Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Boys with Inflatable Floats - Part 4!

We are still in the summer season .. And this season's swim floats have become more and more outrageous! What started off with an innocent swan / unicorn float , has turned into swim floats with various designs! Of course, being gays, some of us like to be loud and grab all the attention! 

So, here is a collection of some of the best summer floats this season! 

Pineapple Float by @ziozxo

Oyster ClamShell float by @born_stylish

Killer Whale float by @ryuji_jp

Whale Shark Float by @keithlym0820 , which I think, can't even support his weight! =)

Crocodile Float by @wanchai_470

Pizza Slice float by @King_Dreii

Cute Froggie Float

Banana Swim Float by this cutie again, @keithlym0820

This Keith really loves his summer!
Doughnut Float by @keithlym0820

Keith with his Rainbow Ice-Cream Float!  @keithlym0820

Hunky with his Sundae Cone Ice-Cream Float @denden

Keith with his Pretzel Float - LOL @keithlym0820

Keith with his Watermelon Float! @keithlym0820

Even a Pokeball can be used as a float! @iamnottitony aka ynotitton

Rainbow Float by @yip_johnny

But the ugliest float has to be this Cockroach Float! Ewww! by @iancarrng

For Malaysians living in Klang Valley, you can actually rent these floats, ya'know ... Two Abang Sado from Petaling Jaya is doing float renting .. Do visit their Instagram at @FloatSewa for more details ya! Usually its's about RM10-RM20 / day, depending on the T&C ya.

You can rent this beautiful Brinjal / Eggplant Float at @FloatSewa or Float Time KL -- The abang sado with pierced nipple above is called, Henri @h93ri

While this Abang Sado with a perky butt, is called Hafiz! @AbePih

Just to Side track abit -- This two guys are so hunky, hensem & sado betul!

Henri & Hafiz! from @FloatSewa

And of course, we also have Simon with his outrageous Lobster float!!! -- LOL --- and there is something suspicious underneath the sea .... Hmmmmmmm


William said...

Floats pun boleh 4 parts!

simonlover said...

Too many cuties playing with floats - ma

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