Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sexy Thai Actor - Chaiwat Thongsang

Hehehe...In continuation of my obsession with Thai Guys....Hehehehe...I was actually googling around when i bump into a collection of wonderful pictures of Chaiwat "Tob" Thongsang, ( One common thing about Thai people is that usually they have a shorter name or a nickname for easy reference instead of pronouncing thier full name & "Tob" is his nickname ) one of the lead actor of "Bangkok Love Story". He was only 17yo when he was cast in his first leading role in that controversial show, released in Sept 2007.

Birthdate: 1o April 1989 ( 20 yo only!!! )

" In the movie, he played “It,” a closeted gay man in uniform who is about to marry his pretty fiancée. But by chance he falls in love with a lone hit man hired to assassinate him. The movie broke new ground in mainstream Thai cinema with the portrayal of two masculine men in intimate scenes including deep kissing and love-making. For decades, the big Thai studios produced movies with themes or sub-plots about sad transgender characters and comedies portraying gay men as drag queens." -- source:

The cute Chaiwat circa 18-19 yo...

His personal success is all the more ironic given how most actors still shun gay roles, seeing them as the kiss of death for their careers. As with Tob’s transition from actor to body-builder, his attitude toward gay roles is the opposite of most actors.

“I wanted the part because I knew taking a gay role could quickly make me famous,” Tob said, adding that he’s more than willing to take on the role of another gay hunk, if offered."

The promotional pics of Bangkok Love Story

The beautiful actors with beautiful Bangkok skyline in the background!

Thai Biotherm Ad -- Now, if just Takeshi Kaneshiro has the guts to pose like Chaiwat in his Biotherm Ads!!!!!

"Tob" being chained for hamsap predators like us!!!!! =) Yummy!

Hmm...I wouldn't be caught dead in those trunks though..Only "Tob" can carry it with style!

VZ MEN Magazine

Bulge Alert!!! Anyone? =)

Who wants to shower with Tob, please hands up!!!!

VOLUME Magazine

The classic Chaiwat Thongsang pics....

With his legs spreading wide, it's too inviting not to ....... =)

STAGE Magazine
( One thing if we realize again, how cum we don't have this kind of male magazines in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

"I do not "Play"boy" -- Yup, he has a girlfriend..!

When he first started as a 17 yo, he was only 79kg and 187cm. But now, 20 yo, he's already 90 kg and 190cm. This is due to the fact that he has been aspiring to be a bodybuilder since he's 14yo. That explains why the pics above ( Stage Magazine ), "Tob" looks much more bulkier & muscular as compared to the earlier pics. ( Hmm...Is that a good thing or a bad thing leh? Hahahaha..For me, it's a bad thing ler..Cuz i dun reli like to muscular guys... =P. Sigh, what to do. He's not my hubby also ). Currently he's under the training of a 5-times Mr.Thailand winner and plans to participate more in body-building competitions.

Some body-building competition that he won..
( some people like it that way though =P )

The more muscular & bulkier Chaiwat Thongsang nowadays ....
( Just like the case of Brad Pitt..He used to be slimmer before he was too obsessed in increasing his body size for the role of Achilles in The Troy movie...
Anyone remember the butt scene in The Troy? I can still rmbr vividly when i took an Express Bus back to my hometown, they were playing the uncensored, pirated VCD and the Malay Gal sitting next to me was basically, blushing like hell!!!!!!!

Cheers & LONG LIVE THAI GUYS!!!! Hahahahahaha...Again...Just to reaffirm to you guys, i'm not a perverrtttttt........Just an avid admirer!!!! Hehehehehe.......Muacks From Simon!
( p/s: Hahahaha..I dun think i will survive living in Bangkok ler...Anywhere i go, Everywhere i turn, it's full of Leng'Thai's.......I'll definitely end-up in a psychiatric ward someday!!!!! Hahahahaha )


William said...

Only 17 at that time?! Goodness. I have an ex-colleague whose Thai nickname is "Golf". :S

Anonymous said...

psychiatric ward? haha ... yeah right.
even in Malaysia also I can see you checking into one pretty soon.

Lucas said...

its funny... how with all the topless pics u posted, i like the one with the wet shirt on the most :P

that pic is really really hawt !

simonlover said...

William: Yalor..I dun even looked like that when i was 17yo!!! Actually...even now also!!! Haik!

Anonymous: Hehehe..Anywhere we go there are bound to have lengchais also..Hehehe..Just that i over-exaggerate Thai Guys kot..=)

Lucas:Hahahaha..If u posed one like that, maybe i'll like yours too!!! =)Cheers k

Jason said...


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