Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Luscious Green Day!!!

Well, i think you guys have enough of the rantings from Simon Lover & Horny BF [ Or you guys prefer us to write more leh? Hehe ] -- Taking a break from the dizzying essays, it's back to Pictures Of Pretty Boys once again!!! Oooh La La!

Green! Or Rather Lime / Apple Green - Is one of my favorite colours. I own One Apple Green Private Structure Underwear which i like to wear, especially when the situation needs some "stripping" activities...Hehehe.[ I forgot to take a pic of myself in it..Maybe i shall post it some other time? ]

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of The Horny BF's hugely popular blog and the Month of March also marks the active return of Simon Lover's Blog in 2009 that has since been updated regularly.

Hahaha..So, any celebrations for it? Nah..Since we are in a long distance relationship, today will be just another routine day for us and as this point of writing, the Horny One has gone for swimming in a "public pool" ( I can sense Vengeance over here...Hahahaha ).

Anyway. Enjoy the Boys In Green ya! Muacks from Simon! ( 绿色男士内裤 )

Singaporean Model in Private Structure's Boxer Trunk!
Chinese Hunk in skimpy Green Undie!

Singaporean Model, Aviel Tan in Green GMW Underwear

Cute Taiwanese Boy..Any takers?

Thai Magazine NEED+...I like that underwear leh...

I like this one as well...Accentuates my butt if i wear it..Hehehe

Hmm...this guy has the aura of a fren of mine, David Meticulous...Don't u agree, David? Hehe

Taiwanese Model in HOM Underwear...

I want that Fluoroscent Arena Swim Trunk! Why we can't get it in Malaysia one?!!

Who wants to go to bed with this sexy Hunk in Private Structure underwear?!!!

Thai Boys...I have not tried them before...Any one mind to share their experiences? Hehehehe--Oops. I'm being dirty over here!

Haha..No connection with underwears at all but this guy is kinda cute in his Apple Green Singlet!!!

This is yet another fine example of a Totally Gayish Dressing Boy who is STRAIGHT!!! Kheksei!!! If u wanna dress like that, u better be gay!!! If not you will cause our gaydars go haywire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh..And who can't forget, the Sexy Thai Brand underwear, Groovin' Underwears!!!! Yummy!

Maybe i should buy this design in my next trip to Bangkok! The T-Back style. Sexy! Or is there anyone going to Bangkok soon ? - Where i can ask you guys to help buy for me?! -- Don't worry, i will pay you back!!! - Cash-On-Delivery! -- Which also indirectly means that you can get a chance to see me when i pay u $$$ back? -- Hahahahaha --- Oops! Stop flirting Simon!

 Ah...I have this Color! Haha..The color looks nice when you hold it and see. But once you wear it, the "fluorescent" colour is not so striking because the material is not that thick. So, you can see the inside skin color as well. That's is why i always wear my orange, yellow, black one. The white one is even worse...Lagi transluscent color!

Last but not least...Is there anyone willing to "sponsor" this Green Arena Swim Trunk for me? Hehehe. So far, i think it's only available in Singapore. Singaporean Guys, anyone? Haha =P.

New! - Courtesy from my reader, Rob. 2eros's Latest Underwear Design.
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William said...

OK, I shall wear green to bed tonight to commemorate this day. :P

meticulous said...

Hahaha .. I will wear green too..

Gratitude said...

Ooooo the pubic area wld look like burnt grass then! :P

Gratitude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Evann said...

Wow green everywhere~! It must be my lucky day! :D

Bravebear said...

The guy in singlet is cute!!!

@Evann, a not so vegetarian buffet? hahaha!

Horny BF said...

Wait, what do you mean by VENGEANCE? Hello ... I ain't liddat ok .... ;)
Da swim was .... purpose-less.

the happy go lucky one said...

oh i like the private structure boxer trunk, they r really comfy :P

Takashi said...

Simon, buy for me the green singlet!! i love it!!

meticulous said...

I want the green singlet too...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Horny One will tell you there's nothing wrong with white translucent one, especially if you wear it in the shower. He'll be right in there to soap you all over. - Ian

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

I will come back if I want to see more, Simon!

You are BACK! and with awesome pictures too!


p.s my dear we cannot write a blog WITHOUT our own personalities in it, that is WHY your blog ROCKS!

Rob said...

2eros have just launched their new underwear range and it includes a brief in green with a cute model too -

the happy go lucky one said...

hiiii simon and the horny one, its my honour to inform u guys that the horny one is again giving the spotlight, pls enlighten us with more info abt the horny bf...

Horny BF said...

Whoops. Just gr8. Asking a virtual someone to write 23 things bout myself? :)
geez. I probably can manage 3 things. Tops.
Let's see hw Simon deals wif this. Hehe.

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