simon Lover! - [ heard someone sighing over there!!! ]

Taking A Jab Anyone?! - Interesting...

How can those Gay Doctors not have any reactions when faced with a BUTT like that?!!!!!!You tell me BlueSoule?!!!! Huh?!!!! -  Rectal Examination some more worr...!!!!

A few years back, during the height of the Bird Flu ( H5N1 ) Outbreak, all XXX Healthcare Providers were given Free Bird Flu Vaccination Injections. With that, one fine day, i was called into the Injection Room by our Infection Control Nurse to take our free injections.

"Hi. Mr."Simon"....Masuk, masuk. Duduk atas katil tu dan Tolong Buka Baju ye.."  ( in Malay Language )
She called me in and asked me to sit on the bed & take off my shirt as i'm wearing a long-sleeve workshirt ma---

 I felt as if i was forced into the room!!!! How i wish they were the sexy male nurses like those above!!! What happened to the sexy Singaporean guy ah? Anyone? Hahaha..I wouldn't mind being manhandled by him lor....=P

Then, She took a look at my upper arm, applied some "pressure" [ or rather, molestation? ] on my triceps & biceps ( Is that a sexual harrassment? Hahahaha )...And said...

"Ah..Mr. "Simon", tolong BARING ATAS KATIL dan BUKA SELUAR ye..." ( Lie on the bed & take off your pants ya! )

Mr. Simon =  Eh, Kak?!! Kenapa nak buka seluar?!"
Nurse = Sebab u punya lengan terlalu kurus. Takut tak tahan "Side Effect" vaksin! Sakit tau! Mai buka seluar bagi ah kak cucuk. Gerenti tak sakit & u boleh balik keje on-the-spot! - Nah..Pi baring sana dulu sementara i prepare vaksin ya! 
( Because my arm was too slim/slender, she feared that my arm could not withstand the Side effects of the vaccine, especially the severe pain on the injection site. That's why she suggested it to be injected on my buttocks instead )

This is the grimacing, painful look that i might experienced if i were given a shot in my arm!! Now i know why some guys like to play SM!!! - Some guys look sexy when they are in pain, right?!!!

Mr. Simon =  " Huh, kalau macam tu, i tak nak cucuk boleh ke?!! 
( I don't want to take the jab, can? )

Nurse = Haik..I sudah prepare vaksin ini cukup-cukup ikut dalam List Nama ni! U tengok, hampir semua orang pun sudah cucuk. Kalau u tak nak cucuk takpe, ada surat penjelasan ni yang u kena sign. Lepas tu, i kena hantar surat ni kepada Bos u lor...Macam mana Mr. Simon?
( I have already prepared the vaccines according to the list given earlier. If you don't want to take the jab, you need to sign an explanation letter which will be passed to my Boss later. So, how? )

Mr. Simon = Oklor...Kalau gitu, Kak jangan pandang sini ya. Bagi I prepare dulu....Sigh...
( Well, i had no choice but to just accept it & i asked her to turn around first while i began my stripping session. I had no choice but to be half-naked - Since i took off my shirt earlier and it would have been all "wrinkled up" if i were to lie with my front on bed ).

An air of nakedness was about to blew in....Sigh...

-- I felt kinda shy because i knew the Staff Nurse ma. I wouldn't care less if she's just an One-Off Staff Nurse where i will never meet her again.

Luckily for me, i did not wear any of those Fancy Underwears of mine ( and Thank God, it was not a THONG as well!  ) that day! But that period was where the BUTT TAN-LINE was at IT'S BEST ( some of you might remember the Butt Pic that i had posted some time ago - Yup, it was that LONG ago. )

 Luckily i was not wearing any fancy underwears that day... And i wonder how Sexy Savante reacts when he sees a guy patient in a sexy THONG leh?!!! - Kheksei

As i had only pulled my pants as well as my underwear to the BUTT CRACK level, the Nurse finally came, well equipped with her syringe of Bird Flu vaccine,

Nurse = "Mr. Simon. Macam ini macam mana i nak cucuk. Jangan malu-malu. Mai ah Kak tolong. 
( How can i inject if it's like this! Don't be shy! Come, i help you...! )

And without any warning, she pulled my pants & underwear entirely to my hip level! - Instantly, i was naked till the Hip Area. I felt so embarrassed...Sob sob..!

HEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!! -- Little Dove?!!!! Where are you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nurse: "Mr. Simon. Jangan takut ye. Sudah ready ke? I nak cucuk sekarang ni. -- Non-chalantly disinfecting my Buttock ( the injection site though, hehe ) with an alcohol cotton swab, before....OUCH!!!!!

A job that the Happy Go Lucky One or Janvier might have regretted! Sexy Buttocks or Sexy Pills leh?!

The whole process lasted for seconds only. And i was allowed to dressed myself back into sanity. I was suprised that she did not mentioned anything about my tan-line and just as i was about to leave the room,

Nurse: Mr. Simon..Tolong sign kat sini sekejap. Oh. Mr.Simon suka renang keh? ( U like swimming? )
Mr.Simon = Erm. Ya..and smiling as well.
Nurse : Tapi, sini takde kolam renang kan. U pergi Pangkor ke? Hehehe
Mr.Simon = Oh. Bukan. Bila balik Hometown, kalau ada free...Ma pergi renang lor. Lagipun, i baru balik dari Penang.
Nurse = Oh. Patutlar...Ok! Terima Kasih Mr.Simon ( while taking away my signed attendance ). Jumpa lagi ya! Muacks!!!!!!!! ( Hahahaha...No muacks actually! )

No wonder Nase wouldn't want to change his job...Hahahaha..kinky fella...

And how true was the ex-Nurse.....I had another Jab last year, which was for the SWINE FLU ( H1N1 ) vaccination on my upper arm. The pain on the site of injection persisted for a few days & my left arm was left with a "restricted movement" gag order! I can't even lift my arm up & I even had to sleep on my right side only. -- But this time around, i felt relieved. Cuz i need not strip to my underwear and the worst part was,  my current work institution is a small, close-knitted organization with a mere 200-staff only compared to the previous 1500-strong staff, where basically everyone nearly knows each other.

-- And imagine what will happen if my current Nurse saw this handsome "Mr.Simon" [ Yes, I'm a hot property in my workplace - Maybe due to the fact that there are not many young Guys, especially Chinese, over here - Hahahaha ] with a sexy Butt Tan-Line leh?!!!!! ---Hmmm...I don't think i can ever step foot into my office again lor...HAHAHAHAHA.

Muacks & Have a Wonderful Weekend From Simon!

( p/s: Hahahaha...The conversations may have been "slightly" different from the real scenario, but she really pulled my pants down & shot my ass!!! ) 

( p/s again: Oops! In response to HeartKl's comment, when i ask most of my colleagues, all of them was shot in the arm, including the slim ladies, except for me! Kheksei....


the happy go lucky one said...

hahaaa... i hate that too, i remember i was bited by a dog and had to get tetanus jab, i swear the idea of that jab more than the bite itself :P

the happy go lucky one said...

sorry typo, i mean *i hated the idea of that jab more than the bite itself*

Horny BF said...

Eh sure or not. Sounds like d staff nurse so hiao one?! Hmm. Ur imagination runnin wild eh? ;)
hate jabs. Bt seldom kena jab ass cz I'm too fat jor.
Jab anywhere also same sAme. Hehe.

William said...

The story of your cute butt must have traveled to all departments by now.

Paul J said...

i wouldn't care if i need to strip down my pants for jab...nice bubble butt must share share mahh..heheheh...

Heart KL said...

She might have seen not only your butt but the others from your office as well...

blue said...

i almost choked on my coffee when i read ur first photo comment...pls la...the ones needing rectal exam are almost 100% ah peks ok? Its nothing like your fantasy at all! Btw, ur a pharmacist, i guess? :P

Anonymous said...

I refuse to make any comment about this not being the first time Simon has had a prick in his arse. :) - Ian

simonlover said...

Horny BF: Haha. The conversation is a lil' diff lar. Bt she did pulled my pants ma. Hehe. Somemore i know her one since we worked 2gtr a few times b4 ady.

William, Paul J: Haha. U know Malay Ladies very "hao" one lar...

Heart KL: Haha. Out of 30+ colleagues, only me kena shot in d butt leh!

Blue: Haha. Saja kacau u only ma. Hehe. Haha..Abt that, u hv to PM me lor. Hehe

Ian: "Pricked" in what sense? Hehe.

William said...

Not as hiao as you!

Evann said...

Wakakakaka! She's on to you Simon! :P

Hide and Seek said...

But cucuk buntut really like ant bite, no pain at all. And usually these nurses or doctors are quite use to seeing asses already la :P

Remember last time when I got a lump (abscess) on my inner thigh, the lady doctor actually just pulled down my boxer to check if any sign of STI/abnormality, ugh~ and she looked like she'd done this too much to bother haha

savante said...

Only wish it was that fun :)

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