Friday, August 20, 2010

Computer Boys!

Whoa! If i keep blogging at this rate, i think this month will be the month with the lowest post entries since June 2009! - Well, i couldn't help it. Lately i've been busy with my daily work ( or rather, feeling too routine and mundane to the extent of indirectly making me feeling moody/unenergetic throughout the past week - Hence, explaining why there are so little words coming from me! )

This weekend i'll be down to KL once again. [ I just went back from there last week! - And each two-way trip easily will cost me 1000km of mileage - Not forgetting the petrol, tolls and car servicing! - I have another story of my close encounter with the "Saya Anti-Rasuah" traffic police officer last week which i have yet to write -- because i couldn't find many erotic gay cop pictures to complement the post, anyone can help me? -- where i was blatantly framed by the corrupt policeman for speeding & he even dared to ask for a bribe during a road block at the Highway! - For some sneak preview, you can read back my earlier "The Law Of Attraction" post, over HERE again ]

Why i'm in KL once again? Well, because I'm too "wuliao" - or rather in Cantonese, "Tak han or si mou yeh jou-ah?!" - applied for a job interview - not that my current job is that bad - But just for the sake of trying something different, to gain experiences in different fields, or for the sake of $$$$? - The stakes are high. There is no turning back once I've step out of my "Golden Rice Bowl" ( "Kam Fan Yun" - in Cantonese ), either it's forever or re-enter the service by beginning at the bottom, all over again!

Hahaha. And Guessed i'm too pampered as well. This is only my second  "Formal" job interview, before reaching the Big Three-O! The first interview was kind of a "Formality" reason since we're forced to be absorbed into the Government anyway. Worst still, i don't really have the faintest idea of how the job is going to be like, apart from the basic exposure of the job responsibilities - and if I really got the job, I'll be working in Bandar Baru Bangi - tim!!!!! - So Un-Gay at all!!!!!!!!! - Can anyone of you give me some idea of "How to survive in Bangi as a Gay Boy?"! - Apart from the UKM STUDents or the occasional cute malay twinks, Seriously?!!!

That  is why, I'm still kinda hesistant whether to really proceed with the big career change and see me owning a drug manufacturing company in 20 years time, or be an efficient & effective, National Director in the Ministry Of Health, earning "Big Bucks" by sitting in the Tender Board?!!!!!!  -- Haha. Guess my imaginations went a little wild over there! - No worries though, there are still many different routes which we can go into and We still have Singapore as our back-up plan, as well too?! Hehehe....

But the worst part is.....being apart from the Horny One, yet again....We've already been "separated" for FOUR years and somehow, we've been hoping to work & live together after our "Saya yang menurut Perintah" years is due. Not that Bangi is bad..Still, it takes about 1 hour to KL and 1.5 hours to my hometown, where i also need to pass by a lot of Tolls & caught in daily jams! - Sigh, this is something where we still need to consider deeply....Unless i have a Handsome Sugar Daddy who can support both, me & the Horny One, - i wouldn't mind working in a routine job!!! - Anyone, my dear(s)?....

Well, enough of lameting, here are some Cute Boys using their computers in various poses and attires! Have a Happy Weekend & Muacks from Simon and to the Horny One as well!

Cute Hong Kong singer, Hins Cheung..

Cute Singaporean Model, Xavier Hu...

And a smart STUD in formal clothes..
Which i have a fetish with! -- You can read my level of fetish'ness over HERE

Hot Vietnamese model, Chan Than San and his Hot Thai Boyfriend, Arthur Ong

Hehe..These are few of the poses where I'm sure most of you guys are familiar with!

And please be truthful to me & everyone else here...I'm definitely sure ALL of YOU have been in the above state of condition before - lor!!!!!!!!! - DON"T LIE!!!!

The sexy stud is wearing a sexy swim trunk from SPY, by Henry Lau.

"Sawadee-Khap" - "Ni Hao Ma" - Do you want to webcam with me?!

And once again....To all those webcam-whores and experts -- The position above needs no introduction nor explanations at all!

This STUD is so HOT till he couldn't stand the Heat & needs to be stripped naked while playing computer games!

The last  pictures is where most guys, including gays, usually dressed when they are at home & using their PC. In short, if you Have It, be proud to flaunt it - ya! Muacks fr Simon!


fufu said...

still they are asking for duit kopi?? alamak! and the traffic jams problems havent solved ><

William said...

Go for it!

Takashi said...

None of this applies to me..

My clothes are all off the moment i step into my house.. unless if the family is around... hahaha

i hate to wear clothes at home.. so when im using my laptop, im naked.. and my laptop is beside my bed...

M's Little Devil said...

lol... XD Mark for M lorr... :P

Anyway, ehehehe...i've formal uniform fetish too~~~ :P Sometimes, i love just seeing myself in white school uniform lol!

Good luck with the interview ^.^

Anonymous said...

so u work as a pharmacist or doctor??

blue said...

have to start from scratch once u leave the gomen? gosh i didnt know that. Btw i thought the difference in remuneration isnt that great nowadays for your work.

Lurik said...

A pharmacist serving compulsory service? If that's the case, we're colleagues actually. haha...

simonlover said...

@Fufu: Haha. Guess u hv been away fr Msia for a very long,long,long time d! =)

@William: Yalor!2mr going lor. Will take the Kesas, then Puchong Highway, then KL-seremban highway...At 6.30am! Haik..So dark.Hopefully won't get lost. No GPS except printed maps! Yikes!

@Takashi: Haha. I think i cnt be roomate with u lor! Me also like to get naked! Though we are both "B"s - bt lust can be sinful!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!

@M's Little Devil: Haha. So, are u still a STUDent? Well, STUDent nowadays wear their uniforms also tight-tight one! - Very eye-candy lor!

@Anonymous: YOu can PM me, then i'll inform u k! Hehe

@Blue: Well.Private u need to work harder to climb the laddevs gov whr we will be automatically get promoted by time-based. We are diff from you. Once u're a specialist, whn u re-enter the service, ur gaji will be specialist. Us? - Have to re-enter back to U41 and first year gaji!!!! We have few 30+plus seniors coming back to gov with salary & pangkat lower than me lor

@Lurik: Hahaha...I thought you are my "ex-colleague" liao at this point of writing?! Hahaha - All the best to u - oh!

David Snow said...

Haha. You and your formal wear fetish. XD
Well, all the best in your undertakings. I'm pretty sure you're doing what's best for yourself. ^^

Anonymous said...

ahaha... from ur reply to blue i have a strong feeling tat u are a doctor.. hehehe.. btw how to pm u wo ?

M's Little Devil said... not a STUDent just a normal student T_T sob...tight-tight doesn't suit me haha!

Lurik said... intuition tells me that who I am in person...

Skyhawk said...

@Simon: all the should try something new..IF it's good...Cheers

simonlover said...

@David: Haha. Can't see the first link bt u look smart in the suit as well! Keep it up! Muacks

@M's Little Devil: Why tight not nice ah?

@Anonymous: U can email me ma.

@Lurik: Haha. Mind sharing whr u'll be heading? p/s: Hahaha..Lucky i didn't put "one more pic" in this post...Later kena tegur kao-kao again =P!

@Skyhawk: Thanks. Bt i hv already decline the job offer. =|

Leon Koh said...

love your many pictures :)

your reader

M's Little Devil said...

nope not nice on me :( i dont have body :(