Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 Contestant - Tom Hoh!

In continuation of Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 Finalists ( over HERE ) which will be held on the 17th July 2010 at Equatorial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.....

Now, from the 12-13 Finalists of Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 that i've posted a few days back, everyone seems to be rooting for William Ng ( Including myself! Hehe )! However, we shouldn't be discriminatory over here, instead why don't we give ourselves a chance to see other contestants as well before making our final judgement?

So, today i'm going to feature one of the contestants, Mr. Tom Hoh Yen Keng!

DOB: 13 January 1988
Hometown: Karak, Pahang

Tom Hoh has definitely gone through a lot of hard work in becoming a successful Hunk at the moment. From a scrawny little boy back in 2006, he has evolved into a 6-packed, 38-inches Hunky Malaysian Boy that is vying for the coveted title of Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010!

2006 to 2007 
( Now, I realize a lot of people started out looking very "Ah-Beng'ish" back in their younger days before maturing into a suave Gentleman! - Anyone of you guys gone through that process before? Hehehehehe... )

2008 to 2009
( Slowly pumping up the iron in order to become our "Handy-Man"? Hehehe )

And Mr.Tom as he is now, in the year of Tiger 2010!

Mr.Tom has participated in alot of beauty pageants before, including Men's Uno Magazine, Malaysia's Hottest Hunks 2009/2010

And here are some wonderful pictures of Tom Hoh for you guys to consider supporting him as one of the winners in Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010!

Now, i really can't read his Poker Face! 
Why do Sexy Guys like to show-off their well-toned body?!! Well, I really have no idea...... =P

He made the RENOMA underwear looked very sexy indeed! But Somehow, in my opinion, RENOMA underwears only look good in guys with well-rounded BUTT....Not guys with flat nor small buttocks as RENOMA's sizing can be very disproportionate since's it's an European Brand, yet it is still the Number One most popular Underwear Brand for ALL MEN in Malaysia and Singapore!  
Malaysian Men also like to show off the underwear waist band while wearing it! It's totally an "IN-Thing" for Malaysians since the 90's till now! Seems like the Fad ain't fading anytime soon.... )

[ For your information : Renoma Prices: Malaysia ( ~ RM 30 = USD 9.40 ), Singapore ( ~ S$20 = RM46 ), Thailand ( ~ 690THB = RM69 ) ]

And of cuz, no less, the sexy underwear brand by our Favourite Malaysian Fashion Designer, Mr.Jonathan Cheng ( read HERE ), STUD Underwears ( read HERE ) where it fits perfectly onto Malaysian BUTTOCKS! - Tom Hoh is very PROUD indeed to wear one of his creations!

Blazing Red Hot Malaysian Hunk indeed!

Or shall i say, Welcome To The World Of Tom Hoh?!!!

Who wants to be tied by Tom, please hands up!

Don't Forget,

Grand Final Details:
Date : 17 July 2010 ( Saturday ) at 7.00 pm
Location : Anggerik Room, Equatorial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL.
Ticket Price : RM 100 ( Will be donated to Handicap Charity Fund )
Dress Code : Strictly Skimpy Swimwear Only!
( Yeah right! - In our dreams! - Black Suit for Men; Cocktail Dress for Women )
RSVP: Mr.Shaun Salim ( +6019-2565518 )
Official Facebook : Manhunt Malaysia 2010 ( click HERE )


Horny BF said...

Seriously, his face leaves not much to the imagination.
I'd rather go blind. :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh... He's typically another one of the Asian prawns. Eat the body but throw away the head.

And besides, in comparison to other contestants, his body is really not that hot. It's quite unsexy that he's so into himself though. You can tell by the numerous photos he takes that he thinks he's really sexy.

No face, alright body, insatiable ego - let's hope he doesn't win or lord knows the title is going down the drain.

Rob said...

I like Tom's face and he has very sexy lips! I'd definitely vote for him :-)

He sure does make those Renoma undies look very hot!

William said...

One word comes to mind-- Sepet.

Takashi said...

I actually dont find him attractive..

link within

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