Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When Will The Ice Queen Melts Again?

As i'm laying on my bed in this peaceful Tuesday night, i was taken back in time with the trance-like performance of HongKong's Cantopop / Mandopop Queen, Faye Wong ( 王菲 ), arguably one of Asia's Best Female Singer of our time.

I can still remember watching her Hong Kong 2004 concert performance, which was shown on our local TV way, way back in the middle of 90's during the Chinese New Year period [ Well, back then..and also till now, my Chinese New Year celebrations are usually spent by watching the various tv programmes i.e: Chinese movies, concerts, charity concerts, etc ] - due to her memorable dreadlocks and extremely long sleeves, which prompted us to ask, "Who's this Crazy Lady singer?! - Like that also can be famous?!" - Little that we've known, this crazy lady had grown into Asia's Best Selling Female ( Canto-Mandarin Pop ) Singer of all-time!

Now, here are some video performances of her, way back in 1994, before she transformed herself into "The Ice Queen", where she's now famously known as...With her much anticipated comeback China concert in October 2010, which has broke the record for the Fastest Selling Concert Tickets ever...We can all just hope that the "Ice Queen" would melt again and start to enjoy entertaining us once again!

With that...Simon Lover signing off...for a few days, yet again! ...Hehehe

Haha..Who can forget this crazy song - leh?!
Faye Wong - Flow Not Fly ( 流菲飞 )

The huge hit, "Dream Lover" - which was a cover of The Cranberries' "Dreams" 
Faye Wong : ( 梦中人 )

 The "Garbage Lady" say..Or so was it? -- Hehe .. Faye Wong:" Restless" (浮躁) -
The song is famous for it's nonsensical lyrics which include "La Ja Bom" - which kinda rhymes with "Lap Sap Por" - Garbage Lady...And i still can remember all the aunties, including my mum, commenting how hideous the song was...Haha!

And lastly, Faye Wong is not just famous for her silly songs....Here's a nice concert performance, which shows another lighter side of her...Performing "No Regrets" ( 执迷不悔) in her 1998 concert.

[ Damn! ...Suddenly i realize i'm getting older! - The Big 3-0 is coming soon in a few years time - tim! ]


William said...

I recently heard someone butcher her song by singing it in Jazz... -_-"

nicky05 said...

My cousin Bro like her so much but I like SAMMI CHENG <3 wuahahaha..:P

Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of gay Chinese guys are fans of Faye Wong haha....

Jaded Jeremy said...

I have one Best-Of Faye Wong's album. Kinda regret buying it.

Skyhawk said...

Simon, 30 is not old lah....somemore you are so sexy and hot!

Little Dove said...

Faye Wong's 我願意(I'm Willing) is one of the best love song ever. And that Final Fantasy song. :)

allan said...

Hi Simon, just found yr blog n spend hours backing tracking it.I must say you are fantastic n yr rantings cute. There was never a dull moment! keep up the good work.Cheers to you and the horny bf.

simonlover said...

@William: It will be me lor...! Haha

@Nicky: I like Sammi as well. =)

@Anonymous: Haha. This is what i call "stereotyping" - lor. There are many straight chinese guys who like Faye Wong as well! =)

@JJ: "Regret"???

@Skyhawk: Haha. That's why, do not trsut something u hv never seen before ma. Hehehe

@Lttle Dove: "You're willing" to ...xxx...xxx...with? Hehe

@Allan: Thanks dude!

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