Sunday, August 27, 2017

Guys Go Wild for Military Camouflage Fashion!

The Military Camouflage Fashion has been around for years and peaked during the 90's -- But in this past few years, it has become fashionable and trendy again, especially among gay men! 

From Versace to Kenzo , Paris to New York runaways, and even featured on Vogue magazine -- People are starting to dress in Military & Navy patterned clothings again. Even today, you walk into ZARA, their Fall fashion has a dedicated segment for military camo clothings.

Indonesian Model : Hernando Taniko
Photo taken by: Alex Zhao
( For more enquiries on Alex Zhao's works - You can DM him on his FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Why do people love military fashion then? Well, maybe because :

1) It makes you look rugged, masculine with an authoritative aura!

2) It has a sporty look and makes you feel pumped up, when you are wearing a military camo attire at the gym!

Mr.West from Hong Kong

Mr. Kevin from Indonesia

3) Wearing a Military Bomber Jacket - especially from Zara - makes you look cool!

Mr.Arthur Lee from China

4) Weather is so hot & humid! -- Of course you wear a military camo singlet!

Mr. Darren from Singapore looking sporty & playful 

5) What's better than a good ol' sturdy military-styled bag, right? 

Mr. Wilbur from Taiwan

Travel in style with Mr. Herman from Indonesia

6) Jogging, running, walking shirtless with your army pants, makes people go wild!

Mr. Simon from Malaysia

Mr. Vincent from USA

Looking great in jogger tights-cum-pants : Mr.Barry from Thailand

7) or even going swimming or tanning in an army trunks makes the boys wanna serve the Captain in you!

Swimtrunk from Japan's AQUX

 Army Beach Trunk, Mr. Evan from China

Would you not defy the Captain's order? Mr. Ryan from Taiwan

8) Wearing an army underwear brings the STUD in you - too!

Military-Camo print underwear from Japan's The Egde brand

Cool boxer by Mr.Ken from China

9) Military Themed Dressing has always been featured in most gay-themed events --- So, it's good for you to have one set of cloths just in case you need to attend an army dress-code event - ya!

Last but not least, I guess everyone loves the army look because of its' sex appeal ? 
Agree ? -- Disagree? 

Well -- let Song Joong-Ki (송중기 )from the Korean drama "Descendants Of The Sun" fame inspire you instead! 

Song Joong-Ki ( in the middle ) -- with the Korean army boys 
( Well, let's just say in reality, when you go to Korea -- catching a good looking hunk above is like looking for a needle in a haystack --- My bad! )

Please watch Song Joong-Ki in action ya!

Song Joong-Ki working out 

Song Joong-Ki in army shower

Song Joong-Ki army marching scene

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William said...

I have a pair of camo square-cut trunks from PS, and a pair of China 'OEM' camo swim trunks.

link within

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