Saturday, July 24, 2010

How A Handsome Stud Spend His Weekend Morning?!

How does a handsome stud spend his lazy weekend morning?

A Handsome STUD loves to sleep half-naked. By the time he wakes up, it's already noon because he was too tired from the night before's partying!

After getting down from bed, the first thing he'll do is to look at the mirror in the bathroom - to see how he looks! Well,a handsome stud is definitely notorious for being a vainpot! Hehe

And he'll ask "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the most handsome stud in the world?" 
- The answer is definitely himself - lor! - Duh..! -

A handsome stud knows that detox is very important to maintain his health. Every morning, it's a formality for him to at least, pass his bowel once, to clear all the accumulated toxins in his body.

Feeling relieved....Up next shall be the showers! 
What a better way to start your day by cleaning your body and coming out feeling fresh and aromatic - leh?!

For most of the Handsome Studs, "Brunch" ( Breakfast-cum-lunch ) is a norm to them, since it's already noon by the time they wake up. Be it a simple toast & coffee, cereals or even omelettes, breakfast is very important as it gives you the energy that you need to start your day!

Of course, Handsome Studs are smart people. They don't just sit there, having their breakfast and look at the walls --- instead, they'll read the papers or to some, they couldn't even leave their PC alone just for a few minutes!

After the BRUNCH, it's time for the Handsome Stud to do some "hunting" - since it's their rest-day. Fridae, Axcest, Gayromeo, Manjam,, tt1069, MSN, Skype, Trevvy, Facebook...and the list goes on...Hehe.

For some Handsome Studs, they are into voyeurism because they are very proud of their body and feel it's a waste not to share it with everyone! Hence, sometimes you'll get to see half naked STUDs prancing back and forth the living room with the glass-door curtains pulled aside, for no apparent reason...!!

Or sometimes, it's the other way round instead - Handsome Stud spying on another Handsome Stud living across their apartment! Spying can be a form of fetish that can give you sexual satisfaction. Now, don't tell me that you guys have never SPIED on people before?!!!!

Sometimes, the lazy weekend morning-noon is meant to be a quiet, relaxing moment for most of the Handsome Studs. After a tiring week, it's always nice to have a good rest. Weekends doesn't mean that we need to go out everytime, do some shopping, hanging out with friends, clubbing and pubbing, etc - Sometimes, we just need to spend our day un-productively....just waiting for the time to fly.....

And what a better way to end the lazy weekend afternoon with a NAP? 

Sorry for making everyone feeling very sleepy in this post!
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ya!


Takashi said...

very creative story angle indeed!!

I give u perfect 10 marks for this story telling!! :p

Nameless said...

You kelakar lah boy! Excellent blog post. P.S, dun be shy to show us how lengchai you realli are =) -reader from s'pore-

William said...

You must be bored out of your skull! I think that is how you spend your lazy weekends, except sans underwear. LOL.

Anonymous said...

If the handsome stud is so wonderful, why does he wake up alone? Answer - very egotistical. - Ian

simonlover said...

@Takashi, Nameless: Haha. Paiseh - ler. I actually did this in a rush because i was going AWOL again ma. Hence, very out-of-place punya stories!

@William: Yalor. Very cham. Just treat it as resting lor

@ Ian: Haha. Well, can't we just say that he wants to have a good Sunday rest after the week of non-stop clubbing, pubbing, flirting & vigorous sex sessions?! Hahaha =)

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