Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 53th Merdeka to all Malaysians!

August 31st is the day where Malaysia celebrates her independence day from the British colonial rule ( It's also the day where there's a massive on-going mega-sales happening throughout the country, but sadly..I couldn't get  to see what I would've wanted in my far-far-away land, at the moment - lar! ) . 2010 also marked as Malaysia's 53th Birthday celebration and with the patriotic feelings up in the air, my staff are busy decorating my office in conjuction of my organisation's Internal "Merdeka Decoration Contest" among Departments.

Malaysia is very lucky to have a multiethnic & multicultural society living in harmony and peacefully for these 53 years ( Though of late, various unnecessary ethnic issues & tensions have been raised by extremist Malaysians as well as political parties! ) -- Meaning, today's post should be aptly titled, as "Merdeka Boys" as well! - Hehehe...Because I'm posting pictures of sexy guys from the main ethnic groups in Malaysia and some brief encounters with them during my Sekolah Kebangsaan years!

Main Ethnic Group : ~ 55% The Malays!

Being brought up in a National Primary school ( The same as Gratitude and Janvier, perhaps? ), had me exposed to various cultures of different races. Though i did not have real close Malay friends, but still...We played games together....e.g: "Konda-Kondi", "Ting-tings", "Catching aka Police-&-Thieves", "Main Guli", "Hide & Seek", "Lompat Kaki", "Pepsi-Cola" - Does any of these games rings a bell to anyone? Hehehe.

And there are cute Malay Boys as well! There's one when I was in Standard 6, our super cute class Monitor by the name of Firdaus - as he is still when I last met him during his brief stay in Form 6 ( We broke contact when he went to a boarding school from Form 1 -5 ). - Coincidentally, my Best Friend at that time, was an Indian Boy. Cheeky us, whenever Firdaus passes by our "table" ( he sat at the front row - ma ), me & my Indian friend would occasionally grab & hug him - before our hands start touching his "Kuku-Jiao aka Penis".

Second Largest Ethnic Group ~ 26% The Chinese!

Chinese boys...Ahhh....Being a Chinese, of course I like Chinese Boys the most! Hehehehe . Who wouldn't?!! I used to have unintentional and unwanted "sexual thoughts or even fantasies?" - with the good looking chinese classmates or even schoolmates! Physical Education ( P.E ) sessions are the most sought after class subject because some of the guys would change into their sport shorts openly in the class, and if I'm lucky enough, I might get a peek of the guy(s) I fancy with! - Renoma underwears are very popular among Malaysian boys & guys and I've seen the many phases of Renoma underwear designs where some have already extinct in our market - liao.

Some people say I'm lucky to study in an All-Boys school...But in reality, throughout my 11 years over there, I have not come across any openly lengchai gay boys ( except the sissy / ladyboys ) untill the era of fridae / axcest / trevvy / friendster / facebook...that I have managed to discover that some of them are gay! That's why, the one thing that I really wished I could have enjoyed was a close-mutual gay-friendship(s) to bring me through my "sexually deprived?" teenage-hood!

Third largest ethnic group - 8% The Indians!

Honestly speaking, some of my best friends during my primary, secondary and form 6 days are Indians and Singhs! - Be it guys or girls - Though over the years, the friendship has kinda evolved into a Hi-Bye thingy, but I still do keep in touch with 1 close Form 6 girlfriend and 1 guy-friend whom I've known since my kindergarten years! - The first time I have ever watched a straight-porn ( at the age of 15...ya, i know...I'm a late starter okay?!!! - And the worst part is I was 18 when I first watched a gay porn!!!! )  was in my Indian friend's house as well!

Those days I used to know how to recite "One to Ten" in Tamil and some of the bad words such as "Para desi-nai?" Tsk Tsk Tsk...No offence ya.....But now, over the years, my close encounters with Indian friends have gotten lesser & lesser and during my University days, it does not help either as I have only one Indian classmate and that also is a Chindian ( Meaning 50% Chinese - 50% Indian! )

The Rest of them: ~10% Bumiputeras and others: 1%

A-Ha..Here's an interesting part. Malaysia also have a large ethnic group known as the Bumiputeras. Usually, it consists the Malays as well, hence it should be 65% Malaysians are Bumiputeras ( Natives of Malaysia ). But over here, I shall focus solely on the other Bumiputeras, where they make up 10% of our population. The Borneo Natives from Sabah, Sarawak such as Kadazan, Iban. Bidayuh, Bajau etc; The Orang Asli of the Peninsulars, The Portuguese-descents & Siam-descents are some of the races that fall under the Bumiputera category. -- .

The picture shown above consist of mainly the Borneo Natives such as Iban & Keningau - and two of them are actually Doctors! And Mind you, some Bumiputera Natives are very good-looking...Last time, the house at my back was rented to a group of Borneo Natives...And they have a habit of bathing in two(s) or three(s) and rarely in one(s) - with the bathroom door wide opened!! But sadly, the bathroom is not located directly behind my house ( erm..about 40 degrees from my view - lor ). So, I need climb on a table and even with that, I still need to tip-toe myself in order to have a glimpse of their wonderful body!  - Slurrpp! - But where got such a person who is too free or "wuliao" to spy on naked Bumi boys back then leh? --- !!! Nonsense right?!!! =P

And here are some other pretty Bumi natives as well...
Sabah's Kadazandusun ethnic - I don't really know any famous Kadazan boys, so here's the pretty actress Daphne Iking instead! She's very pretty indeed! - Too pretty until her husband ( now ex- ) had to sue a guy who is trying to seduce his wife - The first is Malaysia's court history! - However, I still like Daphne Iking especially her Explorace days....

And of course, the sexiest Iban from Sarawak, at the moment - Malaysia's Number 1 Swimmer, Daniel Bego!

Malaysia also boasts a number of mixed-marriage population as well. Some of the most common ones are Malay-Indian/Chinese; Chinese-Indian; Kadazan-Chinese and so on.

And here is one fine example of a Chinese-Indian mix-marriage product ( aka The Chindians ), the sexy Malaysia's London-based Fashion Designer, Dato' Bernard Chandran!
A very gay-looking guy in hot leather pants - With his young daughter...Aiseh! - Why can he be like "Jonathan Cheng" instead leh?!!! Such a waste! =P
You know, the honour of getting my very first crush falls on a Chindian classmate -- which is something the Horny BF doesn't really like.... Hahahahaha... Aiya, at least i have been with the Horny One since I'm 20 years old ma - This was way back when i was 13 years old. We we really close together. Even after school, while he's waiting for his schoolbus to pick him up, I will accompany him by lying that I'm going to my aunt's house which is on the way ( Duh...! - I don't have any aunts staying nearby lor ). Then we will play punching, wrestling and the occasional "cock-touching" activities and everytime he whispers something in my ears, he would hold my hands while I will quickly shrugged it off, of course - for the fear of people seeing & labelled it gay! But being a naive boy back then, especially when you're a gay and nothing to guide you -- I do not know how to approach him at all.

We were close for one year. But during the second year, I have gotten very nasty to him by participating with my classmates in verbally bullying ( e.g calling the father/mother's name, giving nicknames etc ) and sometimes, minor physical bullying ( such as chalk drawing on his pants, or throwing the feather-duster at him  ) -- Thinking that by doing so, i could get some physical touching instead of thinking that the emotional hatred inculcate by my actions, would have been so deep that we have not been good friends since then and until now...he hate us so much that he's totally out from our radar at all.... I have been searching high & low of him..Google...Friendster...Facebook..MSN...Handphone numbers...No one knows where he is now...Sigh...And i wonder whether I will get a chance to see him once again..............Now, if just i could have turned back time...( No offence to the Horny One k! Hehe )

The sexy Malaysian Model, Henry Golding, of English-Iban parentage...

And the sexy Malaysian Radio Host, TV presenter, emcee..Will Quah of English-Chinese parentage...
There are unconfirmed stories that he is "One Of Us" and the Hunky Caucasian Stud over there, is his reputed boyfriend....Hmmmmmmm...........Just Rumours i guess?!

But anyway...Once again, I will like to wish everyone, a very Happy and meaningful Merdeka Day and hope you guys enjoyed the Merdeka Boys ya! Take care.


William said...

Sex knows no race and religion. :P

Anonymous said...

nice post! dedicated to all boys in malaysia. i am of mixed parentage of chinese-sarawakian bumiputra myself. and btw, the caucasian guy with will looks so much like 'us'. :p

Paul Figaro J said...

very comprehensive indeed! you deserve A++

Kayson said...

Yes Will's one of us.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese guy with the white camera is nice. That kind of body demands a session with an SLR camera.

Anonymous said...

i think chinese are the cutest n sexiest ;-p

Skyhawk said...

I eat Bak Kut Teh only...Nasi Lemak and Nasi Kandar are not my plate of rice...so to speak...hahaha!

Marky's Little Devil said...

omg i never know malay guys could be kinda hawt XD

fufu said...

sex should be colour blind too??

simonlover said...

@William&Fufu:Haha..So,u guys had tasted many variety of races bor? =P

@Anonymous Swkian-Chi: Thanks for dropping by! Cheers

@Paul: Not deserve 2b spanked meh?!

@Kayson: Oh, reli?! Haha.My internal sources mentioned 2me he's on Iphone's Grindr as well! tsk tsk tsk

@Jeff: Nice rite?!

@Anonymouse: HAha.Well, u cant generalized evyone.Sometimes depend on how that "person" look as well.

@Skyhawk:Well, sometimes NAsi Lemak is too delicious not to be eaten leh!! How?!!!

@Marky:Ya, Malays guys can be hot. U go KLCC, lagi salivate u!SeriouslY!

Bravebear said...

I have have always liked ur collection of hunks... the Malay guys are deli...

Anonymous said...

i like the blog......very 1 malaysia...i can feel the sense of harmony.....i like malaysian men...btw i am a straight girl

simonlover said...

@Bravebear: I think u & me hv never tried Malay boys b4 eh. MAybe we shud! Hehe

@Anonymous Straight Girl: Thanks 4vsiting. Hahaha. Hw did u end up in my blog - eh? Must be googling for "Handsome, Shirtless, Malaysian Hunks?"! =P Haha

Phatfabs said...

I'm kinda multiracial myself. I've tasted Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Kadazan, Pan-Asian, etc! My taste is so diverse that as long as they're hot, I don't mind their race at all!

I myself is a Malaysian Malay and I'm now currently attached to my Indonesian-Chinese bf. We've been together for almost 15 years now. So wish us luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Of Course he is his lover! what rumour?

Anonymous said...

will quah is definitely gay. He tried on my boyfriend last time. bitch.