Monday, October 4, 2010

Malaysian Grindr Guys - Series 1!

Finally, Simon Lover is back in his peaceful & quaint, far-far-away work-land. Sorry for being M.I.A for nearly a week! Kinda tired at the moment, so I'll just let the pictures do all the talking ya!

Beaten by my "arch-rival", Mr.Ten Chunk, on who get's to post Grindr Boys first, ( Though credits have to be given to him for posting "To-Die-For" Hong Kong guys! Hehehehe --- You can see it in his blog, HERE ), I've made myself clear, that we Malaysian Boys are no pushovers as well! - and to make our critics eat their own words - I'm establishing a Malaysian Grindr Boys' series to prove to the world, that MALAYSIAN BOYS can be as CUTE / HUNKY/ HANDSOME / DESIRABLE as every guy in the world too! -- Wah lau eh, why so defensive pulak?!!!

Hahahaha....Forget about the ambitious words that I've mentioned earlier....Just sit back and relax while looking at the computer screen filled with Malaysian Guys that might make you guys ( especially to those Asian Lovers from other countries ) consider migrating to Malaysia instead?!!! ----

Obviously there are thousands of Grindr Boys in Malaysia and these are just some of which, I've managed to sourced. So, if you guys have any interesting guys, please feel free to share it with us as well ya!


tenchunk said...

OOh, don't consider me as arch rival. Your arch rival is yourself! lol. Actually, I'm still looking forward your hot malay hottie post so that I can feature them on my site.

Junoon said...

Where do I apply for transfer?

Takashi said...

HEHeheee... cant you grindr me???


trikpit said...

grindr supposed for discreet..dont la post it here.. 1 malaysia man!

Skyhawk said...

Cute....cute and cute!

Clayden L. said...

OMG! That is kelvin cheng! left last pic!

Ryan L said...

hmm.. saw someone i know.. haha

simonlover said...

@Tenchunk:Haha.JUst teasing u only. Seriously, it's very, very, very DIFFICULT to find sexy Malay guys exposing their chest, and don't even mention seeing them in sexy trunks either! - due to religious requirements that need them to be dressed appropriately. Hence, you rarely see Malay guys strutting in their underwears in catwalk, magazines! -- But i can give you a website that features many amateur naked Malay guys though! Hehehe.

@trikpit: I understand. Think this will be my first & last series on Grindr boys in Msia. Everyone deserves to be discreet rite. Thanks for reminding.

@Takashi: U didn't send me ur pics?!