Sunday, March 11, 2012

Babylon Sauna - Bangkok, Thailand

Babylon Sauna .... Ahhh... Bangkok's Largest and Most Popular Gay Sauna. Constantly touted as one of the Top 10 Gay Saunas in the world by various Gay Magazines / Travel Sites / News / Directories / Blogs / Forums ....

My last visit to Babylon Bangkok was way back in January 2008 [ Gosh! It's been 4 years! Imagine what the 4-years did to my skin?!!! -- Obviously, I'm racing against time & my skin is not as supple and perky as the young-fresh twink back then - d! Sigh .... ] ... Should start taking Collagen Drink, perhaps?

Lucky me, the trip coincides with Babylon's monthly Full Moon party! The Full Moon party is held at the garden, with a mini stage set-up for LadyBoys' show and gay boys' striptease performances. The area is also cordoned off in preparation for the Foam Party as well.

Honestly speaking, back then, it was a wonderful, virginal experience to this kinda place. Imagine prancing around with a group of naked / underwear gay men..Froclicking, groping, kissing, gyrating and some fucking .... under the foaming dance floor? We had fun with a cute Thai Boy until I nearly lost my newly-bought Groovin' underwear which I had stripped and place at a corner earlier on. Imagine after XXXX, I had to dig deep under the foams to search for my underwear?!!!

This is how a FULL MOON PARTY looks like.

Searching for my underwear under those thick foams is not an easy task, ya'know?! 

Fast forward to February 2012, we decided to pay Babylon a visit once again ... Hoping to relish the wonderful moment [ with a cute Thai Boy back then, as well as groping hunky Thai/Malaysian/Taiwanese/Hongkong/ Singaporean? Hunks -- Yes, you get to feel 5 nationalities in one go! =P] -- However, luck was not on our side as their Full Moon Party is scheduled to be held one week later. Nonetheless, it's still a Friday Night! =)

Since we stayed nearby, we decided to walk all the way from SalaDaeng BTS station. From google map, it's about 2.2km. For those faint-hearted guys, it actually takes about 30mins walk, ya'know?!!!!

On our way there, I managed to snap a supposedly, gay escort? =) 

After drenching ourselves with sweat all over our Tee Shirts, we finally arrived at Babylon! Yay....! 

Well, honestly speaking, probably we had too high expectations. I think if someone who has never been to Babylon Sauna before, the best time to visit either when they have theme parties like Full Moon / Swim Wear Party or during Songkran Festivals. Other than that, the crowd is actually quite disappointing. In what terms? Here are some of the reasons:

a) Thank God, It's Friday Night? Hmmmmm .... We can even count the crowd numbers! =)

Perhaps we were expecting too much? 

b) The crowd is mainly Caucasian Men ... Seeking Asian Boys .... And those Asian / Thai Boys who are there, also have the same motive, Caucasian Men.

c) Chances of you hitching a Thai Guy is nearly ZERO. They'll look at you and go "Get away from me, you filthy, Bitch!"

d) Chances of you hitching a hunky, 20-35years old Caucasian Stud is also nearly ZERO. Seriously, I wonder where do this group of Caucasian Gay Guys hang around in Thailand? Don't they have sexual needs? It's always easy to find Asians of that age group, but NEVER for Caucasian Guys...Probably my cute Aussie reader of mine , ROB-H can share some light with us ?

Probably luck was not on my side? 

e) Communication barrier -- It's very difficult to start and maintain a conversation with some Thai Boys. They can keep on smiling without giving us assurance whether they understand us or not ..

The ever-smiling Thai Boys .. Indeed, Thailand, The Land Of Smiles. 

f)  Double-Standard Treatment --- [ Haha. Well, Malaysians are guilty as well ]. Even the blind can see that the Thai workers there treat Caucasian Men with much care and attention compared to Asian Guys. Imagine us, sitting on their coffee table seats for about 5 minutes and a few caucasian guys sat next to us after that. Immediately, the Thai waiter from the other side of the garden, came prancing around in their super-tight short shorts, asking them what drink do they want, before casually moving towards our table, asking for our orders reluctantly .... Hmmmmmm .... If not because our Malaysian Ringgit is weak, our salaries are actually comparable to most Aussie professionals, Dollar-to-Dollar wise, ya'know?!

g) Probably because Horny BF was kinda pissed of after so many attempts for being forcefully anal-ed.....Haha...Imagine, Horny BF as a power bottom? Then Simon Lover can have his ass retired - jor!

Hahaha ... Anyway, I think I have stirred much controversies with the above statements. Suffice it to say, for Babylon, it's a wonderful place to those Caucasian Men Seeking Asian Boys & vice versa, all year round. To those Asians who Love Asian Guys, the best time to visit is during their Themed Party events and Songkran, where Babylon is crowded with gays from all walks of life

Here is the crowd during Songkran Festival.

Anyway, here are the Grindr Boys found at Babylon and nearby ...

We were actually trying to get a hand on this cute Taiwanese Twink....Hahaha...Unfortunately, being a Power Bottom as he is, we only get to see him walking into Private Rooms, twice with two different Caucasian Men that is, well, older than the combined age of SL+Horny.. [ No offence intended, okay? - Different people have different preferences ]  

In conclusion, we went to Babylon just to chill' out & relax .. Oogling at Handsome guys ... Nothing more than that [ Haha .. Well, I have to admit that we did harboured some lust of XXXX ] . In the end, it's the atmosphere that counts. So, did we enjoyed our Babylon trip? -- About 30% -- Hot sauna, sexy showers, nice ambience .... 


Anonymous said...

Hahaha...ditto is Joey! hmm.,,his pic is photoshopped LOL

Jaded Jeremy said...

Feel 5 nationalities in one go? You have mult-hands, is it? ;)

Anonymous said...

I went there just this month. I guess some days are good some days are bad. I went there on a Friday afternoon and I was happy to see so many good looking men of different races. I just stayed for two hours because I have a flight but I will go back and hope to find a great crowd again.

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