Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 Finalists - Vee Lee & Tim Ang!

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In Continuation of Mr.Manhunt Malaysia 2010 - 12 Finalists ...... ( read HERE )

Name : Vee Lee ( Chiu Wee Lee )
DOB : 3 Feb 1988
Stats: 183 cm, 70kg, 38-30-37

He has participated before in Malaysia's Men's Uno Magazine "Model Search 2009"
From L-R = Vee Lee, Lawrence Yap, Bil Ng, Justin Duan, Kee Cee, Aetzakhy Ching

And here's Vee Lee back in 2007...Cute? I like the hair fringes! So straight!

Name : Tim Ang Sau Fong
DOB: 15 September 1982

Tim Ang during his modeling days!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Goodness Ahhhh these two cannot make it. How did they even get into the finals? Especially Vee Lee! I'll go as far as to say he is ugly!

I'm sorry but I am being brutally honest.

Anonymous said...

omg malaysia ahbeng so disgusting ...malaysian dun have leng zai anymore meh ....@@ support above comment ....

William said...

Hmm... Vee Lee definitely looks better in 2007! As for Tim, he has a very "different" look. Who knows? A niche market for him?

Takashi said...

i think both of them very ugly.

simonlover said...

You guys memang are BRUTALLY Honest! =)

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