Tuesday, July 11, 2017

#bathtubselfie Guys

The hashtag #bathtubselfie was popularized by none other than Miley Cyrus herself with her risque selfies on her Instagram. #bathtubselfie even gained a fan in the form of Justin Bieber!

But I believe, that these straight people are actually hijacking the #bathtubselfie novelty from gay men! -- Who does it better than gay guys, right?! Most gays can't stand looking at an empty bath tub -- It will be a SIN for not enjoying yourself, immersed in a hot bath!

Yes, it's a SIN to leave the bathtub empty!

There are many benefits of soaking yourself in the bathtub. The best is, according to Men's Health , to relax your stiffed/tired muscles are a long day at work / travel / gym/ illness! -- A packet of Epsom Salts mixed into the warm bath, will reduce the inflammation and spasm in your muscles!

Soak yourself in a warm bath mixed with Epsom Salt to relax your tight muscles and body aches after your gym sexsions ...

Men's Health : The key to a successful bath, is accepting that passivity has its rewards. All those years you were told not to just sit there—in the tub, that’s all you can do. To be fully awake and yet to accomplish nothing, go nowhere and give not even the pretence of being busy, is a wonderful thing and the elixir to destress oneself! 

Lying down in the bathtub, resting your eyes, freeing your mind from everything -- Is the best way to de-stress yourself after a long day

A survey done by this website "The Dollar Shave Club", also found interesting results on what men like to do, besides washing, when they are having a bath in the bathtub, provided, the men were not lying!

1) 38 percent of them listen to music / singing

"Singing in the rain"

2) 27 percent choose to just sit and think

"Thinking about the guy I saw earlier today ... Hmmmm"

3) 13 percent read

 Filipino-Chinese Cutie @zienaval loves to read in the bathtub 

4) 7 percent call or text friends or surf their phones

5) 30 percent shave in the bath

"I love shaving too!"

6) Only 6 per cent replied masturbation -- Seriously??? -- or are they shy to answer the survey!

"Pleasuring themselves is definitely one of the must-do activities in the bathtub!"

But from my observations -- Gay men like to do these activities and taking #bathtubselfie too!

1) Enjoying a cuppa drink by the tub!

2) Having brotherly fun with friends in the bathtub!

"Yup, gays like to soak and have fun with friends in the tub!"

3) Nude Suntanning by the Hotel Bath Tub

"Some hotel bathrooms have glass walls -- What better way to have a nude tanning session by the bath tub!"

4) Playing with Bubbles!

"Who doesn't like to blow bubbles! -- Soaking in a bathtub brings the kid out of a grown man"

5) Enjoying their wine at the bathtub

6) Sex in bathtub

"Please don't lie -- I know many of you here, had sex in the bath tub before!"

7) Bathtub Booty Call Selfie

"Taking a photo of a wet, shiny booty on a bath tub definitely will give you thousands of likes!"

These #bathtubselfie photos reminded me of my own bathtub photo sexsions during my only trip with the beloved friend of mine @fablefrog to a Far-Far-Away-Island  .... He knew me so well that, that throughout our entire stay, he will spurt out sentences such as :

Upon entering the room for the first time : "Ooooo...Bath Tub! -- While squinting at me sarcastically"

After me, coming out from the bathroom "Eh ... Why you shower so long, huh -- Taking photos is it?"

While he was outside taking photos or having a walk and came back to the room
"Eh, I saw the bathroom floor was wet ... Shouldn't you be showering IN the bathtub? Taking photos while I was away, huh?"

After confessing to him : "I was RIGHT! So good environment, how could Simon Lover not take at least one photo?!"

Before leaving the resort " You want me to take artistic photos for you or not? -- We are going off already - oh"

I missed the opportunity of being the model for his great artistic, or rather, eccentric yet empowering yet out-of-this-world photography work -- LOL -- But nevertheless, it will always be a trip to remember in my heart forever. HUGS to the beloved Fabled One ...

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Much easier with help, and you don't want your phone or camera dropping into a tub full of soapy water!

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